Megan Fox: Do you want a day without her?

This is a post about Megan Fox, which means it’ll probably be met with one of two reactions. One: Another post about Megan Fox? Oh, thank you, Guy Upstairs! I just hope this writer skimps on the words and piles on the sexy pics! Or two: Another post about Megan Fox? What is your major media malfunction? Stop covering her hotness like it’s breaking news!

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Of course, the intense focus on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen star — right down to that  controversial thumb — as bound to lead to scenario No. 2, a.k.a. backlash, and now the men’s website Asylum is instituting a one-day ban on all things Megan on Aug. 4. (A number of other sites, like and, are joining the cause.) Of course, I enjoy a good boycott as much as the next guy/girl, and the breathless fascination is a bit much. That said,  I believe there are targets more worthy of a ban. (A Kardashian, perhaps?) And as long as Fox keeps firing off those candid, amusing, not-approved-by-a-publicist quotes (see our cover story here, or our Comic-Con video interview with her about the upcoming horror flick Jennifer’s Body — see above), I can put up with looking at her mug. But what say you, PopWatchers? Have you had it with Megan mania, or will you follow Fox anyway, anyhow, anywhere? Is there another overexposed celebrity who deserves a 24-hour (or more) news blackout?

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  • Ceballos

    I believe EW has overdone it with Fox (though not to “Twilight”-ian proportions), but at least Fox is a working actress who makes movies that are out now or are coming out soon.

    I’d save the banishing treatment to the pseudo-celebs (Spedi, the Kardashians, etc.) who have no discernible talent other than to inexplicably generate site hits with “news” about their lives.

  • LP

    A day? How about a month, a year, or the rest of my life? I wish she would just disappear.

    • MsDaisy


    • strickens_girl


      • Ken

        How dare you say these things about my dear, dear Megan! A day, nay a moment of my life is not complete without a glimpse, a thought of this exquisite specimen of a female human known so appropriately as Fox. She is epitomizes all that is wonderful about woman. Do not scorn her because she gets attention that you do not. Instead try to be like her in every detailed way. We will all be better people for it. I love you Megan.

    • conorabc

      I could go *any* amount of time without her toethumbs :P

  • LoveDaRocker

    As the it girl du jour, she can pretty much say anything she wants. And, I admit, her interviews are pretty entertaining.
    But, “itness” fades fast. She better start taking on (real) acting jobs if she wants longevity in the business.

  • Michael

    There should be a day that all you report on is Megan Fox instead of a ban. More please.

  • VBEWFan

    Megan Fox is very pretty, but I feel like she ruins it by presenting herself as trashy…
    And, ok, seriously what is UP with the way she is constantly licking her teeth and doing those other weird things with her mouth throughout the Comic Con video? Did no one else find that weird? It reminds me of when you give a dog peanut butter and watch them smack their lips to get it all. Just strange.
    I could do with less coverage of her-kind of over it.

    • Mariah

      I’ll bet she was paranoid that the uber dark lipstick she was wearing was ending up on her teeth. It’s arguably more embarassing to have smears of red on your molars than be seen licking them a lot. Heh

    • melissa

      She has had cosmetic surgery in the past and I think the constant lip smacking and teeth licking is because she’s either had very recent lip injections or dental work. People that get lip injections often smack them at first because they’re not used to them.

    • melissa

      Also- I’ve never seen any of her movies or tv shoes (that I know of) and based on her interviews, I can understand why some people find her offputting. I agree that she seems to say things that she thinks men want to hear, but that’s just her marketing herself. I think it’s incredibly unfair for people to call her derogatory names. We don’t see pictures of her stumbling out of clubs each night and this woman is gorgeous and can probably have any guy she wants, yet has been in a commited relationship with the same guy, an older (than her) single dad, for years and that’s a lifetime for someone her age. She’s hardly trashy.

  • Blessings

    she’s on minute 14 of your 15. Long live the brainless movie bimbos

  • GeeMoney

    I think Megan Fox is super hot (even though she looks like she does porn) and I actually want to see Jennifer’s Body, but I’m just tired of hearing about her every 5 minutes. The same with Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson (thank god I don’t have to hear about Keira Knightley…. I was getting sick of her too!)! Little tidbits of her every now and then are ok, but the whole marketing campaign for T:ROTF that was spent mostly on her was overkill.

  • Lindsey

    How about a TWILIGHT ban?!

    • sals

      omg AGREED!!! how about a ban from twilight altogether! talk about over exposure about nothing!

      Love Megan Fox!

    • Johnny

      But then what would report on? You mean there are other things out there besides Twilight?

  • eric

    so i think all you people talkin bout megan fox are envious of her stardom and her looks…just because you all have no life and are probably ugly as hell you all wanna bash someone…its you people that make people have meltdowns and turn to drugs cuz you think its funny to talk about them…well i say lets bring a month of megan fox and whoever else is talked about all the time and then let them talk about how stupid and nieve you are cuz you have no life…

  • confidential

    The media push on this girl is just wayyyyyy to much. She was in 2 Transformer movies… I mean really. In that she was in Mean girls, quit trying to make Megan Fox happen!!!

  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    I call for a Twilight boycott. Will never happen. I want more Megan. Sorry haters. She can stay with me that day. I will shield her with the hate

  • Chrissie

    The problem with this so called ban is that not everyone in the world thinks like you do. To me Meghan Fox is a beautiful talented acress I would LOVE to see HALF of you that run your mouths about her do what she has done. Making a big deal that she states she is bisexual.. GROW UP. There are MILLIONS of woman in this world that are bisexual and PROUD of it. At least she is proud of who she is. Rather then you computer nerds that sit and BLOG about people you know nothing about all day. Funny that you can assume you KNOW IT ALL about someone over an interview or a photograph. What about the girls in the porno mags you have hidden from your mommy and daddy under your bed.. Have anything to say about them? So here is a pointer — Look at yourself befor you sit and judge becuase when you judge other people it usually means there are things wrong with you that you are too afraid to see.

    • SarahP

      Sort of like you’re judging right now? Haha, sorry, but you’re the one doing the blogging right now!
      I’m personally a fan of Megan’s interviews and such, but agree she’s a little overexposed right now. I think it would be good for her career in the long run if she took a backseat for a while.

    • Jean Genie

      I love it when a fanbot criticizes others for their own obsessions. Chrissie’s too blind to look in her own mirror.

    • B

      I don’t think people are criticising her if she’s actually bisexual, but it kind of seems more like a calculated ploy to be more attractive to men. I think that’s why she irritates so many women – she’s very attractive, but says and does things in what appears to be not out of genuineness, but just to say what she thinks men want to hear and do what she thinks will look more sexy. It’s not natural and effortless.

      • Sara

        Yes! Thank you. That is exACTly what I find annoying about her but I couldn’t put my finger on it. True sexiness is an innate characteristic…stop trying so hard. Just let it be.

      • Roman

        Women are jealous of Megan plain and simple it has nothing to do with her being “Fake”, that’s simply an excuse. And I agree 100% with Chrissie, the people who don’t are THE ONES SHES TALKING ABOUT. And to whoever is complaining about Megan smacking her lips, shame on you for staring you hypocrit. And some of you guys complain that you’d rather ban this this or this, well, I’m not addicted to the internet or to TV so I dont see half the crap you kids are complaining about. New’s Flash, if you’re tired of seeing something on TV get a real life and stop watching TV? Or better yet stop looking up news about Megan Fox if you’re tired of her. You’ve all just been educated.

    • coco

      looks like megan’s publicist is working overtime!

  • WarOnTara

    First of all, I love her and I happen to be a straight female, so it’s not just her unbelievable hotness at play. I think that a lot of the backlash is coming from insecurities that other people have. And I think it’s funny that these sites are ultimately just using her popularity for publicity, cause even if the plan is a day without her, they’re still using her name. AND I don’t get why it’s such a big deal that she’s “everywhere” when she’s a working actress with projects to promote. Ban useless “celebrities” who don’t actually do anything.

    • Jean Genie

      It’s not jealousy, sweetie. If she weren’t constantly crammed down our throats, & if I found her movies actually worth seeing, I’d like her more.

      • WarOnTara

        Ew. Who calls perfect strangers “sweetie”? Way to be condescending. Anyway, never did I say it was jealousy. My point is that people who go out of their way to actively hate anyone (especially someone they’ve never met) are clearly insecure about something. Am I a fan of Lady Gaga? Not really. But do I troll around on message boards to talk about how much I dislike her? No. I simply don’t read it. Same for Twilight, American Idol, and so on.

  • Art

    It is sad that jealousy can do this.
    Because that is what it is. Women who envy, and men who know they have no chance with her. You rock Megan and show them all. You will a big star for a long time.

  • Nesha

    I agree how bout ban Twilight I like megan fox!!

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