'CSI' season premiere: Goodbye, Warrick Brown!

Csi_lThe cynics among us would probably argue that dogged TV reporters have taken away the element of surprise that used to come with CSI. Thanks to our own scooperman Mike Ausiello, we already knew that Gary Dourdan‘s Warrick Brown was going to be history long before his departure finally played out in last night’s season premiere, or that Jorja Fox would briefly reprise her role as Sara Sidle in preparation for Billy Petersen’s much-anticipated exit as Gil Grissom. But those cynics would be wrong. There was no way to foretell how much Gil’s anguish over Warrick’s death would truly move us, or whether the sight of him clutching his runaway fiancee (where you been, Sara?) would give us hope that these two complicated souls might just see better days ahead. Cut the crap, Emmy voters — what more does this show have to do to get your damn respect?

But I digress; we’re here to talk about last night’s premiere. Though stricken with grief over the death of one of their own, the team and Capt. Brass promise to get "all hands on deck" to solve this mystery — all except the coroner, Dr. Al Robbins (the sorely underappreciated Robert David Hall) who announces that he’s "asked the day shift to handle this one" before turning away from the sight of Warrick’s body. Crack investigative work by Nick and Catherine inside Warrick’s car (they follow the clues to a tiny print on a bullet!) lead the team to believe that the under sheriff, not the previously suspected Officer Pritchard, was the one who really pulled the trigger. Just like that, our fearless heroes had found their man.

But the whodunnit part is not the main reason you tuned in, right? I came to see the first of Petersen’s final eight episodes as a series regular (I’m already thinking this show can’t survive without him — and the dude’s not even gone yet) and to check out how Fox’s Sara would return to the man and job she abandoned last year. I choked up at the sight of those two embracing, and let out an audible gasp when I saw them cuddling in bed (!!!) during the scenes from next week’s episode. But it was George Eads — who looked so crestfallen at the funeral — who really broke my heart (uttered a great, Godfather shout-out, too, when he was snooping through Warrick’s car: "Leave the gun, take the cannoli. This was a hit!" I sure dig those CSI writers).

What did you think? Did you shed a tear or two over the final sight of the beautiful (and obviously tortured, if you’ve been reading the headlines) Gary Dourdan? Were you thrilled to see Fox back in action? Are you already dreading Petersen’s departure? Let it all out, fans: Gil and his team certainly did.

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  • Flypay

    One little thing bothered me (other than the overwrought performances)…It bugged me that Brass said that as of now “we have no other cases”…I’m sure the families of all the other victims in Las Vegas would have been glad to hear that. Don’t know why that bothered me so much. Just seemed the wrong thing to say. Would have been more true to the show to say “hey, we still have other crimes to solve too even as we grieve” or something like that….oh well…good tv…

  • Denise

    I cried like a damn big baby…I did. That was an emotional episode lastnight. Warrick dying, Grissom mourning, Nick just looked like his world was stolen from him…it was just sad. I’ve been watching the original CSI since day 1. This is my favorite CSI. These are my favorite CSI’s. Them not being a team anymore is heartbreaking seriously. They were the best team. We lost Sara last year, Warrick lastnight and Grissom in a few weeks. It will not be the same. They had great chemistry and the storylines were amazing. Is it just me but did Georgia look pregnant. I’m convinced she’s pregnant. She’s pregnant in real life or maybe it’s a possible storyline and why Grissom is leaving because she’s having his baby. I’ve said I will continue to watch because I do think Lawrence Fishburne is an exceptionally gifted actor and they couldn’t have picked a better replacement for Grissom. I wish the team was still together. Great Great Great Season Priemer bring Warrick BACK!!!!!!!!!

    • kare robinson

      I thought it very touching to me when :Grissom”told the rest of the team that we have no other cases this is it they want to forcus on Warrick case who killed him… That dirty cop killed him and lied about his whereabouts when it happen’d.Im glad the team found out he did it.i cried n cried like I lost a best friend….I remembre the day when I met him in person at a school in phildelphia…..he is what he is as on tv.com

  • susu005

    tore my heart out.. this is going to be an interesting season.

  • Matt S.

    Flypay – I can see where you’re coming from, but i guess i assumed they just passed those cases off to the day shift or what not, and that the core group, those close to Warrick, were asked to focus on solving his murder.

  • julie

    oh yes i cried. I really wanted Nick to shoot McKeen but I guess Im glad he didnt cause we would lose him too! I agree with Denise I thought Jorja looked pregnant, too. Wish they had included the son and paternity test BEFORE Warrick died, but oh well. I will keep watching and while I look forward to Laurence Fishburne, not sure the show will ever be the same without the original team. I always watch these shows not for the crime solving but for the characters and their interactions.

  • joopiter

    Weeping the whole way through. I really started to lose it when Doc Robbins couldn’t go through with the autopsy. And just when I thought I was done crying, Grissom’s eulogy broke my heart all over again.

  • Christa

    I think Brass’s comment was more out of grief. They probably told Day shift to work some of their cases. I’ll admit that I did cry. This will be definately an interesting season, but seriously (and on a lighter note)…what is up with Jorgia Fox’s hair?

  • Maria

    Very sad episode. At least Warrick’s departure was done honorably. Thought that the entire ensemble delivered marvelous performances. CSI as we know it and love it is fading. Not really sure how this show goes forward without Grissom. He is the heart of CSI, as he proved last night.

  • BP

    I bawled at the beginning (with the Gladiator music) and at the end (with the beautiful Nicky fighting back tears). I will really miss Warrick, he was one of my faves. So cool and dreamy, yet tortured too. Very complex. I HATE SARA. I wish she would have stayed away. I also dont think the show will last very long without Gil.

  • Amber

    I cried so much during that episode, I have watched this show since the very first episode. I am so upset that Warrick is gone and I can not even begin to process that Grissom is leaving he is the heart of the show. And he is CSI. I mean I love them all, but I can not see this show without Grissom. I am just in total shock. I really dont know how I will be able to handle this all.

  • TJ

    I thought it was a great episode. I was a little surprised that they solved the case so quickly but it was kind of satisfying. Never really cared for Sara Sidle so I could have done without seeing her back but I guess she had to come back in light of Warrick’s murder. I loved the scene with Warrick talking about Grissom and I loved Grissom’s pain over losing Warrick. I thought that William Petersen conveyed so much without going over the top. A heartbreaking episode overall. I’m not entirely sure they had to kill Warrick off but since that’s the way they decided to go, at least it was done in an honorable way. This has always been my favorite CSI – by far.

  • Julie

    plain and simple is and always has been my favourite CSI and probably will discontinue watching now that Warrick and Grissom are no longer or will no longer be a part of the show – loved them both….too bad, they all made a GREAT team TOGETHER

  • kathy

    I loved the episode but I really wish that had not killed off warrick, he was one of my favorite characters on the show. I hope he finds more good rolls to play that give as much as his warrick role did to csi.

  • harry

    I miss Warrick.

  • marie

    i cried the whole time. if its not broken, don’t fix it. all the characters on this show weren’t just friends, they were a real family. and it breaks my heart to se any of them leave. i don’t think that i can continue to what the show after Grissom leaves, that loss would be too much for someone who loves the show….the way that it originally was.

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