Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Gabon' (episode 7)

Survivorgabon_l Spoiler alert! Read after the jump to check out Jeff’s candid take on what went down on last night’s episode of Survivor: Gabon.

Ah, man. Man. Man. Man. This blows. Ace is gone…and Dan is gone. I miss them already. Okay, we’ll get to that later.

Crystal spilling the rice.Love this. Thank you, Survivor gods. Amazinghow such a small moment can turn into something so big. The name of this gameis "Make Sure It Ain’t Me," and Crystal just gave them a reason to make it her. Only a very strong alliance saved her.

I root for Dan. In life. Iknow he can be annoying but it comes from a place of insecurity. It’s too bad,he’s a nice guy. Hopefully this adventure helped thicken his skin a bit. He’snot as smart as he thinks but he’s much smarter than he appears to be.

Corrine is tough. She saysit like it is and sometimes that is really hard to hear. If I found myself onher tribe, I think I’d be tempted to hold her down and let the leaches havetheir way with her. Then again, knowing my weaknesses, I’d probably find myselfin a regrettable alliance with her and end up with my throat cut but with asmile on my face.

The loved ones letters. Theseget to me every time. Bob and Dan were both so touched to hear from theirfamily. It made me like them both even more. If you’re reading this andthinking "I hate anything to do with loved ones," I say this: If youdon’t like love, what is wrong with you?

It wouldn’t be an episode ifSugar didn’t go to exile and didn’t cry. Check both.

Matty, Matty, Matty. He’slike a Billy Joel song. Wearing his heart on his sleeve. He must stay in thisgame a long time. Along with Kenny, Crystal, Corrine, Randy, and Sugar.

Now to tribal council. Danhad to know it was a possibility that he’d be voted out. He tried so hard. Toohard. That’s what I’d offer to Dan. You’re fine as you are, my friend. Don’ttry so hard. Just be.

As for Ace. Let’s beextremely clear. Ace was blindsided. Major blindside. He doesn’t want to admitit but it’s true. Man, I hate to see him go. Such a delight. A great bit of Survivor casting. Ace, you delivered. You left too soon.

Next week we finally pull one over on this group ofSurvivors. A small victory, but it felt so good that I want to brag about itearly. I think you’ll love it and you will shake your head in amazement at the"never happened before" moment that occurs as a result.

Survivor: Gabon continues…right afterthis.

Now check out our exclusive deleted scene from Survivor: Gabon and then read Dalton’s recap.

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  • Just Me

    Jeff Probst, I hope you’re having a good time doing you know what down in you know where. What a great place.
    It was sad to see Ace go, and there was such a good streak of lesser characters getting booted too! If only Marcus went instead of him.
    Now for once, show us beyond the shadow of a doubt that you actually read these. Don’t encourage comments, as you did the first time, and then not even come to your own blog to read what others commented on!

  • Maria Josefina

    Jeff Probst — you’re the BEST reality host. I enjoy your blogs very much!!!!

  • Edwina

    Why couldn’t it be Corrinne, Charlie or Marcus? Those 3 can go and nobody will even notice or care!! They’re obnoxious and boring. As much as Ace annoyed me, he was fun to watch because he’s not as one-dimensional as Marcus, Corrine or that Moulin Rouge Charlie.

  • Jim

    If you liked Ace so much you probably shouldn’t have bent him over and had your way with him in the immunity challenge. That was the most blatantly unfair challenge since the floating challenge that doomed the navy pilot so many years back. Would reseting the log after Sugar fell in been so hard as opposed to making Ace roll blind, while his competion gets to stare at his feet and know exactly which direction he was trying to go.

  • Brenda

    Jim, I disagree. Ace should have STARTED the challenge facing Marcus with his little Sugar watching his back.

  • Wolfe

    I like Ace. He is good in the challenges and is always strategizing. Besides he doesn’t annoy me as much as he annoys the other players. I think now Fang is weaker in the challenges and they can expect to disintegrate further from here on out. Sugar is in a great spot with the idol, so I expect her to be in this game for many more weeks. I can’t wait until next week when we see Corinne frolicking naked on the beach. Shwing!

  • marmalade

    I was glad to see Sugar come to her senses and vote Ace out. Can’t wait to find out if that accent of his is real or not.

  • Dana

    I miss Ace all ready, I am bored with watching so many weak useless players such as Crystal, what a bad attitude. Someone should have given her what she wanted and told her what a dumb *ss she was for knocking the rice over. Still love Sugar :) but miss Ace :( Bob crying over the letters made me love him even more I hope he makes it far into this game.If I had been Sugar I would have kept Ace around a bit longer she needs an ally going into the merge, Crystal is not a good choice I doubt she will win anyone over with charm.

  • Snsetblaze

    Wouldn’t it be great if the suprise was that they redivide the tribes again thus shattering some more alliances so people have to scramble. (Charlie and Marcus on opposite teams). It could go one round or two rounds (and maybe making the jury smaller and going to final 2).

  • Rob

    Great episode. Bittersweet to see Ace go. He was entertaining on the show for sure, but, beneficial in being eliminated for Ken(survivor I am rooting for). This game could end up being real interesting or a total dud. Right now the smartest players would have to be Ken, Randy and Marcus. It’s funny because everyone looks at Ken and sees a pathetic player. But, he is likely one of smartest people out there right now. People are not expecting him to be playing as hard as he is. If the game goes the way I want, there is going to be movement against Marcus at some point. I am guessing Corrine will split from her alliance at some point and work with Ken.

  • Django

    Jeez, at least with Ace gone we can hopefully get over this “fake accent” mania!! It’s been pretty well established that the man has lived in several global locations throughout his life and that it’s “normal” in such cases that their accents can fluctuate like that…
    Great ep otherwise; Crystal is fading fast, she’s got those crazy/desperate eyes like she’s going to gnaw her own leg off to get outa the trap she’s in!

  • humdinger

    i love this week’s episode…Ace was gone.. so sad.. he is a very smart and entertaining…I am rooting for Kenny, he is also one the smartest players in the game….
    Sugar’s move was I think is very smart…Please, please, vote out Susie and Crystal soon..

  • humdinger

    Snsetblaze.. i think rehuffling tribes again would be very interesting… but It has been done before..Dalton said he think it would be the fake merge just like in Thailand

  • janetms

    Still not a Sugar fan, but I was very happy to see her THINK outside of Ace this week. While I think Ace was great TV, shame on him for chastising Sugar for voting for him!!! It’s call Survivor, Ace. The prize is a million dollars. So your ego got bruised, you got too cocky.

  • Miss M

    Jeff, what I want to know is how come Sugar and her hair always look so good! Everyone else looks dirty and crazy, especially Bob! LOL! I loved Bob crying over his letters. Still rooting for he and Kenny to the end. I already miss Ace, he was awesome. Damn Crystal, wish it had been her instead of Ace. Can’t wait to see Randy’s antics next week!

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