What should be in the 'Star Trek' sequel? (And what shouldn't)

Die-hard Star Trek fans seem to have accepted J.J. Abrams’ reboot with remarkably little grumbling, thanks to the time-travel-prompted alternate universe that keeps the canon they knew perfectly valid while allowing for new interpretations of the characters and their adventures to flourish. As I was geeking out with a buddy earlier this week, talking about what a Trek sequel might look like, he reminded me of something: There are classic events in the Star Trek Universe that Abrams’ reboot didn’t undo.

1. Khan Noonien Singh’s imprisonment on the Botany Bay

The power-mad dictator and his eugenically gifted cohorts were exiled from Earth long before the U.S.S. Kelvin was destroyed by Nero — the Zero Event for this new Trek timeline. So he’s still out there, floating in space, waiting to be discovered. The question is: Are J.J. and company bold enough to reimagine Star Trek‘s greatest villain? Part of me wants Ricardo Montalban’s Khan to be the only Khan I know…while another part can’t wait to see what they’d do and who they’d cast. (Online scuttlebut seems to favor Javier Bardem. Which would work, but wouldn’t it be nice to see an Indian actor play this Indian character?)

2. V’Ger is still coming home.

Remember, the Voyager 6 probe NASA sent out in the 20th century? One day it’ll return, threatening to destroy Earth unless it gets a hot bald chick.

3. Apparently, we will still run out of whales and a crazy alien probe will vaporize Earth unless we go back in time to find some.

Okay, maybe we can forget this one.

But are there any classic Trek tales you’d want to see the next Star Trek film tackle? The Mirror Universe, perhaps? Just because Zachary Quinto might look spiffy in a goatee?

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  • David


    • Dean

      I would like to see the Klingon/Federation rivalry rebooted. There are rumors that J.J. might bring in the Borg. I say ‘No’ to that idea. They lost their appeal, in my opinion.

      Kahn and the Klingons are my top two choices.

  • Moose Williams

    No way they should touch Khan. They’d have to re-imagine finding The Botany Bay, involving Marla MacGivers, and all sorts of stuff before they could get to the best parts. I can’t imagine anybody pulling that off.
    What I would like to see is a new first encounter with the Borg. They were already existant in the 22nd Century (see “ST:First Contact”), and there are tons of possibilities to imagining how the logical Spock or mercurial Kirk would react at first finding a cold assimilation machine.

  • Snarf

    Tribbles. No bad idea. Definately Klingons.

  • mark in nyc

    The one thing they should not try to touch is Wrath of Kahn.
    It would not only enrage the fan base but also seem quite uninspired. It is the only movie that is better then this reboot (possibly First contact) and I don’t think it can be improved on.
    However, they can take any number of the episodes and redo those as a movie, and I for one would love to see what they would do with the Klingons and an intergalactic war.

  • darclyte

    Everything that happened on the tv series Star Trek:Enterprise still took place as it all happened BEFORE the events of this movie. Also, technically, the events from Star Trek:First Contact also still took place…at least those that took place in earth’s past.

  • Joe

    If this is a sequel maybe they should do the aftermath of everything. I mean Vulcan was a founding world of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet failed to keep it safe, wouldn’t that put some doubt in joining the Federation or relying on Starfleet to protect them. It could open a door for a civil war, which mocks the WoK starfleet vessels battling eachother.
    I strongly suggest not redoing other movies because some things should be left untouched, they should do their own thing.

  • R.J. MacReady

    It’s pretty hard logistically to touch Khan. First the events of Space Seed have to happen, THEN Wrath of Khan has to happen when Kirk is retired. So, to get to the good stuff you have to tell both stories and skip all the youthful vigor they’ve struggled to put in to the new Kirk.

  • KevinH

    GARY SEVEN (from the TOS episode “Assignment: Earth”)! I always he thought he was a great character and should have been included in other series.

  • Rorschach

    Hmmmm….imagining how the logical Spock or mercurial Kirk would react at first finding a cold assimilation machine…. maybe I should introduce them to my ex-wife…..Bwaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jenny

    Two words: MIRROR UNIVERSE.

  • Sarah

    I’d like to see Q show up. He would be really annoyed. “Now you humans have become irritating far ahead of schedule!”

  • Josh

    No need to rehash the old stories, for the most part, as old-Spock remembers them, and can take some actions where needed regarding Kahn, Vger, etc.

  • Ward

    I think they could go with Nero Again. We didn’t Actually see him die. It would be a great way to clean up the story line, maybe or maybe not set things back to the right time line, with vulcan intact? Possible have some TNG cast in there…The possibilities are endless

  • Ian

    Any time travel events (IV, first contact) did not happen in this alternate universe. They apparently managed to stay in the same universe, because their actions affected their future. While the timeline doesn’t split off until 2233, the idea of original Kirk going back in time and causing events in new Kirk’s universe makes no sense. When they got back nothing they I’d would have changed their universe, which it obviously did in first contact.
    Plus, didn’t Khan live in the 1990s? This was acceptable when Khan was invented in the 60s, and worked ok in STII, but trying to get the audience to believe he existed inthe 90s would not work. You would have to change when he ruled, and that would change canon. See, this is why time travel makes movies very confusing. Please, no more time travel!!!

  • James L Howlett

    No Klingons: already used.
    No Khan: too iconic to remake.
    No Borg: too powerful and unbeatable, plus they’ve already been used in ever other incarnation.
    No Q: writing becomes lazy because he can do/fix anything.
    I like the Gary Seven idea that someone else brought up. The original episode was a back door pilot for a Gary Seven series. There’s a lot you can do with that character.

    • Dean

      I think it would be interesting to revisit “The Omega Glory.” J.J. already touched on the ethics of torture in his reboot. Be interesting to see what he can do with the Comms and Yangs.

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