About that thing that happened on 'Bones' this week

Don’t worry, spoiler-phobes. We won’t start the discussion until after the jump…

Abby West will be resuming her Bones post-mortems next week on PopWatch, but since I’m still bothered by the return of Zack (Eric Millegan) on Wednesday’s episode, I was hoping we could discuss that point now…

I’d been hoping that we would never see Zack again. Not because I don’t love Millegan, but because I doubted that the show could deal with his return in a way that wouldn’t annoy me further. Telling me that Zack didn’t actually stab a man in the heart didn’t make his storyline any more palatable in my eyes. He still succumbed to Gormogon’s the Master’s logic and he knowingly issued that man a death sentence by revealing his address. What really gets me is Zack saying that the Master killed his former apprentice so he could take his place: How is it logical for Zack, or ANYONE, to take a job knowing that the boss killed his last hire? (Also irksome: As one colleague notified me after this episode, if she was still under the impression that I’dmurdered someone, and I’d escaped from a mental institution, she wouldn’t be taking me for pie.) 

Luckily for Bones, they followed that revelatory Zack-Sweets scene with Booth talking about being sexy and Brennan not wanting him in her fantasy life. (Who else talked back to the screen?) When they give me moments like that, I just can’t stay mad.

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  • Nicole

    So glad that you brought this up. I was telling my husband the same thing as we watched them at the diner. I told him ” i get that they still love him and he is their friend, but really out at a diner like nothing changed. He did kill someone.”
    I am glad to hear that Zach did not kill the lobbyist guy since it was fairly obvious that it was not him that did it on the show, but it still does not change anything. I too think they should have just gotten rid of him for good.

  • Stef

    I am so glad to hear the Bones watch is coming back! I am a little disappointed that Zach came back so early, I liked the blonde guy that was filling in his position “murphy brown secretary style” and hoped he might stay. We did see some nice scenes with Sweets though, it was nice to see him acting like the adult he almost is. It was a bit weird having everyone act like the looney bin escapee was not looney. AND yes, I talked back to the screen.
    It was nice to see a little Bones love on my Friday afternoon. It is helping through the home stretch before the weekend.

  • Jen S.

    I think that the Zach storyline was to appease everyone who didn’t believe that Zach could have killed somebody. At least he isn’t a murderer… just a crazy follower? I don’t know if that is better or not.
    I am just THRILLED that Bones will be back on popwatch. I was concerned that you were ditching it. That would have crushed me. Thanks for being awesome as always!

  • Melody

    I am a HUGE Zack fan and I was extremely excited to see him back last night.

  • Liz

    For all of the people that were upset that Zach was the apprentice at the end of last season, I was not one of them. This episode just felt forced in having Zach come back, although enjoyable once he was there. And I do agree Nicole; they should have just killed him off the show.

  • J. Baker

    I like the Zach character. He makes Bones’ literalism and social awkwardness stand out a little less. Makes for a more balanced set of personalities. But let me say this – if I ever get locked up in a facility for the criminally insane, I hope it’s a facility that I can break out of with just a single rigged keycard. (Oh, and no guards. Or cameras. Or fences. Yeah.)

  • Not buying it

    I had such a huge problem with the diner scene. Yes they love him – but these are people dedicated to solving crime and speaking for the dead. And here they were laughing and “dancing” with a man who – to their knowledge – killed an innocent person. It was unbelievable and disappointing. It was a disbelief that I could not in any way suspend in light of the universe that the creators and actors have tried to create. And for me, I’m not sure – but it could be a deal breaker.

  • MSF

    Definitely could have done without the return of Zack, and I agree that the diner seen was very inappropriate, to say the least. But – YAY – I’m glad the Bones popwatch recaps are coming back!

  • BJohnson

    I love Zach’s character and still do. Really, can there be anyone else in the lab?
    I’m glad the Mini Watch is coming back.
    I’m gonna break this to a lot of people about this show being NOT based on real people. If they acted all afraid of Zach, that wouldn’t ring true of the CHARACTERS OF THE SHOW!
    I’ve watched Dexter kill a bunch of people and still cheered him on. I can accept that Zach’s friends take him out to the diner during his escape, which was SO funny! Sweets afraid of Zach, getting his card stripe swiped.
    Enough about Zach. How about that sexy back treatment Bones gave Booth? What about Angela not accepting she broke off the engagement? What was that about? See this is why the mini watch needed to be back 3 weeks ago.

  • elena

    All of the points people are making are valid, but all this reminds me of is when on Dexter (whoever started to talk about Dexter, props! It’s amazing) LaGuerta could NOT come to terms with the fact that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher (even though he wasn’t; poor lady!). I think his friends continued to be his friends, and maybe him killing someone and being taken in by faulty logic was brushed under the rug for the return of their apparently normal (except for those gloves! they bothered me) friend Zach.
    The scene between Hodgins and Zach almost broke my heart, though. Poor kids!

  • oh, bones

    My problem with the episode was that, come on–we’ve all seen CSI or Law and Order, right? So we should all know by now that if there’s someone in the lab or department who is in any way a threat to the lab’s credibility, anything they do in the lab should not or can not be presented in court. Having Zach weigh in on the case was a HUGE mistake–one that Booth would never have allowed, and one that Brennan would have disallowed as well, if the writers had stayed true to character. There are too many savvy viewers out there for things like this to go unnoticed. Just imagine them taking this stuff to court and the prosecution ripping them a new one because they let their psych-ward-escaping, supposedly-man-stabbing ex-employee help them figure out the evidence. No way. Never in a million years would Booth have allowed this, but there it was…A MASSIVE fault on the writers’ part.

  • IndianaJenn

    I’m so glad the recaps are coming back!! I loved the part at the end where Sweets was afraid of Zack. I also love what they’ve done with Hodgins the past couple of episodes, last week was so sad when we went in to talk to Sweets. It was one of my fave scenes so far this season.

  • BH

    I was a big fan of Zachs until this last episode. There was no reason for Hodgens to leave the file, for Zach to break out and solve the crime and then to have everyone go to the diner afterwards as though nothing had ever happened. I know that those are his friends but there was no reason for any of those things to happen. I have liked the two guys who have stepped in in Zach’s place (I thought the girl was irritating). But to have Booth and Brennan listen to Zach made me lose faith in the show.

  • rainbowsparkle

    I’m glad Zack’s back and as far as I’m concerned, nothing they do to bring him back could ever be as implausible as what they did to get rid of him. I also don’t think all the facts are in yet. Zack could be even more innocent so I’m withholding judgment until we know more.

  • Topaz

    I for one was completely disappointed in having Zach leave the show so when I saw him return in this last episode I was ecstatic. I agree with “Rainbowsparkle” nothing they do to bring him back could ever be as implausible as what they did to get rid of him… finding out he was Gormogon’s apprentice was too horrible, I know they wanted to end with a bang but I thought it was just too much. BTW Did anyone have a soft spot for Bones new or shall I say ex assistant?

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