Kendra Wilkinson on her laugh, cheesesteaks, and not raising her kids like Jon & Kate

Kendra_wilkinson_l Who needs the Playboy Mansion? After leaving The Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson — a.k.a. Hef's former gal pal — officially moved into her own place, scored a hot new fiancĂ© (Philadelphia Eagles' Hank Baskett), and found her own hit reality vehicle, Kendra, which premiered to an audience of 2.6 million (E!'s highest debut since The Anna Nicole Show). Amidst the hectic schedule of shooting her show and planning her upcoming wedding, Wilkinson, 24, took the time to call up EW and chat about Jon and Kate, Joel McHale and her next project (hint: it's a baby!).–Kate Ward

How far along are you?
I [was] 12 weeks on Friday. So 12 weeks and a couple days.

Will the show follow your pregnancy?
Yeah. I'm okay with them following the pregnancy, but I'm a little nervous. I don't think it's going to be okay if they shoot after the pregnancy. I'm definitely going to spend some time with my baby. I don't need too many people around shining these bright lights and cameras and stuff. I don't want my baby being born into that. I want my baby being born into love with Hank and I.

So no cameras in the delivery room?
No. I mean, Hank's camera only.

Are you only looking to do the show up until the baby is born? Will you be taking a break?
I see this show as, yeah, it's a home video of us, but at the same time, I see it as a job. It's a fun thing, too. The show is very classy, the way [E!] does it. It's not some trashy show. And I definitely wouldn't put every single detail out there, like Jon and Kate. They put out every single detail of their kids. It just blows me away how much stuff they put out there of them. It's too much they put out. I know if we do end up filming with the baby, it's going to be very, very limited. It won't show as much as Jon & Kate.

But you're not closed off to doing a show after the baby is born?
No, that's my job. That's my life. That's my career. We have fun doing it because we love the people that are surrounding us doing it. And we trust them, you know?

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How did you react to the great ratings for the Kendra premiere?
It's just amazing, you know? All my job is to shoot the show, and tell everyone else to watch it. I wasn't expecting the ratings to be so big. It's a home video of me and Hank. I thought, are people really going to watch this? But when I heard the ratings, I was just blown out of my mind. I was like, "What?" And people are saying it's their favorite show now, and I'm like, that's so weird. It's like a home video to Hank and I. And we consider it being a documentary about all these memories that we have.

You're so young and you've already been on two hit reality shows, gotten engaged and gotten pregnant.
I live my life in the fast lane, and I love living it like that. And I feel like if I'm not moving too fast, I'm moving way too slow. That's what I've been saying to everybody lately. But, you know, everything's happening at a good time. I'm 24. It's a perfect age. It's not like I'm a teenager. I'm a grown woman now. I feel very ready for my life, and I feel like I've been ready. And I'm really excited about it. I stopped the partying a lot. I stopped it all. I don't even like partying anymore. I couldn't wait to take the next step, and here we are now, taking the next step. After the wedding, we're going to concentrate on the pregnancy, and have a baby. Our relationship will not go stale, let me tell you that.

Where are you living now?
I'm living in L.A. now. We have a house here in L.A. But we're planning our next move. We're going to be in Philly for a couple of months. It's not permanent or anything. It's a good hibernating time for me. Getting away from the craziness in L.A., and just being able to hibernate and relax. I'm going to have my baby out there. And then come back in a couple months and enjoy the baby with the family and friends. And come back either to San Diego or here in L.A.

Hopefully you'll be craving cheesesteaks when you're in Philly.
Oh, I do, girl, I do. But also, I'm having my baby where my brother was born and from where my roots are from. My whole family is from where I'm going to have the baby and where I'm going to live, so it's just a coincidence. It's so weird.

Your laugh has become so distinctive. Did you ever think you had such a distinctive laugh?
No, I never did. Not until TV. Because TV likes to pump my laugh up a lot. I never noticed it. I don't know. I just see it as a laugh. I see it as a good thing. I know people might get annoyed with my laugh, but I don't care. It's not going to stop me from laughing.

[The Soup's] Joel McHale loves it.
Oh, I know. I love Joel. He's so funny.

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  • Zo

    I want to hate her, but I can’t… she seems pretty sweet, actually.

  • lala

    i agree, you want to hate her, but really you cant hate any of the girls next door, they’re too sweet. if you’re gonna blame I guess you could put the yuck on hugh hefner, but the girls are fun, plus hey, we are watching E what do we want?

  • gigi wishes to Kendra. She’s so likeable!! You can tell she’s grown up alot from her GND days. I like how she refers to her reality shows as a job and not how some view their shows as an “invitation to see what goes on in their world”. Kendra is absolutely’s a job! Good luck to her!

  • mom of 2

    hey kendra, when jon and kate 1st started, when you were hoeing around the playboy mansion, all they wanted to do was have memories taped so they would always have them, they are great parents and you can learn alot from them, they never asked for this hoopla going on now, also they, like you are very close with the production staff, so i would think twice about keeping the cameras going after the birth of your 1st child, [could you imange 8? ] do me a favor leave thoes camers in la we dont want them here in the east! good luck with your baby its ALOT of work!!!

    • mother of 3

      You have GOT to be kidding! Those people were about getting money out of all those kids. No responsible parent would broadcast their childrens personal information and intimate lives on national television. Kendra is putting her little one first and allowing that child to have as close to normal childhood as possible. It is going to be hard enough born to two celebrities, why add public scrutiny to the mix? And don’t worry about the cameras, I have been to the east, they aren’t going to be looking for you.

  • wtfnyc

    I didn’t watch the Girls Next Door (Holly’s voice makes me want to rip my ears off), but I totally fell for Kendra when she did the rap show. She’s so dang charming it’s ridiculous! She’s living her life on her terms, without being all up in anyone’s face about it, and she’s REAL. I dig it!!

  • angel

    shes pretty i dont watch GRD but i like her did not think she would a black man its cool though

  • mjb_cheerleader

    I absolutely love kendra! She has always been my favorite. I am so happy for her and her new life! i wish her the best! :)

  • Denise

    I love Kendra, her personality, she’s just real. I wish her all the best with her baby and her husband, who I also like. They seem to really love each other, Best of luck to them.

  • Joe

    I always wonder, did the Girls Next Door really do it with Hugh? Gross if they did!

  • stella

    she’s cute, he’s cute, but please everyone…it’s Hank and ME, not Hank and I!! Good grammer makes you look intelligent!!

  • bunny45

    I am sorry but why is this girl getting her own show? She seems to be very silly!

  • Spider

    Thought I’d share this ROCKIN’ clip:

  • Mama Crash

    Wish Kendra and Hank all the best! As for the laugh, that is one of the things that makes her beautiful. Of course the body and face are important also. A natural beauty with a wonderful down-to-earth personality. Good luck with the baby!

  • chuck

    I wonder how the Philadelphia Eagles feel about the circus surrounding there wide receiver. I doubt they like it.

  • Lola

    You know what else makes you ‘look intelligent?’ Spelling the word ‘grammar’ correctly.

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