New 'Batman' movie shooting next year, Gary Oldman says

Gary-Oldman_l While speaking at the Comic-Con panel for his new movie, The Book of Eli, Gary Oldman told the crowd that the next Batman film will start shooting in 2010, scheduled for release in 2011. "You didn't hear that from me," he added. When asked, Warner Bros. told EW the studio has no comment. Oldman played Commissioner Gordon in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.addCredit("Stephen Vaughan") 


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  • Adam

    Awesome!!! Although poor Gary will probably get a tongue-lashing for spilling the beans.
    Let the speculation begin now. Who will e involved? Who’s the villain? and most importantly, or they gonna dare to re-cast The Joker?

    • Dante

      Tha ony way they can recast the the late great JOKER is they….wait they can’t Heth will and always be the great JOKER

    • Dante

      Tha ony way they can recast the late great JOKER is they….wait they can’t Heth will and always be the great JOKER

      • shawn

        Well since Joker is going back to the asylum.. i dont think they really need worry about recasting him.. im sure the story will turn back to recapturing all the loons that were freed, as well as new villians from the comic book.

      • altruisthunter

        Jack Nicholson will always be the best Joker

    • richard (rep31983) palmer

      i know for a fact catwoman is in but who is playing her

      • hammy

        megan fox is signed up for catwoman

      • raymundo

        From what i hear its not gonna be catwoman but it will be the Riddler and maybe Harley Quinn to replace the Joker don’t know who will play them i think Scout Taylor Compton from Halloween 1 and 2 would be interesting as Harley Quinn

      • Lulu

        i do believe that Christopher Nolan was hoping that Cherilyn Sarkisian would play catwoman as he wanted a more older woman to play her, and for “her to portray her like a vamp in her twilight years.”. Going to be great anyways!

    • Dan

      I saw the poster, I see a guy with a question mark cane on imdb.. riddler my friends..

      • Mike

        Yes, it’s going to be the joker. I heard it’s going to be played by….Eddy Murphy. I know, right???? I also heard shia labeouf will play Robin!

      • Mike

        oops i meant to say the Riddler not the joker lol

      • squirrelmonkey

        has everyone forgot the penguin? not the coolest villan but a villan not the less.

      • haden

        i heard johnny depp was going to play the riddler…

      • James

        daniel day lewis would play a SICK riddler.

      • seno brocsly

        where did you see this poster

    • Mohawk Jon

      They will not re-cast the joker. i absolutly love this movie and if they try to put the joker back in to the new one i will lose all interest in this new spark to and oldy but goodie

      • Thad

        Has anyone ever given the thought to Johnny Depp playing the riddler?

      • sid

        thr joker is being played by James Franco of Fly Boys,Spiderman 3, and Annapolis

    • Shane

      yeah dude whos gonna be the villan and christian bale better not be batman

      • Mikey

        Who else would play as batman other then Christian Bale, you talk about not recasting, but you don’t want him??? Bale is great, don’t hate. They nvr wanted to recast the Joker and from the way i understand it, they won’t. The role died with Ledger, that’s why the second one was so bloody long. the 3rd one “was” to be the the continuation of the second story. I’ve heard that Johnny Depp will play the Riddler, and from what i’ve read, Phillip Seymore Hoffman is to be the Penquin. that’s all i have for now.

  • LauraBC

    I don’t believe how that could be true. I’m pretty sure Nolan already has his hands full with ‘Inception’ (Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Ellen page) and the last thing I read was that they didn’t even have a script for the third installment or that Nolan would even be back…

    • Jake

      No Nolan, No Batman, or at least no batman with christian bale

  • LM

    This is GREAT news…. but only if Nolan is coming back as director AND co-writer, as usual. It’d be pretty tight for Nolan, what with Inception shooting right now, but he did it last time right after finishing The Prestige… and we got The Dark Knight. So I’m very hopeful!

  • Dustin

    wow. i guess putting out the same false rumors is what EW does now. I mean is this US Weekly?
    No Sript.No Director.And Last I checked, no batman.

  • Ryan

    I would think they will not recast the Joker this soon. I can see maybe the 4th or 5th movie bringing him back becasue most physical differences can be explained by an extended stay in Arkum, but right now is too soon to replace Legder.
    I would expect to possibly see the Riddler or maybe even the Penguin in the next flick.

    • Duke

      I believe it will be the penguin as well. Thats what I’ve heard

    • Phil

      They will not include the penguin in a batman movie with nolan as director, he says the character is not realistic enough.

      • daniel e

        I think the penguins realistic enough just say he was a flipper baby deformed at birth

    • vince

      look i kno to many movies and yes dark knight was top 5 all time favorites mostly because of heath ledger. i dont think they should replace him he completely took that role and aced it. now for thise who say noone could look like ledger just look at jeff hardy from the wwe now he weres face paint and acts every week he would be the only choice for a replacement joker. now the riddler needs to be outrageous cause jim carrey was the funny ridler we need a twisted ridler…

      • greg varner

        i agree about jim carey being the best riddler to me nobody can play riddler like jim carey and as far as the penguin you cant have a batman movie without having the penguin as a villan so penguin has to be in one somewhere and i think this would be a good one to start if they are going to follow the story line from past batman movies and comics.

      • Sammy

        i know that danny devito played a great penguin, but have you ever thought about casting Phillip Seymour Hoffman for that role? Personally I think he could take on that role and expand it just like Heath Ledger did with The Joker

  • blackbutton

    They’re not recasting the joker. They wouldn’t. They probably have a new villain.

  • Matthew

    they’re never gonna recast the joker, at least not in this batman series. Nolan did want to have the joker appear in the 3rd movie but of course he’s not going to replace Ledger.

  • Andrew

    I wonder if this is really true or if it’s another fake out similar to when Michael Caine was saying he heard the Riddler and the Penguin were going to be the villains. Hopefully it’s true and hopefully they will come up with a great script that won’t disappoint.

  • Adam

    The Riddler would be a great choice I think. They could make him much darker than the horrible “Batman Forever” version.

    • scott

      U guys need to keep in mind the differences between the okd movies and the new ones. The new ones are based off of the dark knight comics whivh were more realistic than the original batman series. The dark knight has a much darker tone as well.

  • LeeAnn

    Nolan already had visions of bringing Ledger back as the Joker before Ledger’s death. Nolan had opted out of directiing the third in this recent series because his vision could not come into fruition. Bale did not want to do the third Batman so soon, but he is required by contract. I can not imagine that the third movie will be as good as the first two without the direction of Nolan.

  • Dave

    Nolan has said himself there is no immediate plans for him to return to the franchise right now. People close to him said that the Ledgar death got to him and with him wanting joker in the 3rd film and with him dying it probably puts a damper on what he wanted to do with the film. I would much rather they take time and if they make another one to really nail a great movie down. It would have to be great to come even close to TDK.

  • Sarah El

    I so hope that this is true and that Nolan is attached.

  • Andrew B

    I really don’t think it’s true. The director said that there wouldn’t be another one since third movies receive bad reception.

    • Andrew

      O really Andrew I’m pretty sure that the third lord of the rings didn’t get a bad reception.

      • moose

        the third lord of the rings movie didn’t get bad reception because its taken directly from a book. with batman, all they have to go off of is a comic book—so many possibilites. a novel has solid facts that need to be dealt with.

  • christianbalefan

    i hope it’s true as well!! i wonder who’ll play the joker, though. i love christian bale, but i agree with leeann, it might not be an amazing film without christopher nolan as the director, but i’m willing to give the new director a chance if it happens, and if nolan really isn’t directing. but i hope gary oldman is right and ew does more investigating!

  • harry


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