'Wonder Woman,' a new DVD: Snap judgment

Wonderwoman_dlWonder Woman has always been considered the third most-important DC Comics superhero, behind Superman and Batman, but when it comes to an original DVD film, she beats them both. Today’s release of Wonder Woman, a PG-13-rated, "DC Universe Animated Original Movie," is smart, fun, and a beauty to look at. It’s a satisfying version of the Wonder Woman origin-story that ought to please both hardcore fans and newbies, hitting all the right notes: Wonder Woman’s first years on the island of Themyscira, home base for Amazon warrior women; her entry into America and her flirtation with pilot Steve Trevor.

The voice-work by Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion as Wonder Woman and Steve is crisply expressive. You can get Wonder Woman as a single disc, but I’d spring for the two-disc edition with four hours of material including two fine documentaries, "Wonder Woman: A Subversive Dream" (about her cultural impact) and "Wonder Woman: The Daughters of Myth," which untangles the complex backstory of the character.

On a geek-scale, I’d rate Wonder Woman a bit higher than this series’ previous releases such asSuperman Doomsday and Justice League: The New Frontier. While thecomic books those cartoons were based on were fantastic, their DVD incarnations were a bit cluttered,whereas Wonder Woman is sleek, streamlined, and contains a lot ofexcellent action and fight sequences.

Even as a kid, I never really connected to Wonder Woman as a Barbie-doll fanboy-fantasy; what I like about this DVD is that it makes the Amazonian princess a shrewd warrior. Anyone of any age can watch this tale and get caught up in the adventure and the myth of this enduring character.

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  • BrandonK

    Mmm, Wonder Woman…it’s about time she got her own movie! I thought Superman: Doomsday was really bad, but New Frontier was pretty good. The comics were much better in both cases, of course.

  • Bill

    I saw a preview of this movie a month ago in New York. Bruce Timm and company have outdone themselves; This is an excellent movie and a fine take on all things Wonder Woman. The interplay between Diana and Steve Trevor is engaging and entertaining. If they shot this script as a live action movie, there would be no complaints!

  • Rich

    It will have to go some to top Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, the gold standard of these direct-to-DVD comics films.

  • Luis

    Just amazing from beginning to end! Loved it

  • Chris

    How violent is it? I assume by the PG-13 rating that it’s not for grade school girls.

  • timmdogg

    I purchased it today and I have to say this movie is FANTASTIC! I love animation and I am truly impressed with the storyline and the action sequence! It’s about time Diana (Wonder Woman) is shown being strong and not playing the damsel in distress the way the Superfriends had her being portrayed! She kicks major butt in this feature. Kudos to the DC team for an innovative film and script! This DVD is better than the HULK VS… series!!!!

  • Ragna

    After Comic Con this summer I decided I would get it the minute it came out, not even knowing who was in the voice cast yet. I am proud to say that I own the 2 disc set and will be watching it tonight since my normal Tuesday night shows are repeats. Besides, Wonder Woman trumps Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Patrick Jane anyway. She’s much cooler than the two of them combined.

  • Peter

    So when does Wonder Woman start saving the world with her pies?

  • Joy

    I liked it, but I think I need to watch it again today to see just how much. The plot was great, but the animation’s quality seemed uneven to me (Wonder Woman’s hair! Ugh). The dialogue was cringe-worthy at times. Maybe I was so full of anticipation for this movie that it didn’t live up to my expectations…I love the character so much that I wanted more. The cast is amazing, though, and the movie has the perfect length to keep the viewer’s interest. I do have to say that the end of the movie was AWESOME. Hopefully, the Green Lantern movie (the preview is in the extras) will continue to raise the bar. I look forward to more Wonder Woman movies. What an iconic character!

  • Latino_one

    A powerless WW doesn’t appeal me at all, on this dvd interpretation of the Amazon power house she’s is actually powerless, she doesn’t fly which buggs me deeply, why do producers and writers have to be so concerned about that useless clear jet? Also why do they have to make men save her all the time which doesn’t happen with Batman and Superman? you know why? ‘cause they are men and WW a woman, so women need to be saved according to Warner Brother’s producers. In fact she is kind of weak at moments, in her first fight scene with a man (Steve Trevor) he almost won; she was a strong as a regular woman. They forgot to include that she was born with 5 different gifts from 5 different Gods, and they gave her super human strength, speed, power to fly, wisdom ‘n beauty which is not portrait neither. She looks like kind of ugly, her lips are huge, her hair is bulky, her eyes at sometimes seem to be uneven, she looks like an ugly transvestite. I’m sorry but I’m very disappointed.

  • Virtuagrrl

    I loved it. Call me crazy, but I am just grateful to have a smart, witty and downright satisfying movie where Wonder Woman is the main character. It has been a long time coming and I personally am happy with this. I have been eager to see something enjoyable released. I finally have something to watch that I like. I have a feeling that this animated movie is probably better than the live action one will be when that eventually gets released. I hope I am wrong, but that thought makes me appreciate this DVD even more. Save some disappointment for later, there will be plenty of time for that later when the earnings potential for DC is fully realized.

  • Carol Strickland

    It was definitely aimed at young straight men who wanted a (bloodless) violent show, acres of action and little if any emotion. In this movie, women (except for 2) are all good and men (except for one, and we’re sorta stretching things for him) are all evil. We may all heave a sigh of great relief that the producers didn’t go all the way and provide quantities of T&A as well.
    Wonder Woman’s theme of humanism (not merely feminism) is completely missing, as is her struggle to seek peaceful solutions before having to resort to violence, and to improve the lot of mankind in general.
    Though the Amazons are portrayed as multi-ethnic as they are in the comics, only the white ones play speaking roles. The entire cast of speakers is white. Why is that?
    This is ultra-simplistic in an era and format that should no longer want to be so simplistic. Wonder Woman in particular stands for complex, thought-provoking, positive ideals and should not be used in a manner that talks down to her audience.

  • peaches

    Can’t wait to see this! Since we’re not getting a Whedon live action film, this looks like the next best thing. Plus, I heart Kerri Russell. I’m going to get it today!

  • Alex

    I have to agree a bit with Carol’s assessment that this take on Wonder Woman is somewhat more violent than her comic book counterpart. In fact this film at times feels more like a spy movie than a superhero film. In the comics, a single act of killing by Wonder Woman formed the basis of a long-lasting story arc that is still playing out, debating whether the killing of Maxwell Lord was justified, etc. But in this film she’s shown offing a number of bad guys — and not just monsters — without a second thought. I wonder if it’s the Watchmen effect in action, of darkening superheroes in general? All that said, this is still a great film and I’d love to see more.


    I was left DISAPPOINTED in the end. I liked that it had action and how Steve was more forceful. I loved Alfred Molina & the other voice overs but I feel as though they used this as a test run for the live movie and it was found wanting. And if they did use this as a test run they need to go back and tweak it… I feel as though they just threw some fighting, some little facts and Steve trying to be Rico Suave to pass as flirting & romance and said “there…that should be good enough for them”. I feel very let down.

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