Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Tocantins' (episode 10)

Jeffprobst2_l_21_2Hey all,

How good was that episode?!  On a scale of 1-10, I’d love yourfeedback.  I honestly think it’s one of the best Survivor episodesever, for the following reasons:

1. LOVED IT:  The opening shot of Coach standing in the water doing hisvarious poses  — not because it’s Coach but because if you really goback and look at the shot it’s absolutely amazing.  Our helicopter teamis so good.  That shot is really beautiful as it spins around him andthen pulls away.  It’s movie good.  Bet you didn’t even notice it – itwas that good.  Go back and check.

2. HATED IT:  Okay, I’ve had just about enough of Sierra having toplead for her life with everybody else.  Coach, Tyson, Debbie –everybody lecturing her.  The ”older folk” are working the young girlover and now Sierra is my new favorite underdog.

Sierra, tell them to shut it.  It’s easy to do.  Just say, ”Shut it.”

Even Serena is really pissed.  She is mad that Sierra has never been given a fair shot.  From day one, when she was sick and ousted from the tribe, she has been working hard to earn their approval.  Serena is angry.  Very angry.  I like it when Serena gets angry.

BTW: Tyson, you’re wrong — her boyfriend is pretty cool.  Mess with him, you mess with me and you don’t want to mess with me.  Okay, check that, maybe you do want to mess with me, so I’m just asking, please don’t mess with me.

3. TENDER MOMENT:  Coach has a heart.  He extends an olive branch to the young female Dragon Slayer in the making, Sierra.  She needs a better Dragon Slayer name though – how about Sierra-Mota.  Has a certain ring, I think.

And Sierra with a beautiful line: ”How do you save the kind enemy?”   I know for many of you this just passes by without appreciation, but as a veteran of this reality world, I’m telling you this kind of writing is rare air.

Serena says, ”It’s like we’re in the Twilight Zone.  None of this makes any sense.”

4. WEATHER ORGASM:  Oh, you know I love the rain.  Love it.  Love it.  Love it.  If there is such thing as a ”reality show host program orgasm” this is it for me.  Go ahead, make all the pithy comments you want.  I encourage them all because I own it — I love the rain. 

But to have rain…mixed along with hot pizza and a huge dilemma for the contestants… you have a Survivor episode worthy of an Emmy.  And an orgasm worthy of it’s own blog. 

Are you reading this Emmy voters?  I challenge you to watch this episode and then tell me this show is not worthy of an Emmy nomination.  I’m not positioning, I’m merely preaching the gospel.  Where’s the love?  Let us back in the game for crying out loud.

5. POSER ALERT:  Coach, you’re such a poser!  The ”dragon slayer” who wants to change the game and play against the best, doesn’t think twice about opting for pizza over immunity?  I expected better.

Coach’s ”I’m hungry” move just about did Serena in for the night.  ”These three guys (Coach, Stephen, J.T.) think they are king of the world and it pisses me off.”

Okay I’m not that mad — that’s what happens in this game.  It’s what is supposed to happen in the game.  That’s how it’s designed.  You think you’re in control, so you take a chance.  Stephen and J.T. clearly feel they are very safe in this game.  That kind of cockiness is fun to watch but it can backfire quickly, so heads up country mouse and city slicker – watch your backs.

6. WRITE THIS DOWN:  ”It would be (bleeping) stupid if we made an alliance, gave it a name, bandied the name about, talked about ourselves being warriors and then chickened out at the last second.”  Oh man, that made me laugh so hard I had to play it back again and again so I could get it exactly right when I added it to the blog.  Coach, you may be a poser, but are a classic, dude.

7. CAN YOU SAY BLINDSIDE?:  Tyson, I am going to miss you so much.  Man, you were a blast.  People will miss you way more than they realize.  But dude, what a great blindside, eh?  I mean they kicked your ass.  Zero idea.  Great hair at tribal council, by the way.

FINAL WORDS:  I know this season has been a slow burn…but I hope you’re starting to enjoy it as much as I hoped you would.  Like I said, tonight was hands down my favorite episode of the season and one of my favorites of all time.

I look forward to your always-insightful comments.

Check out our deleted scene below and then read Dalton’s ‘Survivor’ TV Watch.

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  • survivor fan

    great episode Jeff, Survivor at its best!!! The rain is awesome and btw, looks great in HD.

  • NorthOfNYC

    Huh. Guess I shoulda watched the show this week.

  • Debbie

    Great Great Episode tonight. The blindside of Tyson was classic. This season is finally picking up and its going to be great all the way to the final.

  • 3 Awful Things

    1. The whispering as people cast votes. Coach’s comment about Sierra being the dragon’s bride would be twice as hilarious if we could hear it clearly. Over the years, the producers have moved the voting box closer and closer to the tribal council because they like they idea of someone possibly overhearing a vote. But this is mainly amusing to the producers themselves. As viewers, we mostly get mumbled whispering, which isn’t amusing at all. I miss the great final lines like Gregg (Season 1): “My ear infection is starting to get better…” Please move the voting box far enough away that people can make great comments again. If they want others to overhear, they can still shout, like Cox did last season.
    2. Still can’t stand the Sprint “Player of the Game” voting ads. It always tells you at least a few people who will not be voted out. Early on, Sierra was trying to convince Coach to vote out Erinn, yet she was one of those listed as a possible “Player of the Game” in the ad.

  • Tommy

    I’ll give it a 9… Probst at his finest in this one, calling out Coach multiple times. First at the reward challenge, “all that experience not doing you any good.” Then at Tribal, calling him out when he said he wanted to fight against the best even though he voted out one of the best. This episode – and this season – appeared to be going downhill as my family prepared for a Sierra ousting. We were all cheering for her, and against the Coach-Tyson duo. And just when all hope looked lost and like the bad guys had won, one of the biggest blindsides of all time happens. That one I can’t hand to Probst, but I will give big kudos for calling out Coach, as well as the producers for making Tyson look so cocky before getting embarrassed. These episodes are why I don’t stop watching.
    One question for Probst: where was the “life-changing” moment on Exile? Nothing that happened there looked “life-changing” or even “game-changing” to me, just Stephen hanging around. Was that a mistake?

  • Matt in Texas

    While I agree that Sierra has never been given a fair shot, her whining last night really got to me. So, your alliance partner’s been blindsided and now you’re next on the chopping block. What do you do? Don’t whine about it; pick yourself up, get that brain working, and try to think of a way to turn things around, however unlikely. If you realize that you can’t turn things around, then go out in a blaze of glory and cause as much damage as possible at tribal council. I can picture Coach reading what I just said and saying, “It’s the way of the warrior.”
    Secondly, there’s no denying that last night’s blindside fell right into Sierra’s lap. I mean, they didn’t even bother to tell her they were going to blindside Tyson! That speaks volumes.
    Lastly, you never go for food over immunity. EVER. Doing so does three things: 1) it makes you look bad, 2) it puts a HUGE target on your back, and 3) it gives someone whom you don’t want to win immunity a better chance at doing so.

  • Carol

    LMAO! That was a great tribal hehe. Tyson was just over the top mean to Sierra. Not a Sierra fan, but there was no need to being so rude. He was entertaining, but I’m glad he got voted out before her.
    So tired of seeing Coach lecture people, what a joke he is.

  • Annie

    Coach is so ridiculous I don’t know where to start. What world does he live in? It was nice to see Steven take some initiative and capitalize on the opportunity to oust Tyson. Nice moves!

  • 3 Awful Things 2

    3. Still hate the idea of 85% of this cast being recruited.
    Last time, I got a lot of criticism for being too negative, so here are 3 Great Things about this season:
    1. Love the animal edits: from the “recap episode” scene of frogs hugging each other to symbolize Brendan and Stephen to the daily opening clip of that animal (tapir?) lifting its snout… love those.
    2. Love the cinematography, as always. Like Probst said, those sweeping shots are a delight.
    3. Love the fact that, even though 85% of the contestants were recruited, all of the applicants are still in the game (except for poor Spencer).

  • mfv

    Is Jeff dating Sierra? What was that “you mess with her boyfriend you mess with me” all about?

  • Matt in Texas

    But, yes, one of my all-time favorite episodes and one that was perfectly executed by the producers and film editors. Well done.

  • tma6469

    Awesome episode. Would be one of the best if the challenges were a bit more exciting. Im surprised there was little talk of Erin… I loved when she made the comment that if she wants to win she has to do something to shake things up. Shes been pretty quiet all season, Intrested to see if she becomes a contender.

  • Margita

    The opening sequence was amazing and I honestly did think about how those shots were made. Oh, and you know Coach loves every single minute he gets that kind of screen time. On a scale of 1 to 10? This episode rates a 9. So glad the producers waited so long to introduce the Stephen game play. I saw it as initially Stephen’s idea. And did anyone else think Stephen and J.T. were taking a HUGE chance talking by that tree?

  • Scottie C

    This was an interesting episode – definietely the best of the season – and I enjoyed your take on it. Tyson was a great character and his smarmy comments each week will be missed. Glad to see Erinn involved in the strategy this week and Debbie winning both challenges, but I still don’t think any of the women remaining are that great. It is all about JT and Coach now. Maybe a bit too much strategizing for my liking but overall a solid episode. I’d say 9/10.
    I think you missed two great opportunities to screw with the game/players at the challenges: Instead of having all four go on the reward, you should say that only three of the winners get to go and make them choose who is cut from the reward. I don’t like when half the tribe gets to go on a reward. Rewards should be 2-3 at most.
    And at the Immunity, the players who sat out to eat should have been able to distribute their pucks to the remaining player(s) of their choice to give who they wanted a better chance of winning.

  • Tha Mojo

    jeff — i’m co-signing with u.. as the best episode. i can’t wait to see coach’s reaction next week (here’s hoping that he has a nervous breakdown)
    tyson was a cocky SOB .. lol – voted out (PRICELESS)

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