Michael Jackson's ghost: Do you want to believe?

Like everyone else in the world, as soon as I found out that Michael Jackson had passed away, I knew the ensuing weeks would be a circus. Speculation about everything from the late singer's estate to the late singer's face would run rampant, leading people to wonder such crazy things as, What would happen to his kids? To his chimp? To his nose?

But I was not prepared to address the question that some are currently posing: Is Michael Jackson's ghost haunting Neverland? Those who support said theory would point you to Exhibit A) a shadow that's seen walking across a room at the end of the hallway during Larry King's interview with Jermaine Jackson (see embedded video below). I'm not quite a believer in things that go bump in the night, so I'm going to guess that the image was simply a cameraman's shadow. After all, if it were Michael, wouldn't he be moonwalking across the room? And emitting some sort of falsetto ghost wail?

Do you believe, PopWatchers? Is Neverland just creepy enough to warrant a spook?

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  • Sara

    LOL, I totally believe in ghosts. But I’m also rational enough to believe there’s probably an earthly explanation.

    • Nick Henson

      It actually was just someone’s shadow. Some guy passed above and his shadow bounced off the chandelier and shone a ghostly image. It is a fake.

      • Spencer

        IF u say shadow bounce can u prove to us?

      • jonica hill

        i thank it is michael jackson ghost too.but it can be a showdow.but i thank it is an ghost because it was moving and plue something that far can not aper on a wall

  • Bjork’sSwanDress

    If you look at this video closely and in slow motion, there is absolutely NO OTHER explanation other than it must be the ghost of Michael Jackson. This makes perfect sense. If you notice the way the apparition moves along that far way, it is just the way Michael used to walk. It would make sense that Michael’s spirit would want to settle there at Neverland, no? The ghost in this video seems so comfortable there, knows its way around, etc. I can only hope that whoever takes over that place treats the ghost with the respect it deserves. Ghosts are friendly most times, and if they become unfriendly, all you have to do is ask them to leave the room and they must do so. I think it’s wonderful that they’ve captured this raw footage of MJ’s ghost. The world entire should view it, and reflect on it. It is a message, a sign, a wish for a better future. It’s not a shadow, I’ll tell you that. There’s no way it’s a shadow.

    • Andrew

      LOL you got ALL that from 5 seconds of footage?? are you serious? do you have a life madame ghost expert?

      • molly


      • monkey

        bloody hell mahn he is aghost gosh open ure eyes nhd look for ureself damn iettt.
        nhd ehhht dusnt matta how long it takes okaye if u have a problem den holah bac aht meee

    • jeff

      if that was MJ his ghost would have moon walked by.

      • Charmayne

        he did moon walk by u gotta watch really close he did it twice

    • john

      HAHAHAHAHA you really think its a ghost. get off the pills

      • phillip tolbert

        It could be possible, there are actual stories of ghost haunting so it’s not like they don’t exist this is the place michael was attached to, created by his own vision, if you think he’s not haunting that place, you’re taking pills

    • emily barrraza edisia

      okay i believe in gost but it dost like a relly one …… i miss mj

      • destiny

        omgsh mj ghost is haunted the house i should go and see him and maybe if i am lucky maybe i could see if he answered some qestions

    • mjlover

      I completely agree with you,, I am a huge mj fan too. u should see my room.. i believe in ghosts!

      • cynthia

        i love him…..i wish i could beleive it but i can not bring myself to beleive that its a ghost…

      • ALYSSA

        i agree with u guys that belive in ghost and that is MICHAEL JACKSON GHOST if u dont belive it look at it really close and look how the ghost walks it just how he walked:)

    • charlotte

      you are right.i am also a big fan of michael j but does not mean that you have to belive in it.

    • Mary

      I totaly believe that our MJ is not at rest, he never wanted to die, or even become burried

    • Joe

      Everyone is saying that you can’t prove it was not Michael. If you say this, could you please prove to me it was Michael. I am not saying it was or was not him. Send me an email, lets talk more about this, joeqwerty30@yahoo.com Thanks,

      • tasi

        haye joe yeahb yeahb ure ryte

  • Kevin Vance

    I’m sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but, that looked more like someone’s reflection coming into the room from outside that room’s window.

    • Near

      if it was a reflection coming into the room from outside that rooms window, it would not explain the shadow that follows at the floor.

    • steph

      i think the same thing

  • Danielle

    I can’t wait for the “Ghost Adventures: Neverland Ranch” episode where the dude w/ the hair (I don’t know their names) starts taunting Michael Jackson “If you don’t like me, come here and moonwalk across my foot!”

    • sade

      hey this is crazy if michel believed in god would he have aghost?

  • Levente

    If anyone would refuse to leave earth and haunt their home it would totally be MJ!! Hahaha. I believe. :) Ghosthunters episode forthcoming, I hope.

    • john

      yep, sure, ghosthunters, a scientific ghost disproving team is gonna go to neverland ranch to prove his ghost is there. yep, sure.

  • Chris

    Rationality and ghosts don’t co-exist.

  • Chris

    Really? This couldn’t just be a crew member walking behind the camera, casting a shadow down the hall? People want to believe whatever they want to believe.

    • rileigh m watson

      chris u do not know a thing and if u dont believe it why did u watch derdader duh

      • Jim Bloom

        Was the above post written by Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee? If you don’t possess even rudimentary language and spelling skills, you shouldn’t publicly embarass yourself by posting online.

  • Candice

    Oh, please. I will say that I do not believe in ghosts one bit but this is just plain ridiculous. As if Larry and Jermaine were the only people in that house during the interview. I’m sure there were no less than 20 people (production staff, cameramen, etc) milling around that house, if not more. People need to get a little common sense about this.

    • kate the great

      how would u know u werent there?

      • mike

        i was and that was me.

  • Candice

    Oh, please. I will say that I do not believe in ghosts one bit but this is just plain ridiculous. As if Larry and Jermaine were the only people in that house during the interview. I’m sure there were no less than 20 people (production staff, cameramen, etc) milling around that house, if not more. People need to get a little common sense about this.

  • Bjork’sSwanDress

    It’s a shame that there are so many cynics on EW.com. Why can’t you all just let us believe, er, know, that MJ has returned to his favorite place on Earth as his final resting place? Like I said in my previous post, there is absolutely no other explanation other than this must be his ghost. I heard from a source within the compound that that room we saw the ghost in was OFF LIMITS to all television crew people, etc. Can’t we just let this man rest in peace? Seriously. Also, for all you cynics, I’d like to see the proof that DISCREDITS the claim that this is MJ’s ghost. There isn’t any! So that proves it.

    • eric

      I can’t prove you’re not an asshat, therefore you must be?

      Lack of evidence does not support a claim – the fact that there is no proof against this being MJs ghost says nothing. Show evidence – pure, empirical evidence – that this IS MJs ghost, or its false.

      As for the asshat comment – read your own posts. It provides all the proof I need.

      • john

        eric, i like you. swandress stop being a complete asshat.

      • Jim Bloom

        Asshat…that’s good. I like that. Thank you, Eric.

  • Josie

    HA! that made me laugh out loud! Now I’ll be seeing crazy moon walking ghosts everywhere, I’ll let you know if any of them start emitting falsetto ghost wails!

    • marissa

      there is a perfectly logical explanation. that was MJs ghost. you cant prove that its not. And no one else walks like that. this makes perfect sense. part of Mjs enegy is in my house, i feel it. you believe what u want to believe, but i truly believe that that was Michael

      • kate the great

        i belive that it was michael jackson and u can try proven me wrong u wont win it was him and ghost are real rip michael i love u wit all my heart <3

      • tom

        is it realy micheal jackson

    • baby girl

      yea i don’t know about you but seriously, let him rest in peace he deserved. cuz honestly and no offense, half of yall actin’ really… how i’m gonna say this? realistic. you got to admit that was some serous crap over there and sure enough it could be him. how else anyone be that tall and lean with the hat…

    • sade

      about jhon what is a ASSHAT?

  • uhh huh

    Bjork’sSwanDress – you’re an asshat


    This is a shadow of a person walking either outside of a window or inside the room where we cannot see to the left.

    • sabs

      I watched the video of the tour and saw the room in question. Those windows would not be able to cast that kind of shadow. Look on you tube for neverland ranch tour

      you’ll see why

      • kate the great

        very good point most of the time u dont see a shandow when it’s light outside from a window rip i love u michael jackson

    • sade

      thank you

  • preston

    lol, I just found some guy on eBay selling soil from the spot where Michael died…this is too good!
    Haha you have to see it. It contains MJ’s ghost!

  • Fred Smith

    That is crazy!! There is no way it’s his ghost. He isn’t dead. You guys are falling for the classic Jackson tricks. If you read his wikipedia history you will see that almost all of the “strange” things he was accused of he actually leaked out himself. This was a brilliant plan. It increased public interest. So a few months ago he said he is have “a come back”. And now he is dead? Kinda fishy. HE FAKED HIS DEATH!! He did for real, what people have joked Elvis did. Then he will come back in a year or two and be more popular than ever.

    • mksw829

      I so totally agree. From the moment we saw the news about MJ’s death…I have been telling everyone. He needed to do this. He hadn’t been in the news for what like 4-6 years, it was about time for something else. Why not really go a bit over the top. I couldn’t agreed more with you Fred!

      • CHARITY

        i think it true because mj just not ready yet two leave earth yet i know some pelope love miceal jackson i think that was mj ghost awner this if it ture or real

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