'Bones' recap: Weird Science

Kind of a nothing episode last night forensics fans, but it’s always great to have Ryan O’Neal back in the house as Brennan’s dad. Our murder du jour was a former Marine paratrooper-turned-manny for Mandarin-speaking brats who was blasted with a shotgun, burned, and then blown (courtesy of a Nor’easter) into a tree because he had too many middle-class values. Remind me to avoid rich people, at least on TV.

But the heart of the matter this evening was the relationship between Bones and Max, which has always been testy—thanks to his life as a fugitive bank robber and killer—and hasn’t gotten any easier despite the fact that Tempe spent most of last season trying to get the guy acquitted. When Cam hired him on as a kiddie science teacher (um, the Jeffersonian has a junior varsity?), Bones got all riled up and immediately demanded he be fired. According to Sweets, this had to do with abandonment issues. According to Max, that was crap. According to me, it was just an excuse for unnecessary bickering.

Elsewhere: the blond male intern, whose quirky deal I forget, wasback; Hodgins rediscovered his love of experiments in Zack’s absence(cool wind tunnel!); we learned that the Department of Fish andWildlife does not kid about boobies; and Booth fretted about whether ornot to send Parker to private school. Now that we know sending kids toprivate school turns them into tiny little murdering sociopaths, I’dsay that answer’s clear. Plus, Shayne from Some Kind of Wonderfulturned up as an overprotective mom, and of course, the followingexchange, between Max and Booth: "Are you sleeping with my daughter?""No. "Why? Are you gay?" No… he’s just waiting for February sweeps.Sigh.

We’re back in January with more, but in the meantime, here’s a heavy holiday-season question to ponder: Isthere a time when parents become irrelevant? Well, I had to call my momlike seventeen times from the grocery store just to shop forThanksgiving dinner, and I’m 33 years old. So, maybe not.

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  • Laura K.

    The last time th blond guy was on, Brennan asked him if he ever had the urge to sleep with an older woman, and he almost quit because he thought she was hitting on him. That’s all I remember.

  • Anonymous

    Call me crazy, but I think the reason why none of the interns are working out is because the TPTB intend to eventually bring Zack back into the fold. His being not guilty of the murder for one and tonight’s foreshadowing when Temperence had ambiguous feelings about having an ex-con working around evidence. It totally fits. The black intern from last week was hilarious though.
    And please, please don’t hook up Bones&Booth permanently til the series finale. Their cat and mouse game is part of what we like about the show.

  • elena

    Overall, this ep was way better than last week’s, but is there a new pattern of psychotic killing machine kids on Bones? Last week with the cooking-in-the-microwave and this week with the BB gun…creepy!
    I loved the last scene, where Parker and Bones’ dad were having a blast being cool science kids (mentos and coke, so fun!) while Booth and Bones watched. That was eight kinds of adorable.

  • ccross

    Haven’t seen the eppy yet, but I whole-heartedly agree Bones and Booth CANNOT get together until the very last ep of the series, if at all. If we’ve learned nothing else from X-files and Moonlighting, it’s that. Anyone who ever had the misfortunate of seeing the most recent X-files movie can attest to the forced chemistry and general awkwardness of carrying such a thing on well past its sell-by date. And when WHEN are Angie and Hodgens going to come to their senses and get back together?!

  • LisaMBri

    I can’t believe nobody mentioned how weird it was to see Booth/Angel interrogating his “grandaughter” – Gina Torres was on the end of Angel Season 4 as “Jasmine”

  • Monica242

    It doesn’t seem like you (Whitney) want to take the time to really delve deep into the issues this episode is about. I thought it was one of the better episodes of the season.

  • Abby

    David Boreanaz should wear a shirt without a tie more often , hotness overload!

  • Debbie

    I would feel totally cheated if Booth and Brennan only got together in the very last episode – what a cop out. They are two grown ups that can handle being in a relationship together, whilst working together. Come on. It is not that hard to write. I think that their chemistry would just be even hotter WHEN they get in a relationship there bickering wouldn’t stop.

  • Ana Maria

    …I guess it is depending on what kind of parents you have, but mine are relevant everyday, always; they are the 2 people on this earth whom I’m sure really care about what happens to me…

  • Kate

    I loved this episode. I could see that Brennan was really chafing when she said parents are irrelevant after a certain age.
    She never had the opportunity to experience a parent after a certain age and that makes me sad for her that she said it so matter of factly.

  • John

    Does Hart or Barry read this? If so, maybe they should know that many, many! people are peeved off that Sweets is telling Booth how to interview people, read people. Hello! Booth reads people, goes by his gut, it is skill. Stop taking away stuff from Booth he is the FBI agent. Sweets is ok for profiling serial killers or crazy people but that is it – LET BOOTH BE THE FBI AGENT! thanks!

  • Jackie

    Oh, leave Sweets alone! He’s not telling Booth HOW to read people, he’s giving some advice – he’s enriching him, if you will, Geez, lay off poor Sweets. And I think this intern guy is by far my favorite – why is he back though if he left willingly last time? Can they keep him? And can Max/Parker be in more episodes????

  • To LisaMBri

    Oooh, good eye, there! And good memory, as I never would have remembered who “Jasmine” really was! And while I’m here, I just have to wonder about the people (not only making comments here) who read these recaps BEFORE seeing the show. Am I the only one who would never even think about doing that??

  • Ant

    I agree with John.
    Booth doesn’t need Sweets ‘advising’ or whatever with suspects. Booth has done a very good job of catching the bad guy and reading people before Sweets came onto the scene. So, yeah, back of Sweets, leave Booth’s job alone, stick to being a therapist.

  • Jen

    Can we please see Booth with no tie and a unbutton shirt at least once every episode, cos that look is really hot on him *thud*

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