ShePop: Jessica Simpson makes (pretty) lemonade

Jessica-Simpson_l Jessica Simpson has a nice voice and all, but her greatest talent might be making the best of her situation, whatever it is at any given moment. She was a nearly-forgotten relic of the teen-pop boom settling into a domestic life with a new hubby when she made a reality show about it — and became a bigger star than ever. She starred in a silly Dukes of Hazzard remake but got glowing press for her killer Daisy Duke body. She flamed out on the pop charts only to take on the country ones. Now she's doing it again, making silver linings of that black cloud of weight controversy hanging over the early half of her 2009: She's making a documentary series for VH1 called The Price of Beauty, in which she'll travel the world to examine how regular women and celebrities across cultures try to live up to cultural standards. She'll "study the local fashions, dietary fads, and beauty regimes and even participate in some of the extreme practices she discovers."

Now, I caused a bit of a stir back during those black-cloud days by questioning whether her willingness to open up so much of her life for public consumption made her particularly vulnerable to all the conjecture about her body. (I'll take this chance to mention that I never meant to blame the victim, simply to raise the question; lesson learned about clarity in blogging.) But I must say here: This newest project is exactly the kind of "reality TV" we need more of, presuming it's done reasonably well. It even gets at an idea we don't talk a lot about, for obvious reasons — the difficulties with being beautiful. The occasional starlet has complained of excessive hotness' tribulations, like the Jessicas Alba and Biel, but it never goes over well with the masses. And understandably so. Most regular folks probably feel that even if being pretty comes with some inconveniences, it still beats being ugly. But Simpson could end up being the right person — with her good-natured self-awareness — to tackle this tricky topic in just the right way — by looking at others, celebrity and not, American and not. Here's to hoping for pretty — if not flawless — results.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Could The Price of Beauty be the perfect fit for Jessica Simpson? Or are you over celebs talking about their looks, period?



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  • Jeff W.

    Jessica Simpson is vapid and talentless. She is learning the hard way that when your entire career is based on being a pretty, dumb blonde, once you lose the “pretty” there isn’t much appeal left. Her singing career has been an overall failure and her acting career never took off. It must be sad for her to realize that her glory days have long since faded. It’s ironic that her new show is called, “The Price of Beauty” when the “beauty” is gone. I predict one season of tepid ratings. A Playboy spread is probably in the not-too-distant future. My advice? Go to community college, Jessica and get an education.

  • rufustfirefly

    I thought that “make lemonade” meant something else entirely.

  • Charlene

    I love Jessica…..I understand and know how she feels on the inside at times…
    We do whatever it takes to hold on to our looks…(Beauty), if you add..
    I hope the new reality show works for her..
    I wish her the best in her endevors..
    Rock on Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anaya

    I have no problem with Jessica Simpson. I find her quite a sweet and good natured girl.
    I think that sadly her public persona has taken a beating ever since she dared to divorce her husband. This seemed to have hit a nerve with much of the public and I dont think she has been forgiven for ending that fantasy romance/marriage we all believed in.
    Despite the sometimes unecessary and disproportinate hateration she seems to attract, I think she is harmless celebrity. As a singer I think she is underated compared to many out there with far less vocal ability.
    I think the concept of the show is an interesting one and she a good choice of host giving the media insistence on attacking her every time she adds 5lbs. She could prove herself to so and I’ll definitely be checking the show out.

  • Tarin

    This could be an interesting show with a host that has even a smidgen of depth. Jessica Simpson has never shown an ounce of the intelligence or depth to tackle this topic with the class and compassion in deserves.

  • AMarie

    I think this show will just further skew body image for all of the women not in Hollywood.
    I’m not a particular fan of Jessica’s, but I can admit that she is a physically beautiful. To take one bad picture and use it to turn herself into the champion of the average, curvier woman is ridiculous. Especially since everyone’s seen her at her Daisy Duke fittest, and since her real bread and butter has been her product line (that rakes in millions a year by feeding on our insecurities and desire to look/be like her).
    No matter how they dress it up, how will the Price of Beauty feel like anything other than an infomerical, ripe for product placement, with Jessica Simpson at it’s helm?
    And with her acting and music careers floundering, how is this anything other than a last ditch effort to sell Jessica Simpson herself to both the public and the headlines?

  • Chichi

    Jessica along with her sister should be well aware of the price of beauty since they’ve both been nipped and tucked.

  • no name

    Blame the victim? Jessica Simpson is not a victim. She is the architect of her tabloid celebrity. She chose to put the spotlight on her body when she was thin to gain the fame her “talent” couldn’t bring her. She is a hypocrite to complain about the spotlight now that she looks different. There are plenty of famous people who are bigger than Jessica Simpson that don’t get media attention for their size. That’s because unlike Jessica, they chose to trade on something (acting ability, voice) other than their bodies. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • VanM

    My opinion only- Maybe if she didn’t keep getting her lips plumped or wear hair extensions. I would be easier to buy into the fact that she is naturally beautiful. Natural beauty is not enhanced in any way. I don’t like her and wouldn’t watch her show if I was being payed….

  • Average Joe Jew

    damn, i loves dat jessica!!! ooo-eeee!! she be like the bestest chick in da whole biggin world! jessica, my love, keep on keepin on! never lose dat bue-tee-full-ness!! oops, gotta go, justed creamed my undies!! whoo-whoo!!

  • To Charlene

    Rock on Jess!! Say what??? Hey Charlene, you truly are as dumb as a sack of hockey pucks! If your IQ were ten points higher you’d have the mentality of a handball.

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