'Twilight': 'Eclipse' recasts Victoria. Who else is replaceable?

RACHELLE-LEFEVRE-New-Moon_lAs you’ve no doubt heard, Lady in the Water star Bryce Dallas Howard will replace Rachelle Lefevre as the vampire Victoria in Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight franchise. (Do we think Lefevre, pictured here at Comic-Con, already knew?) Summit Entertainment cited a scheduling conflict, which UPDATE: Lefevre has now confirmed is a role in the independent movie Barney’s Version (starring Dustin Hoffman and Paul Giamatti, according to IMDB). She says she was “stunned” by Summit’s decision not to accommodate her 10-day commitment to Barney’s during Eclipse‘s production, which will run more than three months. While this could support one of the alternate theories running on our News Briefs blog — producers wanted to replace Lefevre with an actress they believe could better embody Victoria’s wrath (which I could buy) — some in the media are expecting fans to be outraged because “They don’t want anything to change in their Twilight Zone.” Personally, I’m not that upset for what this means as a moviegoer (though hearing Lefevre say she was blindsided does make me sad for her as a human). UPDATE #2: Summit has released a statement claiming it was the one blindsided when it found out, only on July 20, that Lefevre would need to miss rehearsal and days of principal photography on Eclipse, which begins shooting in early August.

Maybe I’m not up in arms because I enjoyed the books more than the first film, and still, when I picture the characters in my mind, don’t actually see the actors. I envision something more like the sketches from a-ha’s “Take On Me” video, and they’re in erasable ink so I can tweak them page-to-page, moment-to-moment. Perhaps I’ll grow more attached to the cast after The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters (especially if its script is better than the first film’s), but at this point, the only supporting player I’d be seriously bummed by Summit replacing would be Billy Burke. You actually got to know his character, Bella’s dad Charlie, enough in the first movie to get attached — unlike any of the vamps, save Edward — and his acting was perfectly adequate, so what would be the point? (Before you pounce: I would be somewhat disappointed to see Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser, Carlisle and Esme, go; but I still have to look up the names of the other Cullens actors.)

What about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, who you write about every other day, you ask? Oh, Summit should NEVER replace them or there would be Twi-hard rioting and we’d have to give up our Taylor Lautner Bicep Watch category. But, if I truly believed the new actors would bring more to the book characters — to whom my loyalties lie — I’d give them a chance. I’m not saying I want them replaced; I’m just saying that if they were, it wouldn’t equal an instant boycott from me. At least until I see Stewart running to stop Pattinson from stepping into the sunlight in Italy and Lautner’s soft smile contrasting with his hard abs on the big screen, I’m still more invested in the characters than their performances.

Do I just need to Twi-harder, or does anyone agree? Vote in the poll after the jump.


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  • andspark

    PLEASE re-cast rosalie!! the worst casting ever. i can’t believe i’m making this comment.

    • 123

      god i can’t agree more. rosalie – the most beautiful blonde – played by the most ordinary wooden bottle-blonde, friend of director.

      • Romantic Fool

        Just like Kristen Stewart got the chance to audition because her boyfriend Michael and former costar from “Into the Wild” pushed for her.

        Her performance was odd and wooden often. She had contacts covering her eyes so perhaps that contributed. She did a lot of lip biting and staring. Not impressed.

        Now, at Comic Con, Kristen acted like a 13 year old tomboy at her first big outing. GEESH! She is so awkward and behaves like she has no idea that a young lady does not scratch their head repeatedly and stammer. You don’t interrupt others when they speak like she does and you THANK THE FANS who made you rich.

        I think Rob had better take a closer look at her…she is a train wreck waiting to happen and she is not a nice person. Even Rob said she had a toughness and anger about her. RUN ROB! I hope Taylor Lautner introduces his co-star Taylor Swift to Rob…SHE IS SWEET LIKE HIM.

        Rob is a celibate Catholic as per his interviews. Kristen is a typical Hollywood wild child. Bad match.

    • Liz

      Yeah, I agree: Recast Bella. Kristen Stewart is just horrible. I’ve never seen her in a part where she didn’t suck. At appearances, she plays this “Oh I’m so cool but I want YOU to think that I think I’m nerdy and emo and so over this fame stuff.” Give it up! They all seemed so pissy at Comic-Con; really? Being rich and famous and gorgeous AND EMPLOYED is SUCH a hardship. What a bunch of whiny jackasses. Yeah it would be a better movie without drugged out Kristen Stewart. And no I don’t have ANY ideas who would be better!! :)

      • Romantic Fool

        I think Robert has endured a lot and had sudden unexpectedly fame more than anyone else. He has been groped, screamed at, followed, and hassled. He has handled it well all things considered. If you review his interviews on You Tube, and especially with the fans at book signings and the mall tour around America, he is so sweet, kind, interested in the fans and generous with his time..

        At Comic Con, they were worried about having questions about he and Kristen dating and also about his faith and celibacy..I think. He is painfully shy NOT weird. Look at his press conferences in UK, France, Mexico and Japan. He is very articulate and analytical.

        Taylor is a media dynamo. He knows how to show his appreciation to the fans and which side his bread is buttered. Very impressive 17 year old guy.

        Rob has come to grips with the fame. He said that he felt worse about it BEFORE the movie came out. He felt like he was just “man meat” for the book fans to place their fantasies on. Now he knows that its actually his performance and him that they like too.

        Kristen seems like she is not herself anymore. She was much more confident and mature BEFORE Twilight. I think she fell for Edward and mixed it up with who Rob was perhaps. She made a reference at the 2009 Comic Con that Bella in New Moon recalls Edward but it is not how he actually is…they exchanged a look and laughed like that is what happened to them. They fell for the person they appeared to be. Kristen is no Bella. Rob has said that she is angry and tough.

        In a recent Spanish interview, he said he always falls for the wrong girl and for ones he should not like. Perhaps, she is not Catholic and has been around too much. She sure acts like a punk. Sorry, I was really hipped on them until her recent appearances, pot smoking pics (supposedly) and her constant inappropriate remarks.

        For example, in one interview with Nikki, Rob and Rachelle present—Kristen makes a reference to Rob’s erection during the kissing scene. She says “who wants to see an actor lie…come on your body…hint hint” She embarrassed him. The director made comments like watch Rob from the waist up..pretty steamy etc. Poor Rob. He is a nice guy and does not need the hassle that comes with dating someone as tough, big mouthed and rude as Kristen.

        I hope Rob meets Taylor Swift since Taylor Lautner is doing a movie “Valentine’s Day” with her.

      • Romantic Fool

        To be fair, she may not be “drugged out” as you said. She is just weird, itchy, unmannerly and has no charisma. Just because she is doing a role, does not mean that she has to be in character 24/7. Her mannerisms were not at all feminine and she rolled her eyes, interrupted and was so unable to speak well. WHO HANDLES THIS GIRL??? Tough and nasty are not desirable attributes.

      • Dani

        Romantic Fool – I don’t think Kristin is staying in character, I think she’s just NOT ACTING in the movies! I’ve gotten the impression that that’s just how she is.

      • Angela

        I think all of these comments are made by people who have no idea what they are talking about. At least when it comes to commenting on the charactor of these actors of screen. Seriously, someone tell me,what do you really know?
        As far as the acting critisism, everyone is entitled to an opinion I just recommend critisizing yourself before others. Is your critical posting going to change the movie?

      • sandra

        I am sorry to disagree with everyone else on this point, but you simply can not replace the major charactors such as bella and edward. it would be like going and then thinking to yourself, did bella and edward both just get plastic surgery?! so not ok.

      • aura gabriela madrid cardona

        im sry buh kristen stewart is very good and she or rob or taylor shouldnt be replaced. ive read all the books and they r great. so is ashley greene

    • kaleidoscope

      I’m in agreement here. Nikki Reed is a bad choice to play Rosalie, the most stunning vampire of them all next to Edward. Kristen wouldn’t have been my choice for Bella but I’m getting used to her. Just replace Nikki Reed!

  • rkc

    i want kristen replaced. i hate her as bella. everyone else im ok with. even rob. but kristen just annoys me. and i dont want rachelle replaced. she and i are born on the same day. we have a . . connection.

    • Kellogscrunchbutt

      I totally agree. I think Rob is doing a good job as Edward and i like Taylor Lautner as Jake. But please change Bella!
      I like Rachelle too.

      • aimee

        i agree too! about bella being replaced although im ok with it now like it dsnt bug me as much as it used to her voice is so manly tho..she needs to girl it up i mea come on bella isnt a girly girl but she wasnt a man either lol!! i love rachelle although i have nothing against bryce watvr she”s cool-its not her fault

      • Dani

        I totally agree. Can’t stand Kristin’s portrayal of Bella. Way too awkward and constipated! I think Rob did pretty good, though a little too dark. Ashley Green was perfect as Alice – I can’t believe I’m not seeing more comments on that! Does anyone agree?

      • Romantic Fool

        They won’t replace her she signed for 3 and Breaking Dawn recently. So did Rob. I resent that she got the break and yet acts like she can’t be bothered with the duties …public relations, promo, glad handing with the fans. Look at You Tube Comic Con fan Twilight screenings. She is so tough NOT cool, so strange NOT charming. Rob brought an enigma (“the most beautiful man” seen through Bella’s eyes) to life brilliantly. He is such a nice and humble guy that the fans fell for him NOT just the character portrayal. Rob was given a copy of Midnight Sun from Meyer that made him see Edward as a tortured selfish monster more. He finally got a copy from Hardwicke highlighted with all the parts where Edward is light and smiles. Rob said ok, I’ll wait until New Moon to be dark and suicidal.

        Why is nobody talking about the pics of Kristen smoking a bong (with something in it) that broke right before Twi premiered and her weed bikini? It angers me that they picked a girl so unlike the character in the book. Lots of teen age girls read the series and deserve someone who does not act like a punk rocker pot head in public.

        As far as who could have done it better….the girl from Gilmore girls maybe…

    • Romantic Fool

      Kristen Stewart got the chance for the part due to Michael knowing Twilight’s director and Emile Hirsch putting a word in. Kristen has talent, looks and brains and yet she can not manage to be charming, gracious, stop cursing and acting odd in public. Many talented actresses would have loved the shot she got. She hates the fans and is afraid of teen age girls. TWIT. Now her friend Nikki says that Robert is feminine looking and that is why he appeals to girls. B*tch! She is mad because Rob won’t give in on his principles…he is celibate and must have said no to Kristen’s advances…hopefully.

      If Rob likes Kristen there must be something nice about her….but its more likely that he is not experienced enough to know trouble when he meet it.

      Rob is so funny and kind to the fans. The tour he did around America cultivated many fans. Kristen can’t win over fans if you paid them. She is ungrateful.

      She can always flip burgers with her crappy education. 3 hours a day since 7th grade. No wonder she did not know who the President of France is…Rob had to tell her.

  • kayla

    YOUR CRAZY!!!! roselia and bella are AWSOME!, and so is Victoria… I am outraged that they are replacing her.

    • Kelly

      OMG!!!! NO ONE should have been replaced!!! But stop talking about having Kristen or Niki replaced because it’s not going to happen nor should it. They are both really good actors…Kristen especially I love her as Bella and I am a huge Twilight fan! Honestly not a lot of Twilight fans agree of having her play Bella but she’s got her down! But Rachele? I honestly couldn’t care less!!!! We only seen her for five minutes in the first one and probably only for 15 in New Moon. This whole thing is just a big mess and it’s NOT EVER going to stop me from going to see the Eclipse Movie…she isn’t a big charachter either. Bryce is a good actress and it wasn’t her fault that she replaced Rachel…Give her a chance! it’s the last movie we see Victoria anyway…sorry for the spoiler. But It’s not like summit is that crazy to replace anyone else so don’t worry!!!And if any Twilight fan is going to miss out of the movie just because one little replacement then that’s just STUPID!!!!

  • agree with andspark

    i def agree with the comment above. she is one that could be easily replaced – maybe with someone with real blonde hair?

  • Babs

    Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie. I agree, worst.casting.EVER

    • RHONDA


  • dee

    I hope this isn’t the start of Summit wanting to get their hands on more characters. Look at the mess they made with wanting to replace Taylor. Somebody obviously has too much time on their hands with little to do but mess with something that isn’t broken. In Rachelle’s case, I certainly hope it was her choice.

  • andspark

    the thing that angers me the most about rosalie is that hardwicke cast her bff nikki reed who was so beyond wrong for the part. i mean, rosalie is supposed to be this ethereal feminine beauty and i’m sorry but reed just… is not. and god, the wardrobe and makeup, don’t even get me started…

    • Angelique

      I agree with you! I could picture Nikki playing Lauren but hate her as Rosalie.

    • Romantic Fool

      She knew Hardwicke from 13 just like Kristen’s boyfriend Michael knew the director and also Emile Hirsch from Into the Wild. Kristen should be bending over trying to grow her fan base. Instead she smoked a pipe YOU TUBE IT on her front porch right before the LA premier it came out. It may not have been dope but WHAT a twit.

      She has a scriptwritier mom and tv director dad. She got lucky. She can act but she can not act humble or gracious to the fans. Pitiful.

      • Romantic Fool

        I mean Nikki Reed knew Hardwicke and Kristen’s boyfriend helped her get the audition. Rob had a tough job making “the most beautiful guy in the world” come to life. Everyone has their own ideal. Please watch his funny interviews on You Tube. ..you’ll see why the fans adore him.

  • Rose Tyler

    Please recast Rosalie and Jasper! Horrible casting. Seriously they couldn’t have found a natural blonde to play Rosalie? And where I don’t think Kristin Stewart is the worlds greatest actress, her Bella is alright. Rob is not who I picture as Edward but he pulls it off. Taylor is perfect.

    • eluuria

      Not Jasper! Jackson’s exactly the right guy!

      • Katie Bjordahl

        Not Jasper and i totally agree with you!!!

    • neke

      r u kidding. jasper is awesome he’s probably the only 1 well apart from carlisle,edward and alice that are perfect for the roles they got oh yea and tailor

  • Y

    I’d say recast Rosalie. The actress is a pretty girl in her own right, but physically she looks nothing like the character in the book.

  • ROBsessed

    Really? You are only attached to Billy Burke? I’d be okay with replacing Rosalie (Nikki Reed) and Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) who look NOTHING like the characters described in the book.
    Rachelle Lefevre was very much loved by the fans.She attended tons of fan events and has a great personality. She is not awkward like Kristen or a little kid like Taylor. We’ll miss her and are not happy with this change.

  • Stephanie

    I thought every actor was absolutely awful in Twilight, except for Billy Burke. He actually showed emotion and the scenes with him were the only ones worth watching. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

    • Stephanie

      Although I would like to give Taylor a chance. I’m glad they didn’t replace him before he got a chance to actually do something in the films.

      • Courtney

        Taylor was horrible. The worst actor in the series by far. I felt like he was reading the script. Pulease.

    • mario

      i absolutely love the twilight saga!! the ovies soo far have been unbeliveable!!! the actors are incredible. they are all unique,differnt,charismatic i could go on. the one person in my opinion that should be replaced is taylor lautner. he is a HORRIBLE actor.!!!!

  • xBabyy_Angelx

    I dont think anyone should be replaced now that they have made their appearance as a well known character.

  • twic

    Kristen as Bella and Nikki as Rosalie

  • Aliza

    if they could Change Kristen Stoner i’d be so happy… Everyone else is fine! (Rachelle was perfect in that role) Summit should have considered fans before taking this stupid decision!

    • Daynia

      Although a lot of people didnt like Kristen for Bella, fans would be even more outraged if they replaced her becuz she is the main character and even more people love Kristen, Even though I wasnt a fan Rachelle I had no problem with her or any of the cast and thought she was perfect and I’m disgusted by Summit…

  • MARiiA Ay Ay Ay! XD

    NO ONE should have to be re-cast i mean really? come on guys this is the TWILIGHT we are talking about we love all the actors just as much we love the actuall characters DONT HATE ON NIKKI REED she is great at Rosalie maybe you just don’t like the character Rosalie?! geez andspark
    just all you guys calm down THE CAST is PERFECT the way it is and if things happen be that as it may alright? Things happen for a reason
    so in the words of Rob..”SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!” :)

    • Spruce

      I agree with Maria completely!!!! If you really don’t like the acting or casting in the movie… DONT WATCH IT!!!! READ THE BOOK. Leave the actors and actresses be, to do their jobs. Remember this is someone’s interprtation of the book, not yours, thats why it might not suit you. Casting is great… but Taylor Lautner is perfect…:P

      • Allison

        Agreed. : ) I seriously understand and agree with you. I don’t get why people are picky about it. It’s not their movie, maybe if they really hate things and wanna change things, they can grow up to be a director and redo this movie as they please. Geez.

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