'MacGyver' movie? Are they trying to kill him?

Macgyver_lRemember when MacGyver used to be a perfect little pop culture reference to pop into an otherwise ordinary situation? When saying "I totally MacGyvered my stalled car engine using lipgloss and Eclipse Polar Ice Sugar-Free Gum" was a whimsical, I’m-a-child-of-the-’80s way of saying you cleverly fixed your broken-down vehicle yourself? Yeah, well, the forces of Hollywood couldn’t possibly let that little corner of pop culture lie underexploited any longer. First, there was a "MacGruber" skit on Saturday Night Live, in which the title dude fails every time to stop a bomb from going off using rubber bands, chewing gum, etc. Fine, funny. Then there were many MacGruber skits on Saturday Night Live. And you know what? Still funny. Then MacGruber kinda stepped over the line and sold out, doing Pepsi ads during the Super Bowl. Now it was like 50 percent funny — at least they went self-aware and had him rename himself Pepsuber — and 50 percent too much. (If SNL isn’t sacred in this world, WHAT IS? Okay, you’re right, I remember the Night at the Roxbury movie, too.) Now that MacGyver is being made into a movie, though, we’re officially declaring this ’80s property overexposed circa 2009. The one truly shocking twist? That it isn’t NBC — recent king of ’80sploitation, as in the DOA Knight Rider revamp — doing the remaking this time. Though that hardly rules out a MacGruber movie …

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  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    Yuck. Thats all I can say. Richard Dean Anderson’s work on the show is going to look like King Lear compared to a movie version of that show.

  • Meredith44

    How interesting. I just finished naming MacGyver as one of my pop culture heroes on another post and when I went back to Popwatch, here this was. Talk about timing!
    Let me start off by saying that I loved the original (still catch repeats) and that I don’t care for SNL, so have never seen the “MacGruber” segments. Thus, for me, the show isn’t overexposed, and I still think fondly of it.
    With that being said, I’m not sure how I feel about a movie. On the one hand, in this day of shoot ‘em ups and torture porn movies, it would be nice to see someone take on the bad guys with duct tape and paperclips and ingenuity rather than guns. On the other hand, the odds of them doing the character justice and coming up with a compelling remake are small. (For every one BSG, there are many Knight Riders.)
    Thus, if it is done well, with a good script and actors, I’m all for it and will see it, but I have a sinking feeling it won’t be done well and I will wish they had left it alone. *fingers crossed*

  • AM

    “So often any film that comes out is going to be a sequel or a remake of a film that’s previously existed — and I’ve said this before, that we will see Johnny Depp playing Cap’n Crunch. It will eventually get down to breakfast cereal mascots!” — author Alan Moore as quoted in EW.

  • redeye

    macgyver without Richard Dean Anderson and the mullet is no macgyver at all…

  • MD

    MacGyver was all ready immortalized in the Simpons that’s more then enough.

  • dreifort

    nothing can be held sacred anymore :( not even one of my fav TV shows from the 80s. leave the 80s alone! If you’re going to try and ruin a series (movie or tv), at least use the original actor and give him/her an offspring… good grief. you can’t recreate Richard Dean Anderson. HE IS McGuyver (the personality, the wit, not the fixing stuff)… have you ever watched Stargate? It’s McGyver in the 21 centruy.

  • Caroline

    I wish they’d do a “McGruber” movie with MacGyver as his dad, like the SNL skits. I think they are hilarious!

  • Uncle Bernie Madeoff

    MacGyver was terrible. I tried watching old episodes via Netflix and could barely get through one disk. Cardboard actors, ludicrous and totally contrived plots, bimbo females-what a joke. It need to die, die, die.

  • Kevin C

    …as long as Murdock is the villian, I’ll watch the movie.

  • Kevin J

    Night at the Roxbury? The best worst example? Jennifer, obviously you’ve forgotten Pat the Movie. Now that was epic failure personified. I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed, but that crap will not leave my synapses.

  • Preston

    I like MacGyver back in the ’80s. It was the perfect lead in to Monday Night Football in the falls, attracting that tough guy male demographic. I hope that they give the movie its respect and that it’s true to the series’ premise. But there’s a huge interest in ’80s shows, with fans still watching the reruns on DVD packages and the cable networks. As someone that came from the ’80s (and was in his teens that decade) you have to pay respect to the show and the decade with movie and show remakes and not try to make it too new looking. And don’t fool us, ’80s people are tough, defensive audiences, defensive of what came out of our decade and we’ll call your bluff (the producers) if you handle our favorites wrong! We don’t play that!!!!!!!

  • Diane

    The problem with a movie of MacGyver is that the “powers that be” will change it so much and NOT for the better. Look what they did to Starsky & Hutch, Mission Impossible, THe Dukes of Hazzard. The only way to make sure a good movie version gets done is to have Richard Dean Anderson in charge of the project and the original writers doing the script. The studios don’t know how to make a good movie out of an iconic TV show.

  • Katie

    Is nothing from my childhood sacred anymore? Let see, Transformers and GI Joe have been bastardized why not go with another favorite show from my chilhood McGyver! What’s next a Thundercats movie? Say it ain’t so

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