'True Blood' finale: Things got kinda awesome


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After a sloooooooooow start, True Blood finally becameinteresting. I started watching out of curiosity (sweet ad campaign, HBO), keptwatching out of loyalty (Six Feet Under is just so great), and finished watchingbecause it got kind of awesome. Most of my friends stopped after the firstcouple of episodes, but that’s when it finally got good. I was bummed when thefirst season ended last night, and not just ’cause I won’t get to see ashirtless Ryan Kwanten until next summer (well, there’s always On Demand). Somefinale musings (with spoilers):

  • It was pretty clear that Sookie would finally figure out whowas terrorizing Bon Temps, but did anyone else think the reveal of Rene as thekiller was a little abrupt? I guess I’d have to re-watch, but I didn’t noticeany clues about his true identity until the beginning of last night’s episode whenit became glaringly obvious. (I didn’t recognize him in the photo sent to thesheriff’s department last week.) Seeing as the writers hit us over the headwith the Sam/shape-shifter thing from episode 1, it just felt rushed.

More musings, after the jump…

  • I don’t know how Bill thought he would help by slowlylurching toward Sookie and Sam in broad daylight, seeing has he gets explode-yin the sunlight. It’s the thought that counts, I guess?
  • Please take a minute with me to appreciate the badassnessthat is Rutina Wesley. (Did you see her in the pool scene? Damn, she isripped.) Let’s hope the writers will be able to even out her character’s ridiculousmood swings next season.
  • A final thought: Lafayette,noooo! The chef/drug dealer could always be counted on for humor, sage advice,or vampire blood. The most obvious tie to the vampire-gay allegory, Lafayettehelped keep the other characters from getting too annoying (everyone else istoo dumb, whiny, or both).

It was a pretty satisfying ending for a firstseason. Thebig storylines all wrapped up nicely, in case the show doesn’t getpicked up for round two, but the unsolved loose ends have me curiousenough to startwatching once it comes back next summer. Did anyone else watch thefinale lastnight? What do you think about the plot developments? Will you watchseason 2?

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  • Kimmie G

    I am hoping, with all that is in me, that Lafayette did not, in fact, get drained last night. We never saw a body, did we? I’m clinging to that! Lafayette is quite possibly the best part of that show! But no matter what, I will definitely be watching next season. I dug the show from the very beginning, and I’m looking forward to next summer (argh!).

  • Lauren

    I’ve really become a fan of this show, and it’s definitely one that people are catching on to, so I’m sad to see it end its first season! But I will be looking forward to Season Two. My only wish is that Layfayette somehow survives! He was one of the most amusing and fascinating characters on TV today.

  • carla

    I have really enjoyed the show for its quirky mix of horror and humor. I’m a big Alan Ball fan, and I thought last night’s episode was pretty satisfying, but it could also have used some editing. How did Tara find out about the attack on Sookie? It seemed that Maryann was cutting her off from all her relationships, and no one knew her whereabouts – but then, there she was when Sookie woke up. (At first I thought that was a dream sequence.) Jason is bored by the church literature, then he’s saying hallelujah in church. Again, overall a good episode, just not quite up to the usual standard of quality. (And I second the nooooo! for Lafayette, my favorite character. Of course, “dead” doesn’t mean “gone” on this show….)

  • Rachael

    Do we think maybe Lafayette will turn up as a vampire or something? And I think Jason Stackhouse is the best thing to happen to my TV since….well, since Chuck Bass.

  • laura

    are YOU kidding me? …
    ‘I didn’t recognize him in the photo sent to the sheriff’s department last week.’
    the minute the pic show on screen I knew it was Rene. I had hope he was not the killer but come on!
    I had watch since the beginning and loved all it. Can’t wait for next summer!

  • Heather

    Did no one else recognize Rene from his picture in the fax at the end of last week’s episode? That was the big shocker so when this episode started you already knew he was the killer.
    I would also be very upset to see Lafayette go. The show wouldn’t be the same.

  • sara

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. I’ve gotten all my friends addicted to it and we’re so happy they’ve picked it up for another season this summer! YES!!! Now if they can only get those hotties from cancelled Moonlight to come on this show, my life would be complete!

  • Rachel

    I’m glad the show finally got better. If you love the show pick up the books, you can find out what happens to Layfayette.

  • LinZ

    If you don’t want to wait until next summer to find out what happens, all you need to do is read the books! It’s been a few years since I’ve read the older ones, but as far as I can remember a lot of the show stuck to the books pretty well. So if that continues, then I know who killed Lafayette, why, and even how his death is avenged! Of course, they could always have changed the details, I guess I’ll see for sure next summer. There have been a few things that happened on the show that I don’t remember happending in the books, like the Jason/Amy/V storyline for instance. And I don’t remember Jason being mixed in with the fellowship of the sun, I thought he got turned into a panther or something..Same with Tara and her drunk mother, that is all new I think. Tara didn’t have much to do with the books overall.
    So while it can be a bit of a spoiler knowing somewhat what is going to happen, there is the good side of seeing some great stories come to life. In fact, I think it’s time I go back and reread the books.

  • Richard

    I had Rene pegged three weeks ago! And I was absolutely sure after he asked Jason last week if Amy had ever slept with vampires. The way he told Jason he was sure things would work out was…creepy.
    I had no intention of watching this how, but it’s turned into one of my favorites! I guess I should’t have doubted Alan Ball.

  • paige

    damn poor lafayette

  • Kate

    I am a bit concerned about Lafayette too especially since I am a reader of this series too and though he is more developed on TV than the books, I am pretty sure he is still there, Sookie works more the lunch shift it seems so Terry Bellefleur is the cook during the day because Lafayette can help Sam out with the drunks at night. Of course, Tara and Jason are more developed too (though Jason is just who I have been imagined he is) and other than I have always been curious about Sam’s past and I am glad to see some exploring being done. The reveal of the killer happened like that in the book too, you didn’t pay attention to Rene and then you figured it out about twenty pages before Sookie does (and I swear, one of the last naive and stupid things Sookie does is last night)

  • MSF

    Great show, great finale! I refuse to believe that Lafayette is dead… although I suppose undead is a possibility. When Bill returned, he told Sookie he’d fed. Any thoughts about who might have been his meal? LOL about Bill lurching around in sunlight — proves what a chivalrous old Southern boy he really is!

  • E.B. Berman

    “A final thought: Lafayette, noooo!”
    Seconded, thirded, fourthed . . . He better not be dead. But they seemed to want us to think that Bill killed him, I think. Hmmm . . .

  • MSF

    Hey LinZ (and others) — can we please avoid the spoilers? I get that you’ve read the books, but many/most of us haven’t!

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