Jon and Kate divorce: What should happen to the show?

Jk-413_l So Jon and Kate are getting divorced, which isn't much of a surprise for fans (or hate-fans) of their series — their relationship has seemed strained from the get-go, and in recent weeks those problems have apparently escalated. So the show now is in a strange scenario in a few ways: What kind of morbid voyeur watches a divorce show in which eight darling children cope with their parents' issues? (Um…a lot?) Can the show in its current incarnation document Jon and Kate's divorce in a meaningful, non-exploitative way? Do we as an audience even want it to try? In other words, What now?

On one hand…yeeesh. The pain and anguish inherent in most divorces are something I'd have a hard time wishing on even the most loathsome of all reality show personalities, let alone on actual human beings. On the other hand, is there something here that documentary television — or crafted drama of any kind — might and ought to strive to capture? Awful things happen, and they happen a lot, and watching people process those awful things isn't inherently depraved or unjust. There's a level on which it could be comforting, illuminating, humane, and…entertaining. Is that so wrong?

One of the things I like about the first few seasons of Jon and Kate Plus 8 is their sense of normalcy — grocery shopping, putting on shoes, eating dinner, etc. Things "normal" families do. Recently, those problems have been pushed off the series in favor of more telegenic, fame-specific endeavors, and in a twisted way, Jon and Kate's divorce re-grounds the show. A lot of American couples divorce, and plenty of well-adjusted, thoughtful, healthy kids have divorced parents. Might a series about a family dealing with divorce serve a certain kind of purpose on that front? I think it might, though I'm skeptical that J&K+8 has the depth to do so.

Okay, PopWatchers, it's your turn to weigh in. Would you rather the show call it quits, or do you think there's value to capturing and exploring the process of divorce — and can this show live up to that challenge? Do you want Jon and Kate Plus Eight to continue in light of the parents' divorce?

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  • Joe Bob Briggs

    Cancel that b.s.

  • MomTeacher

    If Jon and Kate are really “all about the kids”, they’ll stop the show and get them into therapy. They’ve made enough money. They should now take a step back and focus on their family.

  • Steve

    It is always the children that suffer when a couple divorce. I am quite certain that the show itself was a primary cause of this. As with most people, when fame and money are thrown into a situation, their priorities change dramatically. Sad to see, divorces are so common when things get inconvenient. We live in a spiritually sick society.

  • Suzie

    Time to move on. Do an update show once a year. Divorce is painful and hard on everyone…and parts of it can really be nasty. Kids need time to cope.Probably therapy, too. Everyone needs privacy. Money shouldn’t drive the franchise, now. It was a show about a couple and their family. It would become all about a divorce and all the nastiness and pain therein. A judge should order the filming to stop for the good of the children.

    • Kamel

      education brought the secnod class woman into the twentieth century and with brains you get equality the problem is in many other countries the woman is taught from birth to please her man and here the little girl are taught to think for themselves. It’s really not a problem but when you are a domestic goddess you aren’t going to likely find a free ride as easily as staying where you are on the other hand If you work and make enough to carry you own weight when the old man comes home late smelling like a pub and with lipstick on his collar you are easy to say buck off fastard! and leave so you do the math there kiddo and figure with education and equality you get divorce increasing off the charts because now a days there no reason to put up with any ones B S

  • Bobert

    Shouldn’t they have announced the END of the show – immediately after announcing their separation!? What kind of sick crap is this? Turning the breakup of your family into entertainment? These people should be shot.

  • Rich

    Kate is hardly kind or charitable on a good day, now with divorce looming the claws are surely going to come out. Nor does she exercise discretion in what she says or how she treats other people in front of the kids. I think this is going to be very far “comforting, illuminating, humane…”

  • j h callahan

    Time to end it now. Why let Kate make more money to spend… she should be taking care of those kids she wanted

  • j h callahan

    Time to move on and end this show. Why give Kate more money to spend when her main job is 8 kids which she wanted.

  • glennwalker

    I don’t get all the Kate-hate. She just seems like a normal woman trying to raise a family. Same with Jon. I think the jackals (yes I mean you too popwatch) should fold their tents and we should all maybe pick up a book and learn something for a change rather than getting involved in the lives of people we don’t know.

  • King

    The show is about a married couple and 8 kids. It’s over just like their marriage. 17 years and still going. This show is Farce now and anymore shows is about the money.

  • sid sidamo

    really people, this is news? WHO CARES?

  • sfriedman1342

    They should mediate the divorce and keep the show in tact so they can negotiate the conditions and learn to communicate.

  • slava


  • joesmom

    Kate especially goes on and on about how they will stay in the house. . for the kids (of course) but she and John will leave when the other is there to. . . film. WTF attitude is THAT?? There was no talk of seeking help for their marriage, they never mentioned talking to therapists, especially a child therapist who could help the kids through this. There was no counseling, or talking to their pastor (do they still go to church?). It is now all about Jon and Kate and how much dough they can make off their kids without having to get real jobs. Close it down!

    • William

      I have been separated fro over 2 years with 2 kids under 16. My ex is fiilng for a divorce (he is planning to get married in just over 4 months). I know I can’t contest the divorce but he does not always pay money for the kids, can I have an arrangement written in as part of the divorce or can he just get divorced without it. How long does it take normally, he has just 4 months until his wedding? The CSA is not an option as he is self employed and hides most of his salary.

  • Bianca

    I think that the show should end and they should definately focus on reconnecting in their marriage.

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