Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Gabon' (episode 10)

Survivorgabon_l_4After tonight’s episode ended, I called Doc Horowitz and said, "I gotta get in to see you. I think something is wrong with me. I think I’m losing my edge. Going soft. Can you run a test or something, see what’s what?"

He asked me for my symptoms.

I said, "I felt badly for Randy getting played at tribal council like a banjo at a small town country fair. (Yes, I know, bad analogy and small town and country fair are probably redundant.)

Recognizing the severity of my condition, he immediately cancelled his morning appointments to squeeze me in. I’m waiting on the results.

In the meantime, I try to make sense of it all. Randy is a bitter man with a ton of enemies, and he had this coming like a kid who sticks a fork in a toaster. (Was that one any better?) He deserved what he got like Survivor deserves an Emmy.

So why did I feel bad? Maybe there is just something about Randy that I can relate to and sympathize with. Oh, he will hate me saying it like that.

My friend Serena thinks the answer lies with Sugar and the way she handled herself as I read the votes. "Not cool." (I think she might be right. Serena is almost always right.) That uncontrollable laugh that came from such a deep place inside Sugar was so uncomfortable that I almost wanted to pull the votes out, rearrange them, rewind the tape, and vote Sugar out. Ah, but that’s just me. Me and Serena that is…Me and Serena sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

I will say this – it was brilliantly played from top to bottom, and I do appreciate that level of execution. Bob deserves major credit. He built an amazing fake idol, and he played both Corinne and Randy so well. Didn’t rush it, wasn’t pushy. He was subtle. Subtle like the feather of an eagle falling softly to the ground. (Worse?)

Corinne on the other hand is equally as mean as Randy but I don’t find myself rooting for her in any way. She is an original. I will give her that. Not sure we’ve ever had anybody on the show quite like Corinne. Corinne is as subtle as a thunderstorm. Subtle as the look I give a Survivor when they want to quit. Subtle as, I know, a Probst analogy.

Jerri Manthey can’t hold a candle to Corinne. Jerri had some likable qualities about her, Corinne has none. Just ask her. She’ll tell you the same thing.

By the way, (which is, by the way, one of the phrases that most annoys me because everyone in Hollywood uses it as a way to alert you they’re about to say something brilliant) all this stuff about me being attracted to Corinne really surprised me. Here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I felt like I had been beating up on Corinne for so long that when I saw her smile on the last episode I figured I’d say at least one nice thing.

Fittingly, Corinne probably hated that I said it in the first place. But just so we are clear, I have no interest in dating Corinne. I do not have the hots for Corinne. I don’t think about Corinne. I like nice women. Done. Enough already.

The Survivor Auction. Food wise, Randy was the clear winner and provoked a wonderful 5th-grade argument with Sugar about a cookie, and of course Sugar had to get the last word, and did when she took the cookie and gave it to Matty. So there. Whatcha gonna do about it? Serena likes Sugar but thinks she gets it wrong every single time at tribal council.

I’m a little confused about the auction – it’s the one point in the show where we give the Survivors free money and then let them bid on food items and the like. So…why was it so bitter?

Sugar hates Randy. Randy hates Sugar. Corinne hates Sugar. Sugar hates Corinne. Thank god everybody likes Bob. At least there’s one person to root for.

I’ll tell you this: If it keeps up it’s going to be an amazing bloodbath toward the end.

I absolutely love watching Kenny get more and more cocky each week. At the auction for instance, Matty is bidding on the burger and fries and Kenny, who had the most money, shrugs his shoulders and says, "You can have it." Like Tony Soprano, this kid. I can’t wait for the execution. I promise you if he keeps this attitude, it will happen and he will not see it coming.

Okay, so to recap, which Serena loves for me to do…

I’m concerned about my soft spot for Randy, not interested in Corinne, can’t wait for Kenny to get his comeuppance, enjoyed the 5th grade cookie argument, and love Bob.

Now to answer a few questions from last week:

Regarding a Final 3 vs. a Final 2: Our main concern is to make sure we keep the show interesting, so we vary it from season to season as we see fit. There are strong arguments on both sides, and I promise you whichever side you take, I will take the other side and defeat you. I love debate.

To Penny P – uh…the reason I started saying "FANG" instead of "FONG" is because the tribe changed their name. Pay attention.

Finally, regarding the "same lines" I say every week, such as: "Come on in guys," "Wanna know what you’re playing for?" "Immunity is back up for grabs," etc….

1. Yes, I write everything I say. Blame me.
2. Yes, I’m aware I say them every time. That’s the joke. Hello.

That’s it. I’m done.

Now check out our exclusive deleted scene from Survivor: Gabon and then read Dalton’s recap.

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  • Jenn

    Jeff, I’m glad you’re getting counseling for your sympathy to Randy. I cannot find one redeeming quality about Randy. Maybe you see something that we’re not able to see, but frankly, I was THRILLED when they got him. But you know what was even better, the way Corinne winked at Marcus and Charlie, the cockiness she had when the “idol” was being played, and then you CRUSHED her hopes and dreams. It was THE BEST SURVIVOR MOMENT EVER!!! Seeing her face drop was worth every second and I played it back on slow-mo in TIVO just to revel in it. God Bless TIVO!! And God Bless Bob for making such a fantastic fake idol. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun watching a tribal council!

  • Andy

    Amazing episode Probst, episodes like this make me wish Survivor could run for as long as I live. Sugar bothered me so much this episode due to her cocky attitude. No talk about Crystal’s voting tonight? Hilarious. I’m wondering what you think of it.

  • I’m First!

    I don’t blame Sugar. When comedy that rich happens, it’s hard to stifle a laugh.

  • sue

    Jeff – I like you a lot (I mean, like since Rock and Roll Jeopardy, which was too cool to live), and I’ve liked your analysis so far. But I think its a gender thing, maybe. I think that SUGAR ROCKS right now. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe she’s dumb, but really I think she’s smarter than the other survivors think and she’s pretty darn fun.
    And Bob is my second favorite survivor by the way. I was so rooting for him, first of all to agree to this maneuver, and second of all to do it sooo well. He looked all miserable, and I’m sure he was, but he needs to get over it fast.
    thank goodness Randy’s gone! I just feel bad for Marcus and Charlie.

  • carlo

    i loved this last episode. i was laughing my ass off.

  • Billy n NC

    This was the best show ever. The look on the faces of all of them. Survivors and Jury was awesome.
    Jeff you made a HUGE mistake throwing that fake idol in the fire. It would have brought a boatload of money in the Ebay Auction after the season was over.

  • why the spoiler?

    Jeff, I love your insider blog and I know you are writing it for free, but why are you giving away a spoiler such as “I can’t wait until Kenny gets his comeuppance” and “I can’t wait for his execution.” This implies that he’s going to get voted out at some point and not make it to the end. Obviously you know what happens at the end!

  • c11

    How can anyone regret Randy getting cut off at the knees? He is “Mr. Potter” from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” , “The Grinch”, and Idi Amin all rolled into 1 package! If they ever made a fictionalizes account of Survivor Gabon, they’d have to resurrect Jack Elam to play Randy! This was the best episode EVER!

  • Alan of Montreal

    I think it’ll be a final two–these guys were still in Gabon when the last half of the last Survivor aired, so they don’t know that they shook it up again. Also, I think Bob voted for Susie to make it look like that he believed he had found THE immunity idol, but had been duped himself, so he’ll throw blame on someone else. I’m glad we have the people we have in this top 7, though–as hunky as i think marcus is, i always cheer for the underdog contestants who aren’t necessarily good at the athletic events (though one could argue with Crystal…never mind). I also love how diverse the group is right now. You have a black woman, Asian man, latina, an old white guy, a young perky blond quasi-famous actress, a bitter yet not unattractive white woman, and a somewhat athletic white guy. it’s an interesting mix. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Susie or Bob takes it.

  • tom

    Jeff one side of me felt sympathy for Randy but i couldn’t help but laugh. the look on Corrine’s face has been priceless the last couple tribal councils. i find Crystal a very unlikable player since she cannot come close to winning a challenge but continues to play on each week. i would love to see her eliminated. i would like to see Matty and Bob in the final 2.

  • Michael King

    Brilliant episode, for sure. For whatever reason, this season has seemed a little dry at times, but tonight’s episode was nothing short of brilliant. Bob deserves major credit for his MacGuyver-style Immunity Idol (oh, you know – just some resin, beads, tree bark, the like) and Sugar deserves some credit for scoring one for the good guys.
    I’m ready to see Kenny get slammed by a nice twist of fate. I love it when the cocky kid gets jilted – beautiful sense of karma. It’s the evil in me – haha.
    I personally like that you keep the same lines. Now if you could get producers to stop using confessional lines during/right after challenges for narration. That isn’t a Survivor technique – it’s like Big Brother and – worse – those VH1 “– of Love” shows. Boo! Also, I miss the opening Tribal Council music of old. Doesn’t feel right. :[
    And STILL no word on the obvious joke in the tribal name “Nobag” – really? we’re going to ignore the fifth grader within? FINE.
    Good one, Probst. Next week.

  • ozkar

    I hope that girl that Corinne hit at camp laughed as much as i did. Corinne deserved an exit like this.

  • Ivy

    I know why you sympathize with Randy. He was one of the few left with a brain. He reminds me of many people I know who doesn’t “suffer fools gladly” and nearly everyone left is a fool, with the exception of maybe Corinne and Bob. I’m not sure how the brighter group (Marcus, Charlie, Corrine, Randy, Bob, and another woman, I forget her name) have put up with the likes of Kenny, Susie, Crystal and Sugar. Sugar is really bad, an unfortunate mix of stupidity, ruthlessness and confidence – kind of reminds me of our departing president. She’ll probably win.

  • ozkar

    I hope that girl that Corinne hit at camp laughed as much as i did. Corinne deserves an exit like this.

  • Pat Skrakowski

    Best episode of Survivor ever. Randy got what was coming to him. He helped orchestrate his own downfall and Bob was so cool, calm and collected. I would love to see Bob as the survivor.

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