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Chrisharrisonportrait_lHoly cow! I had no idea people would actually read this blog. The response to last week’s first episode and first-ever blog was overwhelming. It was so overwhelming that your response helped ABC push our show to two hours once again tonight. I was thinking this blog really gives me a chance to personally reach out to the real fans of my show. So I would like to take this time to say thank you! Thank you for watching and supporting a show that I have loved to host and help produce for the last seven years. I also want to thank you for taking the time to comment below. Believe it or not, I read them all and will continue to do so all season. I love my ladies of course but it’s really cool to see the guys who have the guts to comment. And I like hearing couples that hang out and watch the show together. One of you brought up a great point I wanted to address last week but forgot. The houses and proposal sites we use look good for one reason and one reason only, we have an amazing team that never gets mentioned. Production designer Angelic Rutherford and her team come in to the house and turn it into the magical scene you see on TV. They paint (then have to paint it back its original color) and decorate everything. Even the artwork on the wall is usually their original works that they whip out in minutes. Dennis, the lighting looks great as usual.

I titled this week’s episode Kisses and Claws because both came out in full force this week. I moved the girls into the house to start the episode. This, of course, is the same house where we just held the rose ceremony. Little-known fact: This is not the morning after the first rose ceremony. It’s actually the day after. Because that first ceremony goes all night, we take a day off and give everybody a chance to rest and re-group. This is why the girls looked so nice and put together when I set them up for the first round of dates. The first season of The Bachelor, we didn’t have an off day built in to the schedule, and it was brutal. The first ever rose ceremony wrapped up about 6 A.M. I showed up to move the girls in around 8:30. Needless to say, none of us slept that night. The 15 girls this season have to share 3 bedrooms and most use the big master bath. Aside from the dates, the girls do not leave the premises.

Jason spent the first day at the girls’ house enjoying a little pool party. We used this day as one large group date. A couple funny notes not seen on TV from the pool party: Jillian didn’t shave her legs. Not a big deal right? But then she ended up on Jason’s back during the chicken fight…oops and ouch! Shannon took Jason aside to romantically rub suntan lotion all over him. Well, when she opened up the tube it basically exploded all over Jason’s back making a huge mess. She made a really funny joke about it that’s not really appropriate for ABC, but you can use your imagination. I always find it fascinating how adding a rose to a situation changes everything. The party went from fun and free to tense and dramatic. Jillian, who didn’t shave her legs and bless her heart stuck with the whole ketchup-mustard thing, got the rose and the first date. Say what you will, the hot dog thing works people.

Jillian had the rose in hand already so she got to really relax and enjoy that amazing first date at Disney Hall. What did we all think of the first kiss? I’ll say this about it: If Jason hadn’t stepped up in that ridiculously romantic moment, I would have pulled his man card.

Melissa got the second individual date. Who knew the Goodyear blimp could also be used as a magic eight ball? For the record, Jason hates oysters. He could barely stomach one on the beach date, and as you saw, they’re not Melissa’s favorite either. Jason got kiss number two in the blimp. Judges score: 8 1/2. I thought it was passionate, sexy but I deducted a point because of the blimp headgear they were wearing and another half point for the fact that I know a camera man and producer were less than a foot away from them. Hot air balloons, helicopters, and blimps are romantic but small.

The group date is where we really felt the drama begin to rise. Molly got a rose and she should have with that smooth move asking Jason if he wanted to see her secret talent. How about Naomi calling her shot (for a kiss) but then being denied the rose on that date? So wait a minute. Our little Jason, quiet, little shy Jason got four kisses in one week. Well played, sir…well played! I mean how dare you, sir, how dare you! One last note about the group date: After it was all over Raquel, who wanted some time with Jason, snuck into his limo to steal some time with him. Jason told me he was exhausted after a very long day and it was very late. All he wanted to do was crawl back in the car and go home and sleep. When he opened the door and found Raquel, let’s just say he was rather less than enthused about it. She went home this week!

It was amazing how quickly the stakes were raised by this group of women. That cocktail party was pretty tense. Shannon took her stalker status to level two. Stephanie made us all cry when she shared the story about her husband. But the night was dominated by the drama between Megan and Erica. Here’s my take on Megan. She’s one of those people that we all know who is always trying to figure out why there’s so much drama around them. Meanwhile, it’s very easy for everyone to see that they bring it on themselves. One thing you should all know is that Jason is not privy to anything that he doesn’t see or isn’t told by the girls. He was aware of some drama that night, but at this point doesn’t exactly now why or who’s to blame. The Bachelor, of course, always decides who he wants to give a rose to and this week he gave the first rose to Megan. The look on the girls’ faces was priceless. Next week look for more claws and more kisses. Happy birthday, Sophia! (hint…hint).

Some of you asked or commented on what else I’m up to. ABC is great about keeping me busy. I hosted the American Music Awards red carpet, as well as the Citrus Bowl parade for them. Designers’ Challenge is still airing on HGTV, and you can catch me every week night on my one hour entertainment news show on TV Guide Network Hollywood 411. I also cover the red carpet for all the major awards shows for TV Guide Network. I am also now an official blogger. Enjoy the week, and I hope to see all of you at the next rose ceremony!

Check out our exclusive extended scene below and then read Kristen Baldwin’s The Bachelor TV Watch.

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  • Kristen

    I’m loving the blog, Chris! It’s so fun to read the insider information, especially right after watching the episode. I have to say, though, I actually agreed with Megan tonight. The way it was shown, it did look like Erica was two-faced. She seemed more into causing drama than Megan. But…you know better than me, that’s for sure! And I’m curious…do you think Lisa would have stayed if she hadn’t left on her own?

  • Cara

    Chris! Your blog was a delight to read again this time around–I love the little behind-the-scenes details you add in, some of them are things I would have never guessed :). You are fantastic, and please keep it up!
    Jason is a doll–I thought I enjoyed the Bachelorbots the most, the guys who just read their teleprompter lines, but he is just a genuinely nice guy, isn’t he? Weird. My early favorites are Naomi, Megan (yes, Megan), and Jillian–but mostly because I think those are the girls who make the cutest couple with him :). Early Psycho Alerts: Shannon, Crazy-Eyes Nikki, and Ericka. Can’t wait for the rest of the season! More catfights? More kisses? Bring it on, Chris. I am READY.

  • Will

    Chris, great blog and very entertaining! As a “guyfan” I have to ask, why don’t the girls have to sleep in the guest house the guys enjoyed in the previous Bachelorette?? You know that would lead to some epic confrontations!

  • Marcy

    I have loved the program as long as it has been on. This season so far is awsome. I loved Jason last season, felt dissapointed for him but now I think it is for the best. I love the idea of you doing this blog, honestly you make the show seem personal. I am not sure what it i but you seem to care what happens with these men and women. Now it is just such a nice treat to really hear what you think about what goes on every week, especially the things tha we don’t get a chance to see. I am rooting for Jason and of course have my favorites that I hope turn out to be as lovely as they appear on TV. I am a mother of 3 beautiful daughters here in Washington and was a single mom for awhile so I feel something special about the fact that he is a single father. The fact that he is from Washington is awsome too. I can’t wait to see what else you have to say in the coming weeks. Grea so far!!

  • Joan

    Hi Chris, Love your blog, this was such a great idea . I’m so glad your doing it. Anway, “Ladies, This is the final rose tonight.” Ha Ha! Just great. Keep bloging ,and we’ll keep reading.BTW, love the extended videos.

  • Lois

    Hi Chris – well, I’m no techno expert and had to work 4-9 tonite (Bachelor is on 8-10 pm here) so was in a ‘panic’ – how to NOT miss episode 2 of The Bachelor? (forget the advice ‘tape it’ – see techno comment above) I’m a sensual 61 yr old woman who wishes there was a Bachelor (or party) in my life and am here in Toronto Ontario – (how about a senior’s Bachelor?) – so figured out that I could catch the show from 11 pm -1 am once I got home by moving up the dial to the Vancouver time slot – so hooray – loved the show tonite and await with baited breath for next week – and where was DeAnna anyway?? Keep up the great work – love the show.

  • JR

    Hey! I only watched tonight’s episode so I could see Jason tell Deanna to go fly a kite but it didn’t happen. Not Cool ABC … advertising upcoming scenes for a show and then not airing them. Bad, Bad, Bad.

  • Lois

    ps – my computer speakers have not worked now for 3 months and wish I could figure that out – otherwise the extended video is wasted on me!

  • Carrie

    I seriously love this show. I watched it last season and fell in love with Jason from the first show and actually figured he would be one of the last two. Of course, I thought he’d be picked, but was wrong on that one. Now? I hope that he finds the woman of his dreams and it sounds as though he does. Being a Canadian girl, myself, I’m sort of cheering for Jillian. I think she’s quirky and fun and it seems as though they had a great time together on their date. The other one I like? Stephanie. It’s not so much the tragic story, but how she carries herself. She seems to have a warm heart and appears really genuine. I’m looking forward to future shows and -really- hope they’re all 2 hours long. Hey, I even skipped 24 so I could watch this instead!

  • Jessica

    I enjoyed reading your blog and the details that you include about things not shown on television. I am obsessed with watching this show this season! But there is one thing that I think needs to be changed…when some of the previews are being shown, a small segment of the final show where Jason proposes to the girl he chooses should be taken out because it shows both of them (but very far away) standing in the middle of the mountains? and we can see the color of the girl’s hair, which really gives it away–so now, it is all over the internet-facebook/youtube about who the winner is. It could be a rumor, but when you think about it, I think I know who he chose because someone spilled it on youtube. So that’s disappointing because I really didn’t want to know until the end. Definitely think you all should take out the previews of the final segment, where they show Jason and the girl…My favorite is Nikki !!! If she does not get chosen, she should be the next bachelorette !

  • Caitlin

    Hey Chris, just wanted to let you know that reading your blog is the highlight of my day. Every Monday night is girls night at my place, and we once in a while can trick our husbands/boyfriends into sitting down to watch for 10 min. Thank you for making the bachelor more than just a show.
    Best Wishes
    P.S. I see that you have a bit of influence on the decisions made behind the scenes so please NEVER EVER let them pick a bachelor like Byron or the fake French one again; we almost quit watching. :)

  • Amanda

    Hmmm…..not feeling anyone for Jason yet. Is anyone else?

  • Lily

    Chris, When HOUSE comes back on the 19th, I’m going to have to miss the first hour of your show.

  • Anonymous

    You are the best host for the show and do such a great job. My favorites are Nikki, Stephanie, and Jillian. I can’t believe Erika received a rose and Raquel did not. I think Erika is causing way too much drama than Megan. I am on Megan’s side but I know that both of these women will eventually be eliminated just from what Jason said he was looking for when being interviewed on ET, the late night show, and Ellen Degeneres. I can’t wait to see it next Monday!!

  • debi

    I taped the show and didn’t know it was a -2- hr one and it cut off and I don’t know who went home for this wk?

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