'Battlestar Galactica': The fifth Cylon speaks

The fifth Cylon, revealed at long last in Friday night’s Season 5 premiere of BSG, speaks to Access Hollywood in this clip. For fans who missed the (rather depressing) kickoff of the final season and haven’t been able to get a little TiVo time, we’ll save the spoilers for after the jump.

Kate Vernon, who plays Ellen Tigh in the series, tells Access Hollywoodthat she’s known about her character’s fate for two years, and hints atan upcoming reunion between Ellen and Saul — among other major bombsto be dropped in each of the nine remaining episodes.

Still reeling from the big reveal? It caught EW’s resident BSG expert Marc Bernardin by surprise (read his recap), but you knew all along, right?

Ellen as the final Cylon: Did you see it coming? Discuss.

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  • Mike M.

    Wow, she actually said quite a lot in regards to her coming back and the gist of the forthcoming revelations. I’m glad she debunked the No. 6 being a younger version of her theory. And 2 years! That’s a long time to keep a secret – kudos! I think that regardless of who was picked, the fans wouldn’t be happy, and while I wanted it to be Admiral Cain or Kendra Shaw (Razor) I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

  • Anonymous

    I thought about Ellen being the final cylon..didn’t think it would be her, but now that it is it makes perfect sense to be. It gives me a lot of confidence in the show knowing that this was planned long in advance. Unlike a lot of shows that don’t seem to know what they’re doing, I really feel that this one is planned out and there is a bigger picture the writers see.

  • Donna Rose

    Wow. Am I wrong, or did she just reveal that the final five are all Hybrids?

  • Amy H

    She did say they were all hybrids…is that a slip or a misunderstanding on her part, like she doesn’t get what a “hybrid” means on the show, but thinks a skin job is a hybrid. Either really dumb (doesn’t get it), or really dumb (revealed a secret).

  • Kevin Kilbourne

    I had a feeling that it was Ellen. There was a scene on New Caprics, just before Tigh kills her, when she is dragged into the tent, sees Athena and says “What is she doing here”. She was able to realize that this eight was Athena, thus making her able to tell the “skin jobs” apart. Any else would have assumed that it was one of the many other eights and asked for help.

  • Lauren

    If Ellen’s coming back I suddenly love her being the final cylon. Kate Vernon is wonderful.

  • coryp

    I admit I was a little disappointed with the reveal when I first watched the episodes, but the more I think about it the more I liked it. Saul killing Ellen on New Caprica was, to me, hands down the most emotional moment of the series so far.

  • emily

    I’m starting to like the idea of Ellen as the final Cylon. My main objection had been that she’s dead but if they’re planning on bringing her back then it could be interesting.

  • ks

    I saw this coming, I was dancing around the house-I was right :) It makes perfect sense.
    The Cylon/Human story is far from over. I feel bad that I was happy about Dee, I always felt she was not a real character of substance.

  • Tim

    Yeah, I think the ‘half 7 half’ comment was a slip – that makes perfect sense. There was clearly a huge diversity of 13th colony cylons on ‘Earth’, which supports the idea of a planet of hybrids. Surely, we are headed that way ourselves as medical science advances and we can use technology to enhance ourselves and extend our lives. Who wouldn’t ccept a bionic arm after an accident, or a synthetic pancreas if diabetic? Many predict that we’ll gentically and mechanically enhance ourselves so we can thrive in space or on other planets. It’s not any kind of stretch to be to think that the 13th colony were the humans that decided to allow such modifications – and that forms the basis of their separation from the others.

  • ddpcrackberry

    Whoever says they knew is a big fat liar. Nobody had any idea about Ellen. The fate of Dee was sad because if you watch the entire series as a whole, you can see how she was a rock for Battlestar. Her suicide ehcoed the pang of hopelessness that ran through the entire fleet. The story seems to be taking an interesting arc with hints at a showdown between the rmaining hostile cylons and the humans. I also like how they are setting up the prequel series debuting next year. Honestly, Battlestar has shown it’s ability to remain relevent in a sea of lackluster dramas and overabundance of reality shows. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Crystal

    BTW Chad, unless I’m crazy there’s no jump and if you’re simply on the Popwatch page all is revealed. I’ve already seen the ep so I don’t care, but just FYI. That being said, I think it’s amazing and cool that she’s known for so long!

  • Cara

    Chad, I think you’re a little vague about what “after the jump” means.

  • Angela

    Are we sure she’s the Final Cylon? What if she’s just an older “6” model? And are we sure that there are 12 cylons and not 13 (to match the 13 colonies)?
    I feel like we’re going to get another curve ball where the cylons are concerned.

  • Sarah

    It’s surprising to me that they actually picked Ellen as the final hybrid. I thought about it, as did many other people, so I thought that Ron Moore would’ve thrown a bigger curve ball (but I’m not complaining, because I think it’s a great choice, and surprising us for the sake of shock value would be more annoying than enjoyable). I think the hybrid comment was probably just a mistake, like instead of saying “Skin jobs” she said “hybrids”. If it means something, I’m definitely in no position to guess.
    Does anyone have any ideas about what the frak was up with Starbuck though?

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