Does the Killers' 'Human' have the silliest lyrics of the week?

It does, say I. Note that I am a Killers fan — even liked most of Sam’s Town! — and I am enjoying their newly leaked single, too. (Hear it here, for now, until their label disappears it like they already have from YouTube.) But check out the profound query posed by Brandon Flowers on the hook: "Are we human?", he wonders, "Or are we dancer?"

Two things, Mr. Flowers. First: "dancer?" Are you having trouble differentiating yourself and your bandmates from…Dancer the magical reindeer? If not, I believe you might be missing a letter at the end of that word. So I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you are in fact asking whether you (we?) are human or, uh, dancers. Which brings me to my second complaint: What’s with the false choice? Yo, Brandon, no offense, but most dancers are generally human. Just sayin’. Unless we are talking about freaky robots or adorable LOLcreatures, in which case I think I just discovered the perfect video treatment for "Human" (below). I’ll be waiting for my director credit! Or — back to you, PopWatchas — am I missing something here?

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  • Brian

    The word is “denser”, not “dancer”

  • ohai

    i know! im a killers fan too, but i’m hating on those lyrics. they must be in reference to something, but i wish i knew what.

  • Snarf

    Have to wait till I hear the whole thing.

  • Shasta

    Ugh, this band has been so disappointing. Hot Fuss was a lot of fun, energetic, and pretty sexy. Everything since then has been a snore, like they’re trying to hard to be “relevant.” There are way too many bland bands like this. Not sure why they get so much press. Their other albums are just alright. I usually skip them when they come up on my iPod.

  • LJ

    It seems pointless to limit the scope of the “silliest lyric” tag to just one week. Is there much competition?
    How about silliest lyric of all time! That’ll get a debate going.


    youre stupid, learn english then criticise, he says “DENSER” not “DANCER”

  • Anonymous

    The Killers are going to have to send out a press release to set everyone straight. The lyric is DENSER

  • Amy

    your stupid cus its actually DENSER NOT DANCER. Check it out next time b4 u make stupid comments!

  • carr

    denser doesn’t make it any better

  • Em

    I’m with LJ- can we have a “silliest lyric of all time” post, please?

  • astrid

    dude, you really need to be more abstract. it would be good if you read a little, you know, reading enlightens the brain!!
    plus, you could start looking at the meaning of things from a deeper perspective, and not only by the words in a line.
    i really hope you get over yourself.
    here’s a website you could visit, in case you still don’t get it. it’s not good to mess around saying whatever first comes to your mind. especially not in a public place. i dunno who told you you could write.
    maybe it’ll clear up some things for you.
    well, i think that’s pretty much it. you might critisize the lyrics, but have YOU ever written anything that’s worth it?
    i doubt it
    see you

  • AJ

    Geez this author really needs to do some research before he goes and tears this down a bit the word is denser, and the lyric maybe actually be fairly legit…just explore your abstract mind in stead of the denotative meanings…gawd!

  • Wes

    Ok, I’m pretty sure everyone knows now it’s Denser. You DO need to do some more research before you post something like this. And whoever the idiot is who said Denser doesn’t make it any better on one of the comments, Are we Human or are we Denser is actually a very deep question. This song is fantastic and I don’t like people bashing the greatest band of the modern era.

  • carr

    hey wes and others, way to be civil and call people idiots just because they don’t like the same music you do. I personally believe that the killers are not the “greatest band of the modern era” I’m not sure who I would give that honor too, but I wouldn’t give it to the killers. I do enjoy their music typically, but I did not particularly enjoy this song. “Denser” not making it better wasn’t a reflection on the question “are we human or are we denser?” It was, rather, a statement saying that the fact that the word was “denser” doesn’t make the song any more likeable to me. There is a little thing called the music. It goes along with the lyrics. I didn’t particularly care for the feel of the song, despite the lyrical quality.
    Maybe you shouldn’t say the first thing that comes to your mind. Maybe you should open your mind to varying opinions and perspectives.
    it’s not good to mess around saying whatever first comes to your mind. especially not in a public place

  • carr

    Just so this doesn’t get bitter and petty, I don’t mean any of that in a harsh tone. Just a bit of clarification and something to think about. From your comments it seems like you like to consider yourself open to such a thing.
    There’s no need to fight over something as inconsequential as a comment on a silly popwatch article.

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