'The Shield' series finale: Who feels emotionally pistol-whipped?

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  • Jojo

    Awesome finale. He ends up losing everything at the end of the ep, but I’m pretty sure he was walking out the door to get what he could back.

  • Bill

    Do you folks honestly think a desk job will keep Vic Mackey down. He is one Gang Crime away from being Al Capone with a Feds Badge.

  • Ceballos

    I liked the finale a lot and I agree that Shane and Mara’s fate was jaw-droppingly shocking. It felt like someone punched me in the stomach and slapped me in the face at the same time, even though it was pretty clear what was going to happen.
    I’m not as sold on the ending. I definitely get the idea about how a dull desk job at ICE and probably not seeing his family ever again is Vic’s “prison” (of his own making). However, I’m not exactly sure that working a boring job is the same as going to ACTUAL prison, like Ronnie.
    Still, it was a satisfying finale overall and I’ll miss this show dearly. Congratulations on an incredible final season!

  • Mark

    The only change I would have made with the ending was having emolia get what she deserves. I think Shawn Ryan did a good job pleasing the Vick Mackey fans (like myself) and also pleasing those who wanted to see him pay for his misdeeds. Loved the finale, a fitting end for the best cop drama in tv history.


    FOR ALLTHOSE WHO DON’T KNOW: “The Shield” is based on a real precint and and team. The Precinct is the Rampart division in LA and the team was C.R.A.S.H. Claudette namedrops Rampart in the 2nd to last episode. The Shield was originally called RAMPART. The officers portrayed by Vic Mackey and Shane Bendrell were officers David Mack and Rafael Perez. Both are currently in prison serving time. The were affliated with Suge Knight and Death Row records, and have been implicated in thedeath of rapper Notorious B.I.G. The Shield was a perfect representation of the that precint team and officers. They have been covered in article in Rollingston and Maxim.
    Anyways as far as the last episode, INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

  • Michael

    As series finales go, this one is second only to “Six Feet Under”.

  • Jack Harrison

    Vic is a survivor, and as such, I felt it appropriate to have him at least physically survive through the series’ end. The fact that he only thing left in his life to cling to is his gun provided a great deal of satisfaction for this viewer.
    Having Vic actually die at the end would not been as sweet, nor as shocking as it was to realize he had chained himself to a fate worse than death – a desk job.
    The ending I still can’t get over is how Omar was killed on “The Wire”. I see Vic Mackey and Omar Little as the two greatest crime series characters in history, and I felt sadder to see Omar die with such irony. I will miss The Shield.

  • CB

    Absolutely outstanding conclusion!
    Bravo to all of the phenomenal actors on The Shield. Bring on the movie!!

  • Hollywoodaholic

    The silences in the finale were deafening. Much more potent than plugging a song over. Very powerful stuff. I thought stripping Mackay of everything that meant anything to him was the exact right way to go. Remember, he always had the luck. he had it here, too, when the drugs did turn up in the last bust to save his immunity.
    But his sentence here was worth than death in the field, or prison. The only thing that depresses me about that ending is that his “personal hell” is reality for many of us: wearing business clothes, having to show up on time, and sitting in front of a computer every day for 8 hours having to churn out material.
    We feel your pain, Vic.

  • Hollywoodaholic

    Typo…. should be “WORSE than death in the field, or prison.”

  • Bill

    All right. I have mixed feelings on this. I have been a seven year dedicated fan. I have seen Vic kill a cop, steal 3 million dollars from a mob, get away with some real horrible things and you think a desk job is going to keep him down. I could make him Al Capone with a Feds badge in one episode! Great end to the rest of the Strike Team, and Claudette. Dutch not so much. I thought Claudette should of retired and Dutch could of been offered the Captain Slot.

  • Trini

    What happened to the custody battle with Danni and Vic? Wasn’t she packing her bags to move away a few episodes ago? Did I miss something there?

  • Jeff

    BRAVO Ryan, bravo. Vic is now lost without his family and he is about to live torment that is far worse than prison. If he’s late with anything relating to his desk job he will be prosecuted. Although its only 3 years, he will have a lifetime to think about how he betrayed all those close to him – partners and family that he loved so much. In the final last scenes, I completely turned my admiration of Vic into anger and disgust towards him. Amazing how Ryan made Vic such a hero icon and villian in the same character. Vic got what he deserved. Shane on the other hand, pure shock. I literally started crying in disbelief. Unlike Vic, I think Shane just got caught up in Vic’s ways. Shane was a good dad and wife. I could only imagine what Shane’s must have felt like during his last moments alive. He was so twisted in the end that he convinced himself his family is better off in heavon rather than visiting him in prison. I can’t over Shane and his family’s death! Desparate soul, Shane

  • Shieldnut

    This might be a stretch but here goes…Remember a couple seasons ago when Dutch killed the cat at his house? He wanted to “feel” what a killer felt. Maybe, just maybe he did kill the supposed “serial killers” mother. It would be a twisted idea, but Dutch has some pretty twisted ideas…

  • Big D

    Great finale! I thought Vic’s fate was brilliantly handled. Having him turned into a cubicle drone was far more ingenious than having him end up in jail or dead and being deprived of his kids is the worst possible punishment. But Vic is a survivor and I believe somehow he will eventually get to see his kids again. I felt sorry for Ronnie but it was fitting that his blind loyalty to Vic was his undoing. What Shane did to Mara and Jackson will haunt me for a long time.

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