Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': episode 1

Chrisharrisonportrait_lLet me start this off by admitting that this is my first ever blog. It’s not that I’m against it, but I’m not exactly the Facebook/MySpace kind of guy. When I heard that my friend and Survivor host, Jeff Probst, took on this task (and enjoyed it), I decided to give in and join the masses. I hope you enjoy this journey, and I will try to give you as much insight and behind-the-scenes scoop as I can without ruining the amazing proposal we end up with (I hope you knew that part!).

I fully supported and even campaigned a little to get Jason Mesnick asour newest Bachelor. He’s a great guy, very down-to-earth and, likemyself, always puts family first. He’s extremely genuine and loves hisson, Ty, more than anything in this world. But one of the things I likebest about Jason is he has NO poker face. As you saw in the firstepisode, he just can’t hide what he’s feeling — good, bad or downrightawkward. I find that very endearing as it allows all of us to reallysee and feel what his true emotions are. My interview at the beginningof the show this season was one of the easiest I’ve ever done. Evenwith people I know and like it’s a bit awkward as the bachelors andbachelorettes aren’t quit comfortable in front of the cameras yet.Jason and I have a lot in common. We’re about the same age (okay, I’m alittle older) and both dads, and I think that’s why his interview wasvery easy and comfortable, yet still revealing. Sometimes this 5-minute(TV time) interview can take a couple hours to shoot.

Because this first episode is two hours long and full of names androses and we’re all just getting warmed up here, I’m going to cheat alittle bit this week and just throw out random thoughts and notes fromthis show. (If you have a problem with this take it up with your localblogosphere representative. You people have those, right?) After this,we’ll deal with the women.

*Reliving Jason’s half proposal to Deanna at the top of the show wastough. Still not sure why she left him down there so damn long.

*Not sure why the producers never put slow-mo shots of me working outat the gym or doing push ups by my pool in the show. Oh wait, yes, I doknow why.

Bachelor Season 13 fun facts:
*This is the fourth time we’ve used this house. Brad, Matt, Deanna, and now Jason.

*The women start getting ready at 9 A.M. but the arrivals don’t takeplace till about 9 P.M. The first rose ceremony isn’t till about 4 A.M.We all get to bed around 8 A.M. That is except me because when I gethome my kids are getting up and are ready for breakfast and are off toschool.

*A couple of guys with garden hoses wet down the driveway to make itlook good on camera for arrivals. Not so good if you have a full-lengthgown!

*The driver of the third limo is a gentleman named Caesar. He’s agreat guy who’s appeared on the show as a driver I believe since thebeginning. If not, pretty darn close to it.

The Arrivals and Cocktail Party:
*It only takes about an hour to get five limos with five women each unloaded, introduced to Jason, and in the house.

*Because Jason is a father and the girls knew this coming in, thecocktail party was very subdued this season. There wasn’t much drinkingand nobody really got out of control. In fact, Jason actually had thesame drink in his hand the entire first night.

Deliberation and Rose Ceremony:
*Once I grab Jason we go straight into the deliberation room. This roomis a converted bedroom on the first floor of the girls’ house. Thewomen are all dying to see this room and see what pictures we use. Theyaren’t allowed inside ever. While we’re deliberating the living room isbeing torn down and being set up for the rose ceremony.

*The cruelest part of all is the fact that the girls arrive in a limo, but once rejected they go home in a van.

Now lets talk about the girls on night one. Again these are going to bequick takes as we’re all just getting started here. During arrivalsLisa taught us Idaho is a great place because of…wait forit…potatoes! (The Idaho tourism board just hired her.) Treasure hadthe best line, explaining to Jason that "Treasure" was in fact her realname, not her stage name. Shannon, really with the teeth bit? Ask Dr.Travis Stork how that move works out.

Once inside the party a couple girls left quite an impression. Shannon,if you have to tell a man you’re not a stalker…well, guess what?Sharon, not a great idea to tell a man you quit your job just to meethim. Jillian "It’s important to know what a man puts on his pork"…Ilike you a lot (by the way I’m a mustard, ketchup guy myself). To Reneeand all other women out there who have them. Vision boards scare menand not in a good way. Molly gets the award for best steal of thenight. When you see your man dancing with a hot Brazilian, put an endto it fast. Some things you didn’t see in the first episode but werepretty darn funny (editing room floor, sorry). Dominique did prettygood impressions of all the girls. Ann did the entire flight attendantroutine for Jason. Sharon used every letter in the alphabet to describesomething good about Jason (hard to believe we didn’t leave that in,huh?). As has become the norm, a few of the girls did their best ChrisHarrison impersonation, some of them are pretty good.

Again, we’re just getting started here, so I hope you enjoyed week 1and my first official blog. Next week we’ll get more details as thegirls move in, the dates begin, and this thing really starts cookin’ aswe quickly get our first kiss. Did you happen to notice Deanna is back?Until then, please take a moment and say your goodbyes.

Watch our exclusive bonus video below, and read Kristen Baldwin’s Bachelor TV Watch.

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  • evenstar

    Hi Chris..
    keep at this.. the blogging thing i mean. I like hearing what its like on the inside and you admitting to how extremely staged this whole thing is (though i already knew that). anyway i like what you have to say about the girls and that you didn’t sugar coat it. some.. most.. of these women are pretty out there. I mean calm down and stop throwing down the mum/crazy card every chance you get. I am disappointed with Nikki as first choice though I must say she was better with Jason than she was in her tiara wearing intro.
    While you’re into giving out behind the scenes scoops what did abc have to do to pull of the return of DeAnna? or did she return on her own for lack of spotlight in the snowboarder lifestyle? good gimmick either way.
    One last question. Why does this show lack diversity? and who makes the selection of these creme de la creme women? a guy from england and and array of girls in scanty bikins just doesnt cut it. rethink and rehaul next time perhaps?

  • Preston

    Chris, this is what the Bachelor needed. Most of the bachelors that have been on there since 2002 never got married. They just wanted to be on TV, not look for true love. This new man is different, only this time with a son. There will be a lot of emotion this time instead of the self-centered of the bachelors of the previous seasons.
    It must be very difficult for the bachelor and the women to keep it confidential. Maybe that’s what makes the reality shows different–they just don’t want to spill anything out to anybody. They’re very defensive about their shows and reputations and refuse to let out results until the finals.

  • Bill Farley

    Hi Chris,
    GREAT blog, keep it up, I want to know your thoughts on this season as it unveils! :) Just tell me that you told Jason that Deanna is the devil, and I will be happy. Great twist, but she embodies all that is evil ! I hope she gets some of her own medicine! (like Jason telling her she is the ONE, and then him taking it back and saying he got caught up in the moment…)

  • Rachael P.

    Great job blogging, Chris! Love you, love the show and think Jason and Ty are adorable. They will make some lucky lady truly happy. Blessings to you and your family! :)

  • Sara

    OH MY GOSH!!!! Deanna is coming back! I am sorry but I think that is the worst idea ever. She had her chance with him and she didn’t take it, so now someone else needs to have a chance. Sorry Deanna but you’re time in the spotlight is over! So move on! Anyone could have told you that you made probably the worst decision ever in reality tv, and now you have to live with it. You lost your chance with Jason and I personally don’t think you need another one!

  • Melanie

    Great first blog, Chris! Very engaging and candor-if-ic. You’re already shaping up to be a great blogger!
    I just have to say that I am delighted that Jason is the Bachelor this season. I agree with you that he is (or seems to me; I don’t know the guy!) authentic, giving and down-to-earth. I am also QUITE SHOCKED with the whole Deanna-vying-for-Jason’s-love thing. I hope things aren’t too rough on Jason this time around. That shot of him crying in anguish on the balcony rips my heart out! I’m glad to know that he gets engaged by the end of the season. I hope he finds lasting and true love for him and his little family!

  • Melanie

    P.S. I forgot to add, Deanna surely did made a mistake when she broke Jason’s heart, I just can’t predict how her plea for a second chance plays out. Whoever Jason ends up with, I will be rooting for him and his fiance all the way! He and Ty deserve a wonderful, loving woman to be an addition to their family.

  • Cara

    Chris–great blog. Your line about “You people have those, right?” just about killed me. I hope you keep up with it, because in my opinion “The Bachelor” only gets better with how much commentary there is for it afterward. Love this freakin’ show :).

  • Misty

    Go back home in a van? Ouch!
    Thanks for blogging for us and giving us a taste of what happened behind the scene.

  • DawnEC

    Fun facts indeed. As a crew member, your observations give a nice look into the full experience of the Bachelor, the 25 girls, and the crew trying to film the first crazy night.
    – Co-Director of Photography, Dawn C.

  • Kristie

    Give Deanna a break. True love always wins! Great twist in the Bachelor. Could it be so????????

  • kikki

    going home in a van is disgusting, so is filming the girls faces and actions and dubbing them in at different times. This show is such a farce!
    Chris you are dispicable to let the producers treat the girls like this.

  • seattle_girl

    Great blog for a virgin – keep it up Chris! You’re the second best man on the show (hehe). Seriously, this blog along with the outtakes prove you’re even better riffing as yourself than with the scripted show. Nice to know that the host of this particular reality show isn’t a brainless twit. (I’m looking at you Dancing with the Stars. P.S. NOT Tom Bergeron.)

  • B

    I’m just curious as to how Deanna found out he was the next Bachelor, and they were using the same house. And why she was allowed on the premises at all. Can any woman just show up to the house? Geez.

  • ellen

    Chris, Great blog! Will enjoy reading this through out the season Love you and your sense of humor!

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