'Prince of Persia': Exclusive first look at star Jake Gyllenhaal!

Prince-of-persia_l For Jake Gyllenhaal, playing Prince Dastan in Jerry Bruckheimer's epic Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, due May 28, 2010, was a chance to get into some serious action. (Paparazzi photos of Gyllenhaal on-set have appeared previously, but this is the first official shot of him in character.) "I'm tired of taking myself so seriously," says the actor, who found himself sword-fighting, climbing walls, and jumping off of buildings as part of the prince's quest to find an enchanted dagger and turn back time. "It's nice when a stuntman turns to you and is like, 'Actors don't normally do this.'" 

For a sweet, glossy copy of the photo and other exclusive first looks, be sure to pick up this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newstands now.

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  • bunker

    I’m sure the movie is gonna suck, but I’m eager to see a buffed up Jake. Hopefully there are some shirtless scenes!

  • Sara

    Ah yes, Jake Gyllenhaal, the well-known Persian/Iranian actor. Oh, wait, says here his family is Swedish and Jewish. Well that’s ok, I guess the Jews were originally Semitic (like, hundreds of years ago) so…Uh, seriously? Can we stop white-washing these movies? I’m SURE there are Iranian or even Middle-Eastern actors who could have played this role. It’s as bad as The Last Airbender.

    • Sasha Aggarwal Gupta

      Name ONE Iranian actor.
      thought so.

      PS, Persia stopped existing in the 1940’s, the people are now Iranian not Persian.

      • Rhone Gore

        Shohreh Aghdashloo

        While female, that’s one Iranian actor.

      • Sam

        Maz Jobrani- Iranian Actor/Comedian
        Adrian Pasdar- Iranian Actor
        Jonathan Ahdout- Iranian Actor
        Shaun Toub- Iranian Actor

        Shohreh Aghdashloo- Iranian Actress
        Nadia Bjorlin- Iranian Actress
        Catherine Bell- Iranian Actress
        Sarah Shahi- Iranian Actress

        Persia did change its name to Iran in the 1940’s under Reza Shah, however, the Persian Empire was collectively known as Iran, or Iranzamin by our people for thousands of years. “Persia” was the Hellenic name for Iran, because the empire had branched out from the region of Fars (or Persis in Greek) in Southwestern Iran.

        Plenty of Iranian actors would play a role in a Hollywood movie that doesn’t vilify Middle Easterners, but such roles are given to famous American actors because their names reel in more viewers and profits than the names of Iranian actors.

        Meanwhile, Iranian actors are offered heaps of money by Hollywood to portray terrorists, et cetera. This is mainly because the demand for such roles is high. Once a new actor is cast into several “terrorist” or villain roles, it would be hard to give him a hero role because viewers would see him as an unlikely portrayal of a hero, due to his past performances and their connection with him as a depiction of evil. Many Iranian and other Middle Eastern actors are now refusing to play terrorist roles, yet new ones accept such roles as a way to make money and a name.

      • Avaaa

        Your an idiot for saying ‘name ONE iranian actor’ what you think Iran is like saudi arabia or iraq ? Sheesh, we have so many actors/actresses. People these days :| so stupid.

      • Angel

        How about Sayid from LOST or Navid from 90210? They’re not as well known as Jakey though, who’s claim to fame was Donnie Darko and numerous other films that didn’t get lots of audiences. Oh, wait, there was Brokeback Mtn. This explains a lot because Prince of Persia is so gay.

      • parisa

        actually thats not true people who still believe in the old Iran still call themselves Persians not Iranians. I’m from Iran but I call myself a Persian.

      • parisa

        Sasha- there is one Persian actor its the uncle..

  • Tarc

    Sara – the point being, no Iranian or Middle Eastern actor can headline a major summer movie because there aren’t any with the box office draw. Further, don’t hold your breath for one (even if they are American-born); I doubt that the 9-11 crowd/religious nuts/the neocons will be forgiving that anytime this century. They’re still stuck on things that happened centuries ago…

    • Erica

      Does that make it right, though? To just play into that racism? I hardly think that justifies casting a white person as the lead. In Aladdin, they drew the characters as middle-eastern, not white.

  • Dustin
  • Pogopogo

    I know this movie is going to make a ton of money. But the picture they are showing looks a little too Hollywood studio clean, kind of like a Walt Disney World set. It’s not gritty or dirty enough. I’m still dissappointed in the Jake Gyllenhaal choice, YUCK this picture has not changed my mind.

  • Dustin
  • Silv

    While it’s nice to see Jake’s muscles, he’s really not the guy I’d picture in this genre. And while I agree in general with Sara, Tarc is right. What Middle-Eastern actor can open a movie? Altho I do think Oded Fehr of the Mummy franchise is particularly yummy, if you have to go with a name, would anyone recognize his?


    Jake G? since when is he an action actor? I would have picked Eric Bana in a hearbeat. no question. not impressed here.

    • Sonja

      Eric Bana – I second that! Jake still looks like the 10yr old from “City Slickers.”

  • Janitor

    Mis. Cast.

  • Marie

    I agree with Sara.
    And, they’re not there because the box office won’t give them a chance to become a box office draw. You can’t be told it’s impossible without being given a chance first.
    We all know that the movie industry is heavily white washed, with the occassional African American, Hispanic or Asian actor thrown in here and there from time to time as the token ethnic character. It’s nothing more than the nature of the industry.
    Hopefully this movie doesn’t suck though.

    • Erica

      I totally agree. Before people make statements about how impossible it would be for a Persian/Iranian actor to open a box office movie they should think about why that would even be the case.

  • Quirky

    Jake could pull this off. I never thought of Matt Damon or Bruce Willis as action stars until I saw the Bourne Trilogy and the Die Hard movies.

  • selma

    i think it’s just stupid to pick an american actor to play a middle eastern character it’s just gonna be all about cliche about the middle east, just like in his last movie rendition. and no confusion i love jake gyllenhaal, he was awesome on brokeback mountain and zodiac, i’m just sick and tired about these blockbuster who just caricature even more the middle east culture (sorry for my english)

  • Snarf

    oh here we go again with the pissing and moaning about racist Hollywood.
    Bottom line kiddies – Hollywood is a business first. They’ll go for a name to open up a summer blockbuster before any other consideration is made. Sheesh. What a bunch of cry-babies.

    • Erica

      We have a right to critique the media we’re bombarded with. If you want to mindlessly gorge media without questioning the impact it has on the people who consume it, go right ahead.
      By the way, if we can have a half-black president we sure as hell should be able to have a Persian/Iranian star of a blockbuster.

  • Biff

    When is the movie for Oregon Trail due out?
    Seriously… could they have picked a lamer premise for a movie?

  • Adam

    Wow…they really know how to screw up Video Game movies eh.
    Look at Doom! Except atleast The Rock was an action star…

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