'The Hills' recap: Lauren + Justin Bobby = Best Episode Yet!

Thehills_lThis may just be the cynical side of me, but did anyone else happen to find last night’s episode of The Hills, in which Audrina and Lauren fought over a rumor that Lauren had hooked up with Justin Bobby, to be one of the best episodes of the series to date? There was raw emotion, bleeps due to the usage of swear words, tears, and shouting—just the sort of combination that this show needs in order to be revived from its dullness. Heck, the MTV producers ought to take a cue from last night and just start spreading rumors about these girls just to see what they can catch on tape. (I can see it now: "Excuse me, Stephanie. Yeah, we just wanted to tell you that Lo posted a blog that says you have herpes. And, if you could wait until the cameras are rolling to chew her out, that would be great.")

On to the best and worst moments of the evening (along with helpful DVR time codes).

There were so many Up Hill Moments last night that I couldn’t just narrow it down to one, so here are my top three:

  • Audrina leaves the world’s longest voicemail for Justin Bobby (13:39).After unsuccessfully attempting to talk to a pissed-off Lauren aboutthe Big Justin Bobby Scandal of ’08 (we can call it BJBS08 from nowon), Audrina then left a voicemail for J. Bobbby, who  apparently wentMIA the moment the rumor surfaced. "I really need to talk to you so wecan clear this up," she said. "I know I was harsh before, but with younot calling me, it’s kind of freaking me out….All the things peoplekeep putting in my ear about you and Lauren hooking up, it just makesme sick to my stomach." Her voicemail seemed 100 percent sincere (ormaybe it was the Sara Bareilles tunes playing in the background thatmade the moment sappy?), and I could sense her frustration through mytelevision, but how idiotic did she seem for listening to the "peoplein her ear"?
  • Justin Bobby responds to the world’s longest voicemail (16:45).So Audrina’s meets her "beau" at a bar to clear up the whole BJBS08ordeal, only he was not having any of it. "You think after all of thisthat I would run and hook up with Lauren?" J. Bob asked Audrinapointedly, and then continued, "I told you no, it didn’t happen, and ifyou don’t want to believe me, than I don’t know what else to tell you."I agreed with his statement until he busted out with, "I would nevertalk to you the way you talked to me." Um, rewind: He wouldn’t? This isthe guy who got the girl to swim around topless in her own pool with acamera crew in tow, only so he could alert her that he was planning totake a "hall pass" in Cabo. I get that Audrina was going a little offthe deep end with her witch hunt, but Justin Bobby shouldn’t be soquick to call the kettle black. He’s king of making the girl feel likecrap! Their conversation ended with this comment by J. Bob, which,fine, I will admit was well said and very true: "This is so stupid. Youput something in your head, and you think that you really believe itwhen it’s really fictitious. There’s something not right there, dude."
  • Lauren and Audrina cat fight at a nightclub— as Lo, and two random homeboys stare on (29:22).I don’t think I need to say much else about why this made my top threemoments because really, the exchange below does the work for me:

Lauren: Tell me what I’ve done to you to make you think I’m capable of doing this.

Audrina: You want me to sit here and make you a list?

L: Yeah I do.

A: You guys have been flirting before…

L: (said with a shriek) Flirting? I would rather kill myself than hook up with him. He is disgusting. Justin disgusts me.

(Then a few minutes later…)

A: I came here to resolve things, Lauren. Not to keep pointing my fingers at you.

L: Do you understand that you did this? I didn’t do anything.

A: You’re doing the same thing you did to Heidi to me.

L: No, I’m not because you’re way worse than Heidi.

A: No, I’m f—ing not.

L: You went and you did this, and you know me.

A: Apparently not.

WOW! I mean wow! What a dramatic conclusion to an equally dramaticfight. I’m not exactly the head cheerleader on Team Audrina, buthonestly, how can anyone (save Spencer) be worse than Heidi? That was alittle harsh on Lauren’s part to say that, but it was more harsh ofAudrina to not believe her after Lauren said for the millionth timethat she did NOT hook up with Justin Bobby.

Down Hill Moment: No timecodes here because I’m voting everything related to Speidi as the down Hill part of last night’s episode. (Oh, and I’m also ignoring yesterday’s outrageous newsabout the couple since I want to vomit every time I think about it).Can he get a job already? And can she wipe that silly pout off her faceevery time she tries to pretend like she’s upset or hurt aboutsomething (poor thing, she has to work in a fake cubicle now. That fakeoffice sure must look like a mansion, right Heidi?). I loved that Hollycontinued to confront Spencer about his a-hole ways, but now that weknow the outrageous news that, yes, I’m still ignoring, we know Heidi’s never going to listen to her sister.

What were your favorite parts of the episode, Pop Watchers? If youhad to pick a side, which would it be: Lauren’s and Justin Bobby’s orAudrina’s? Where the heck is this rumor-spreading Dino guy—don’t youwant him to come forward and confess his sins? Finally, should "You didthis" replace "You know what you did" in the Lauren Conrad QuotationHall of Fame now?

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  • ang

    one of the best episodes EVER!
    I truly believe Lauren would never sleep with JB – I mean she dispises him. I think Audrina already doesn’t trust JB and she knows he would do this (Stephanie said he has done it to Aud before with her friends WTF)

  • Meggles

    I really do not like Audrina, I am fine with Lauren and Audrina staying in a fight…

  • L

    Since this was one of the best episodes EVER then why did you write such a lousy recap?

  • JD

    Wow for once im on JB’s side. He totally put audrina in her place with that conversation they had! he was right on!! It was so made up this rumor!! TEAM Justin Bobby here!!

  • sofie

    So team Lauren and Justin Bobby here. Audrina tried to run with this obvious made up rumor (she’s got Perez and Speidi on speed dial) to get more press and more airtime on the Hills, but it backfired on her. This episode reveals how much Audrina lies. She told Ellen Degeneres that Lauren hung up on her without reponse when called about the rumor. Lauren clearly denied the hookup from the get-go. I lost count of how many times she asked Lauren if she did it.
    I loved Audrina bringing up Heidi at that end – it brought up an “Aha!” in Lauren’s eyes. I think it clicked with her why Audrina was being such a crazy brat this whole episode, that’s why she teared up. She realized this was another press hungry “friend” who was using a feud to get coverage.

  • sofie

    Oh ya. Even Justin Bobby seemed to realize that she was doing this for press/attention. When Justin Bobby told her off, it seemed like he was dying to mention how she was only doing it for publicity. He told her to stop acting so innocent in all this drama.

  • Anonymous

    the hills is one of the crappiest shows on television. shame on you all of you for watching it. and how can you honestly get invested and caught up in this stuff? lindsay, your recap suggests that you actually believe that these situations are real. get a life.

  • mike

    Justin was correct in calling Audrina out last night, but overall, he’s still a dirtbag for the way he treats her in general. Audrina is still a doormat for Justin and now can add idiot to the list. Why bother asking LC if she did it when Audrina clearly only wanted to hear ‘yes’ – because LC denied it up and down and Audrina was still asking the question and saying she didn’t know LC. And how can Holly be on the show acting like Spencer is a nightmare – but on the Aftershow is all ‘whatever Heidi wants’ (and frankly, Stephanie is much the same way – Spencers a jerk but on the Aftershow he’s a great guy). But the most genuine moment was on the AFtS when Holly found out they were possibly married LAST Thursday and she had just found out about it yesterday through the press – she looked stunned and began to tear up and clearly was having difficulty with that news. So, I guess Heidi really is a selfish, thoughtless dummy – what does Spencer offer her but stalker tendencies and press.

  • Jo

    I can’t help but side with Audrina on this one…LC seemed more concerned (‘she keeps running her mouth around town’) about Audrina sharing the issue publicly than her actual friendship. God forbid LC finally gets cast in a bad light rather than the angel she continues to attempt to portray. Also, JB and LC seemed awfully defensive. Like Audrina’s sis said, if it’s something so outrageously untrue then why not just brush it off instead of all of the tears and turning it on Audrina. Why not just ask Dino straight up what he saw/heard?

  • Nadine

    This is a lousy recaps. When do we go back to the original format. Anyways, this is the best quote of the episode
    “This is so stupid. You put something in your head, and you think that you really believe it when it’s really fictitious. There’s something not right there, dude.”
    JB basically called Audrina out for make up this whole rumor. There was probably no Drino just someone she made up in her mind and now shes pretending.

  • BronxGirl

    Audrina is insane. And she is acting very immature. Grow up!!!!

  • LK

    “Lauren and Audrina cat fight at a nightclub”
    yay for perpetuating a stupid phrase for when women (girls in this case) argue

  • To Jo

    I think the upsetting part for LC was the fact that after saying she didn’t do it over and over, Audrina still kept asking her. It’s one thing to ask an absurd question once and be done with it. But for Audrina to keep asking it over and over and to call their friends about it means that she thinks LC was lying and that would piss anyone off.

  • Jason

    I wish we knew more of what Audrina had been telling people since it seemed to bother both Lauren and Justin. Maybe that would explain her Heidi parallel more. Because, really, Heidi’s win was letting Spencer run things. I think Lauren’s point is that Audrina is the one spreading stuff, not her boyfriend.
    Also, Lauren’s facial expressions make the show for me. The expression she made to Lo in the kitchen when talking about Justin Bobby was classic.

  • Maeve

    Audrina either made up this rumor herself or she is the stupidest person alive. Either way, she is a piece of crap.

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