Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Gabon' (episode 12)

Survivorgabon_lAh, yes. You knew it was coming. There had to be a reaction, the only question was how big would it be? Sugar’s spastic fit of laugher at the last tribal council did not go unnoticed by her fellow Survivors. The typically calm and quiet Bob would stay silenced no more! Cue the organ! Cue the lightning! The Wrath Of Bob hath doest rained down upon Sugar with a ferocity not seen since Sue Hawk’s infamous speech about snakes and rats. It was strong. It was clear. It made Sugar cry. I know. Big surprise.

Fortunately, love came to save the day. Here’s my take on the loved ones episode. You either love these episodes or you have no heart. There’s no middle ground. I don’t care if you’re a guy or a chick, young or old. You either have a spot inside you that gets touched when you see love or…well…you’re Dexter Morgan. Anyone? Anyone? It’s my new favorite show. Sorry, Mary Louise Parker. You never called back. I’m moving on.

I love the loved ones episodes and this was a very good one. Mattyproposes to his girlfriend and Sugar says goodbye to her father. Comeon. Tell me you weren’t at least a little moved. Yes, we know, Dexter,you don’t feel. You’re excluded. But everybody else, how can you not bemoved by those two very different but equally touching forms of love.

Now you understand why my nickname on location is "Jeff loves love."

Okay, onto the strategy part of the game….Muy importante that Bobwins immunity, otherwise he is done. Gone. History. There is no hidingthat Bob is a threat in the game, but the dude won’t lose. Can’t lose.Even something like tossing a ball 50 feet down a cliff he wins. Couldthis be his destiny? Or am I just playing with ya?

While we’re at it, nobody and I mean nobody, is paying attention toSusie. Even I forget to talk about her. Is that by design? Am I tryingto fool you? Susie is in this to win it and she is in a fantasticposition at this point because she is out of the line of fire. Kennyand Crystal are gunning for Matty. Sugar hates Corinne. Bob is aphysical and social threat. And that leaves Susie just hanging out bythe fire talking about who knows what and avoiding the vote. Nicelydone, Susie.

Kenny the master manipulator is at it again. Spreading lies and makingup stories like any good potential Survivor winner must do! BravoKenny. You are really playing this game and I love it. Side note: WhenI first met Kenny in casting I told him he could not win this game. YesI am ready to admit I was wrong if he does. I will say it loud and Iwill say it at the live finale. I’m not proud. I also told Marcus hecouldn’t win and he’s still mad at me about it. Marcus, look you’re toomuch of a threat. Harvard, Bachelor of the year, you’re a physician.Ain’t gonna happen my friend. Deal with it already. Okay, so maybe whathe’s really mad about is that I did call him arrogant. Fair enough. Addanother person who will not want to have anything to do with me at thelive show. But come on Marcus, I’m a reality show host, you’re afriggin’ bachelor of the year doctor. I’m entitled to a bit of envy.Just let me have it, won’t you?

Finally – another fake immunity idol almost made its way into the game!Bob really is some kind of mad scientist out there. If he were reallygood, he’d make Corinne disappear. Oh wait, he did! Remember that scenein ghost when the guy dies and all those black scary looking bat typethings float out of his body? I swear that happened as I snuffedCorinne’s torch. Check the tape.

Next week on…Survivor. A new agreement could completely change the game….if only you could trust these people to keep their word.

One more thing!!! A big heads up to all Survivor fans and reality fans in general: At the end of the Survivor: Gabon finale on Dec. 14th, we will be putting up for bid all kinds of really cool Survivor memorabilia from this season.

And…this year we have lots of extra items up for bid, including: Tickets to American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Deal or No Deal, the WWE, Project Runway and the season finale of Survivor 18 in New York! (It helps to have famous friends!)

We are also putting up for bid a once-in-a-lifetime item — a visit to the set of the next Survivor.That’s right. Two people will get to visit us on location! You will seea reward or immunity challenge, see tribal council, participate in achallenge rehearsal, eat with the crew, visit the famous art departmentand hang with me! The auction starts immediately following the reunion show!

Tell your friends — every penny goes to my charity, The Serpentine Project, helping foster youth transition into adulthood!

Now check out our exclusive deleted scene from Survivor: Gabon and then read Dalton’s recap.

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  • AJ

    I absolutely love that Corrine’s plan worked, and Kenny and Crystal bought it, but she still got inadvertantly voted out in an attempt to flush out the idol. Sometimes you just can’t think of all the angles.

  • Kevin Y

    I love it. People are way too busy with their own problems, and Susie just sits along unnoticed. It’ll come back to bite them when she wins the game.
    Kenny’s overestimation of power is sickening. Say it Jeff, SAY IT. You know you want to smack him upside the head for it. If he is voted out next week, you have to smack him at the finale.

  • Come on Probst!

    This whole time you’ve been saying “kenny will fall, he’s getting too cocky, it’s going to happen.” Now, all of a sudden, when it’s clear he should probably fall, you’re saying…nothing about that anymore?!
    Kenny will fall next week. Count it. It’s just too convenient that he’s not mentioning it now.
    Unfortunate, if kenny hadn’t fallen for that stupid trick, he could have gone all the way. I would have liked to see him win.

  • Anonymous

    Jeff is coming off like the high school know-it-all who eventually gets pantsed at a pep rally.

  • Butterscotch

    No, I love it when loved ones come on Survivor and I found this one to be the most touching. Maybe because they didn’t expect loved ones to be there & then they were. But mostly b/c of Matty’s clumsily sincere proposal.
    Some of those tickets you mentioned Jeff are free – I had free finale tickets to Dancing w/ Stars ( I bet you’ll pull in a lot w/the Survivor set trip auction. I bet the winning bid will be at least $5,000 & that’s conservative. Bad economy or not, there’s some rabid Survivor fans out there!

  • Corran

    I am kind of hoping for a Susie, Crystal, and Sugar final 3. It will be the craziest final three since the Pearl Islands. I would love to see the jury’s reaction to that (Corrinne and Randy have stated they do not want Sugar winning). Matt is not gonna vote for Crystal. Who knows where Bob, Charlie, and Marcus are at. Kenny will def give his vote to Crystal. It’ll be a fun one if this happens *crosses fingers*.

  • Anth

    No response to the continued final two/final three debate (F2 all the way, baby) or multiple requests for more seasons on DVD? Come on, Jeff, throw us a bone here!

    • puppy dog

      Anth they are available by private sellers on the internet. Just type in Survivor on dvd in your search engine. They will come up. Just be thorough in checking for guarantees, and pricing. Also use pay pal if possible.

  • NV

    You guys should all watch the Ponderosa with Corinne. I know she’s gone and we should all rejoice, but then I caught her mowing Randy’s head with a razor and I just snapped when I saw the finished makeover. He looks like a serious skinhead. I mean first, the whole “posse” and “gang” thing but now this?! And did anyone even hear the mutant comment from Corinne’s mouth? Seriously, saying things like “these people are mutants” “idiots” “incompetent” and “I don’t wanna be around them”, I mean is it just me or doesn’t all of this scream xenophobia in the highest order of racism? For what it’s worth she might have just called them “alien-like” and “unsuitable” for our society.

  • whoopseedaisy

    I admit I got a little teary tonight. Watching people get emotional makes me emotional. Like when someone sneezes, then everyone sneezes.
    But I don’t understand why these people bawl when they see their families. It’s only been a couple of weeks. Emotional overload or what? Must be the stress of the game and starvation and all that.

  • avalanche

    Who was voted out?

  • Anonymous

    Jeff, we hate the loved ones episodes cuz we hate these scum. We don’t want to watch these whores happy. We watch to see them suffer.

  • Dr Zechariah Zenith

    Another predictable episode that almost made it unpredictable.
    Too bad, Kenny overthink his strategy wherein he could have taken out either Sugar or Matty. But insteat he wanted to flush out a fake immunity idol.
    At least they went back to the original plan of FANG FURIOUS FIVE.
    I hope that Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst plus the rest could actually take a page from the Apprentice.
    Nerds would compose of those with at least a college degree in science, engineering, chemistry, etc that no layman terms could understand.
    Bob and Kenny would surely fit here.
    Jocks would compose of those who wanted to be cheerleaders, football stars, etc. Well they could still have degrees but they are akin more to sports and showcased their physical prowess.
    Matty, Crystal and even Sugar could fit the bill here.
    Just imagine if Survivor could do this. A unique way of showcasing another interesting social dynamics.

  • Final5

    Go Kenny! Even if Sugar decides to align with Matty, they would have a very difficult time swaying Susie, Crystal, or Bob (who views Matty as a threat). If Sugar really wants Ken out, she can always give Matty her HII and blindside him at TC.
    I think people despise Kenny mainly because he looks disease-ridden and dirty. He just needs to shave his beard, wash his hair, put on some clean clothes, and heal his bug bites–and then he won’t seem like such a weasel/rat.

  • GoddessLu

    I’m a Dexter fan and Dexter-like about the loved ones episode. I agree with another poster–it’s been 31 days and you’re bawling like babies. C’mon, 31 days away from the fam is called R & R. Get into it. Bob is my hero though I hated his alliance especially the venomous Corrine who serves no purpose other than to waste oxygen and space. Randy is just as mean but I guess to see it in a woman (who may actually breed some day–shudder) is jarring. Bitchy is one thing but soulless is another. Jeff, MLP may not call but the Goddess has your number–oy vey!

  • graco

    I’m not Dexter Morgan and I hate these episodes. Maybe you could find people who have grievances or hard feelings toward the survivors and bring them on instead. Immunity winner doesn’t get a visitor.
    Other than Bob could care less who wins.

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