'Rock of Love Bus' finale: And the 'winner' is...

And just like that, another round of Rock of Love has drawn to a close. It seems like only yesterday 20 upstanding young women were fighting for the chance to be Bret Michaels’ girlfriend, reading raps off of STD info sheets and taking shots out of each others’ lady parts. I wish Bret the best in his quest for true love, but I can’t be the only one secretly hoping this relationship doesn’t work out so we get a fourth season of this delightfully trashy show, right?

Anyway, going into last night’s showdown between Taya and Mindy, the question was whether he’d go with the bats— crazy one or the other bats— crazy one. Not that I’d question the emotional stability of any woman who would compete for the affection of Bret Michaels on national television, but…oh, wait, YES I WOULD. That doesn’t mean I love this show any less, however.

The finale was lacking in the crazy drunken antics that make this show such a trainwreck to watch, but the final elimination was entertaining. I couldn’t decide which part made me more uncomfortable: Taya looking like she was about to vomit the entire time, or Mindy’s unsupported cleavage. In the end, I think Bret made the right choice — Mindy was far too insecure to date him, and Penthouse Pet of the Year Taya has the right pedigree to date an ex-hair band frontman — but we’ll see how long this ”relationship” lasts.

Did you catch the RoL Bus finale, PopWatchers? If you didn’t, watch the final elimination below. Were you happy that Bret chose Taya in the end, or were you rooting for Mindy? Whose flat-ironed hair looked better, Bret’s weave or Taya’s actual hair? And did you really expect Bret to put a ring on it?

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  • Myra

    Taya is a skank (not that any of the ladies were particularly classy). I was actually rooting for Jamie (sp?), but she didn’t make it past the final three. I thought she was the most normal- if normal is at all possible on that show. I can’t believe I got sucked in. It’s like McDonalds: I know it’s bad, but I still crave it.

  • Kristen

    Dangit, I was hoping Mindy would win. Taya was getting on my nerves. Sadly, I missed the final elimination by mere minutes.. I will be watching the reunion show, however! And Bret said this is his last-go-round for the show. Wonder if VH1 will change his mind.

  • diggity

    Its OK Myra, you are not the only one who was sucked in. I openly love the show.
    I was rooting for Mindy. She was funny. That dress at the end was tragic though. Yikes. Taya is a disaster. They have about as much chance of getting married as I have of marrying Johnny Depp.

  • Me

    Bret is only promoting himself in these shows…sorry dude its true. If you REALLY think you can find LOVE with TV cameras all over the place letting the WORLD watch you make out with 20 chics, you are a fool. Oh oh oh…new series…Fool of Love with Bret Michaels and the House of Hos. HA!

  • Leslie Kenyon

    The one thing I did like about Taya is that she never dissed the other girls to Bret. That did show class. As to their chances of making it work…slim and none.

  • Jen

    Too funny. I didn’t want to watch another season of fake boobied drunken strippers, but somehow I got sucked into it too. I think Mindy really thought she had a chance after she banged him that last night. How sad. Taya just flat out makes me sick. SHE IS NOT 29. She has to be 49.

  • Tabatha

    AHHHHHHHHHHh man was that a show buster or what… I thought u were the one mindy!!! but wow u both lookd beautifull… guess it was hard to resist the lady in red!!:) bret i saw u in Hag. Md! loved every min of the show! and that 8sec. of your sweet eye connection… hehehe Good Luck!!!

  • Sara

    I think you are definitely the only one who is hoping for ANOTHER season of this show — Bret Michaels is so sad and pathetic. I got sucked into the finale because I couldn’t sleep last night and was channel surfing: I mean, he is not even a rock and roll star anymore. That little festival where he sang ONE song? Give me a break! Hahaha! I hope it does last with that Tara girl so I never have to see fat Bret stuffed into too-tight jeans, fake hair, disgusting wrinkles, makeup and the horrible way he sucks face. Gross–I’m losing my lunch just thinking about it.

  • TMK

    Brett will never be happy with just ONE WOMAN!! Not only that, he is too worried about how she will look on his arm!! He’s too worried about looks and body. Thats why he can find the right one…. cuz that’s all he goes for. Didn’t your mom ever tell you that is not the looks that count?

  • Janay

    i hate dat he picked taya..shes promoting penthouse or watever!!! thats SOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid!! mindy shuld of won!!! oooooo hhh please!!! hes sooo stupid!! i hope shes dumps him and brakes his heart!! GOOOO MINDY!!!! BRETT SUCKS!!!!! MINDY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kris

    Well to keep it short and sweet.. I think Bret screwed up and picked the wrong woman. Im disappointed and if there is a Rock of Love 4, I wont be watching.

  • Lynn

    WOW what a disappointment. Of course hasn’t this show been since it’s beginning. But we all get sucked in and watch. Guess it makes us all feel better about our own lives. Where do they find these chics. How pathetic a life to have to go on national tv and make an ass out of yourself – not only for the girls but for Bret. You all knew he was going to pick the “Penthouse Pet” who claims to be 29 (coughbullshitcough). He has to feed his ego.

  • HarlequinTwilight

    I hate reality shows, but this is one I always seem to get sucked into. You are not the only one hoping this “relationship” fails too, I so am! I think he should have picked Mindy though. She’s beautiful, her accent is funny, she’s adorable, and not little “miss perfect”. Taya just irks my nerves in all the wrong ways.

  • Suz

    I knew in my heart that he had to pick the stripper and penthouse ho. Let’s face it- the last two times he picked the *nice girl* like Mindy…and it didn’t work out. So he was only left with the paid ho. Course he wasn’t putting a ring on it…can’t take that home to mama and his babies…..there will be a new season- just wait and see!

  • Jennifer

    I thought it looked like Mindy had a mustache when she came back from Brets motel room in the morning and then I seen them wax it before the final that was gross, Taya just would get on anyone’s nerves to say the least, I don’t understand why a woman would want to pose nude in a magazine and brag about it that is just sickening. Bret I don’t see him being loyal to anyone, he slept with Daisy last season and probably with Mindy that last night, he will sleep with whomever will sleep with him I guess. He didn’t seem into any of the women really, same ole same ole, he needs to take a rest and let it happen naturally and learn to be a loyal to one women, the kissing of all these women was getting gross.

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