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You know a wise man once told me “love…don’t come eeasssyy.” Seriously, truer words have never been spoken. Every now and then I have those really odd “I’m the host of The Bachelor/Bachelorette” weeks. This week has been one of them. It started off trading texts and tweets with Trista (we’re way too cool to just talk on the phone, that’s so ’08). Got a nice call from Jason

Mesnick and caught up with him and Molly. They’re doing great, by the way. Then I get a call from my old friend Byron. He and Mary are alive and well, still engaged, and doing great as well. I had my weekly talk with Jillian about life, love, and this week’s episode. Then my wife and I were out to dinner and ran into Juan. He told me he’s ready to dish at the Men Tell All special. Then we stopped by a party only to run into DeAnna and Holly. Oh…and to top it all off, the family and I were having dinner with the Firestones this week. Like I said, just one of those weeks, but it’s also one of the things I truly love about hosting this show. I’ve formed some wonderful friendships that will endure long after the cameras are turned off. Hey, Guiney, give me a call, man! Before I jump into hometown visits and this week’s episode, I want to clear up the schedule from here on out because more than a few of you seem to be confused. As you know we are now down to our final four. They are taking off for a week in Spain, but this is not the typical “exotic date” location. That will come the week after. The finale for this season will be Monday, July 27, followed by an After the Final Rose special on Tuesday night July 28. Hope that helps your party planning.

Now, let’s get down to business because we have much to discuss. I would just skip to the dessert and Wes’ hometown date but then I’d get grief for skipping over the other guys, so we’ll give them their due…kind of. One thing you didn’t see on Jill’s date with Reid was at the condo when she dropped a full bottle of champagne and it smashed on the floor. She said she was a bit nervous. Before Jillian met Reid’s grandmother he warned Jillian that she could be a little cranky and that she isn’t that easy to talk to. They hit it off immediately and you couldn’t separate the two of them. Reid’s hometown was great. Jillian loved every minute of it and I think it’s clear to see why he got a rose this week. Their relationship gets better and better each date.

Moving on to Valencia, Calif., and Michael. I’m guessing as you’re reading this blog there is no shortage of women who are madly in love with Michael…or his twin brother. By the way, Jillian was impressed with herself that she didn’t fall for the ol’ identical twin swap one bit. Jilli told me Michael had everything she was looking for in a man but they just didn’t have that romantic connection. She also said if there’s one guy on the show she would like to help find love it’s Michael. I think we could all tell there was just something missing between them. That’s too bad because he’s a great guy and handled himself with extreme class. One last note on Michael’s hometown: When Jill was leaving she was holding a plate. That was a plate of cookies not leftovers.

Kiptyn’s parents started their visit by teasing Jillian about her hot tub scenes. For the record, Jill is not ashamed whatsoever about her hot tub time and thought it was really funny that Kiptyn’s parents gave her a hard time about it. One thing I continually notice about Jillian when she’s around Kip is that she’s always wondering if she’s good enough for him instead of vice versa — an interesting dynamic between them that we’ll have to keep an eye on. Jesse’s hometown date in Carmel was good and for the most part uneventful. The only hitch was that somewhere along the way Jillian had all her personal jewelry stolen. So if you’re wondering what to get her for her birthday or Christmas, I suggest jewelry. The best part of Jesse’s hometown was his brother. When he asked Jill if she and Jesse had been naked together her reaction was priceless. Jesse ends up going home and I doubt many of you were shocked by this. Their relationship was always a little strange. It’s hard to put your finger on it but watching them together I just never saw “it.”

Okay, I paid my dues. I talked about the other guys; now let’s eat dessert together…let’s talk Wes! So Wes decides the first people he wants to introduce Jillian to are his band members. We learn about the new CD and that his ultimate goal in life is for this CD to do well. Wes also shares with us that no drug, no woman can make him feel like he does when he’s on stage. Ladies, the line forms to the right. I can’t wait to read your comments this week about Wes. As if things weren’t awkward enough with the band once again proclaiming “love…don’t come eeeasy” everybody’s favorite airline pilot, Jake, decides to drop in on Jillian and give her a little news. Not only does Jake tell Jillian about Wes’ girlfriend but he tells Jill her name is Laurel…that’s it. He’s finally going down now…game, set, match, right? Wrong. Wes turns on the Texas charm and two-steps right out of this mess. I’m saying right here and now that I’m not responsible for anything that was thrown at your TV. Was it just me or did anybody else think Wes sounded just like Bill Clinton telling us “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” Wes never even flinches when Jake strolls in and even gives him a little shot when he opens the door and says “well, Jake…man of character.” When Jillian decides she’s seen and heard enough, she says goodbye to Jake and he proceeds to start crying on the railing or what we like to call in the biz, gives us his best Jason. On a scale of 0-Jason, I give this railing cry about a 5.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Jake’s decision to show up and tell Jillian the truth. I have mixed emotions about it. Jillian decides ultimately that Wes is telling the truth and this is confirmed in her mind when she meets his family. According to Wes’ sister, this happens to Wes quite a lot. Apparently there are many who are just jealous of all that Wes possesses. Jillian finally recovers from her hometown dates and is preparing for the rose ceremony when there’s a knock at the door. Ed is back. Jillian was obviously happy about his return but she was also very hesitant to give him a rose. She had feelings for Ed but they hadn’t had that much time together. She wasn’t sure if their relationship was as strong as it was with some of the other guys. As you saw, much to the chagrin of Michael, Ed strolled into the rose ceremony and back into Jillian’s heart.

As you saw in the previews for next week the drama with Wes is far from over. Jillian is now down to her final four guys and things really kick up a notch from here on out. I leave you with this thought to ponder til I talk to you again next week: “Some say love it don’t”…I can’t do it to you again. I will tell you this though, no drug, no woman makes me feel as good as this blog does.

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  • Kristen

    I’m not exactly sure what Wes possesses that other men don’t. Maybe it’s the greasy slimeball look that they find intimidating. I really can’t see anything appealing about him at all, even if he was sincere. I hope that Jill gets rid of him ASAP.

  • Jeni

    I think it was commendable the way Jake told her the truth, he had nothing to gain from the situation. He even told her what lie Wes would use to cover himself up (which Wes did) so I don’t understand how Jillian couldn’t see it. They do say love is blind, though….I’ve got 2 questions for Chris. 1) What are the odds that Jake could become the next bachelor (because he is ADORABLE! my mom wants to know why can’t I bring home a guy like that, I told her, because he’s an airline pilot, when would we get a chance to meet? lol) and my second question, 2) What do you really think of Wes, hearing him say the publicity stuff and the “I came here for my career, not the girl”?

  • Jeni

    I think it was commendable the way Jake told her the truth, he had nothing to gain from the situation. He even told her what lie Wes would use to cover himself up (which Wes did) so I don’t understand how Jillian couldn’t see it. They do say love is blind, though….I’ve got 2 questions for Chris. 1) What are the odds that Jake could become the next bachelor (because he is ADORABLE! my mom wants to know why can’t I bring home a guy like that, I told her, because he’s an airline pilot, when would we get a chance to meet? lol) and my second question, 2) What do you really think of Wes, hearing him say the publicity stuff and the “I came here for my career, not the girl”?

  • MissM

    Chris, I rarely comment on your blog, but seriously Wes is a D-BAG and always has been. Yes, I wanted to throw many things at my tv the last couple weeks. Jake is awesome and he deserves to be the next Bachelor. I truly LOVE this show. I was never mad, upset or hated Jason- hey, he changed his mind, it happens. I still like Jason. But Wes, I want him off my tv and I was hoping this was the night he would disappear forever. Something’s been wrong with the front of your hair Chris for a couple of episodes. Can you please fix it? Love you & your blog.

  • Ashley

    I must say. You’re job must be really tough. I’m sure you get to meet some great people. But every once in a while a few trolls. Wes is obviously the worst I’ve ever seen on the bachelor(ette) and I don’t know how you can stomach it all and remain civil. Mad props to you!
    I’m afraid for Jilli. I really hope that she doesn’t get hurt. But it seems like she’s setting herself up for it.
    Anyways, thanks for the blog as always!

  • Lisa

    To me, Wes still has that creepy Billy Bob Thornton thing going on. I can’t understand why Jill’s so taken with him, but no matter because Ed’s back and that made my night! I have to agree with him that he could very well be the best guy for her. I predict if he makes the final two that his parents/family will somehow be magically flown to whatever exotic locale they’re at and she’ll have her chance for a meet-and-greet w/ them then. As for Kiptyn, she’s always seemed just a bit in awe of him and I don’t sense the same level of comfort that she has with Reid or Ed. Hopefully she’ll wise up to Wes by next week and put us all out of our misery.

  • Julia

    What is Jillian thinking? Is she really that blind? Wes is a sleaze (on this show to promote himself and that’s it) and if she’d just call him on all of his “slip-ups”, well, maybe the light would finally go on. As for Jake, it takes a lot of guts to come back (no doubt wishing he’d never been let go but not to ask to be reinstated like Ed did – too little too late but still given another chance?) but rather to offer some insight to protect Jillian. Regardless of whether Jake’s right or wrong, he seems genuinely “protective” and one might just conclude “it’s the thought that really counts.”

  • NatAttack

    Chris–your wife must be one fun gal. Does she want to go to lunch with me sometime?

  • Tessa

    Michael is too sweet for Jillian, anyway. I found it so irritating the way she kept bothering him about his age and whether or not he was “ready to settle down.” Believe the man, Jillian. You can’t suddenly get him to be all “You’re right. I’m not ready to settle down, even though I’ve been telling you that I am every five minutes for the past month.”
    Joking, of course, Jillian’s a good girl. Except, apparently, blind. Cannot believe her about Wes. Tragic! Gah!

  • Anika

    Chris – I love your blog and can’t wait to read it each week. But on to Jake and Wes. I think it was very sweet of Jake to try and warn Jillian. That is really all that anyone can do. Jillian obviously is charmed by the sweet words, the songs, and gosh if I know what else… but somehow she is. I know that I speak for many of the viewers out there that I was shocked when he got a rose and all I can hope is that Jillian wakes up and smells the roses before it is to late.

  • Jillian

    My name is Jillian, my dad’s name is also Glen, and I live in Vancouver…because of this, I feel like I need to defend my girl. Jillian is representing Canadians spectacularly — she has a good head on her shoulders and will make the choice that is right for her. This show is my weekly vice!

  • Alendra

    I was disappointed that Jake returned, after all, no one showed up to tell Jillian that Ed had a girlfriend back home when he went on the show. Not fair!

  • Joanna

    Chris, thanks for the weekly witty commentary. As for jumping on the Wes-hating-bandwagon, I’m all-aboard, as is my boyfriend, who, just tonight asked me “is that one d-bag Wes off the show yet”. Funny thing is, he’s only seen the 3rd episode. Hmmmm… But in all sincerity, it’s great to have a show like this is on TV on Monday nights – it makes me relax, laugh and realize that all-in-all, my life is pretty good.

  • Cheryl

    I can’t believe that Jillian didn’t give Wes the boot. Jake cares deeply for Jillian and I believe without a doubt that he was there to warn her, as well as, to protect her. I also think Jake would be an awesome next bachelor. I feel badly for the two that left tonight. I just hope Jillian doesn’t end up like DeAnna. Until next week.

  • Aubrie

    Chris!! You have to set me up with Jesse! I briefly met him last weekend in San Francisco and I SWEAR we had a connection! :) Please let him be the next bachelor! OR send him my email!!

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