Help fix the Emmys telecast

Colbertreportemmys_lBefore we put a cork in our 2008 Emmys coverage, we’re gonna do one last item in the hopes that we can help the telecast not suck so hard next year…

Name ONE THING you’d change/introduce to make the ceremony more enjoyable.

Mine, as previously pitched in our live blog: Have the late-night writing staffs nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program pen the patter for the presenters.

(A) The videos they submit for their category — i.e. The Colbert Report‘s, pictured — are always the best part of the show. (B) These people are used to writing jokes for which celebrities are a punchline. (C) Divide the telecast among the five nominees, and that’s really only an extra half-hour of television we’re asking them to script. So I don’t want to hear that they’re "too busy," especially in a non-election year.

Your turn.

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  • majigail

    Cut the special tributes and retrospectives in half, just assume that you’ll run late, then get a good host who actually knows how to adlib in case you actually are running early!

  • DanOregong

    Incorporate clip segments of classic show into the advertising breaks to save time for the actual live stuff. Cut speeches after a fifth name-drop/thank you to encourage winners to actually say something.


    honestly, i thought the best part of the emmys this year was jimmy presenting best reality show host. he used the reality format in a great way. i think the reality show host nominees hosting the emmys was a great idea, just poorly executed. it was clear that no one stepped up and said – here’s what we should do. there were just too many cooks in the kitchen. i would have loved if each one of the hosts did skits like their show with tv stars as contestants. bring on paula, randy, and simon to judge acceptance speeches. have heidi, michael, and nina judge presenters dresses. or include more of the actors in pre-tapped skits that mock the shows their one and run in between presenters. this way we don’t have banter, we just have comedy. make it an event. give us stuff we’ve never seen before and we’ll never see again.

  • Dennis N.

    Nix having a host/hosts altogether. Rely heavily on vignettes and funny shorts, and place more responsibility on the presenters being entertaining enough. I mean seriously, is it too much to ask to have these high-end actors and actresses actually prepare for an event like this? Considering how much cheese they make for accepting the tough responsibility of reading a teleprompter and looking cute and/or smoldering and/or endearingly airheaded, I highly doubt that such a request would be torturously burdensome.

  • MWC

    More inspired presenter pairings – Kathie Griffith and Don Rickles worked. David Boreanaz and the Hills chick did not. John Stewart and Steven Colbert are ALWAYS presenting together – split them up. Have an older TV personality/legend present with a younger one.

  • DL

    That’s easy: Flight of the Conchords, with a little help from the Daily Show/Colbert writers if they need it.
    Albi the racist dragon at the Emmy’s = GOLD

  • Lex

    Let Ricky Gervais, Jon Stewart, Steve Carell, and Steven Colbert co-host and co-write the show next year. Cut the neverending montages. Hilarity ensues!

  • Stephanie T.

    1.Let Ricky Gervais, Jon Stewart, Steve Carell, and Steven Colbert host and Flight of the Conchords, Steven Lynch, Joel McHale, Tina and Conan help with the writing.
    2. A Kids in the Hall reunion
    3. An SCTV reunion
    4. Someone makes fun of Bindi the Jungle girl because she’s annoying.

  • Lauren

    Just get rid of the Miniseries/Made-for-TV Movie categories…can’t they be lumped with creative arts? They’re not movies and they’re not TV shows…They take too long and usually one of them wins most of the awards (John Adams, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Band of Brothers, etc…) Leave it to the standard 30min-1h shows and there’d be no need to cut out the presenters bits!

  • dma69

    Lots of great ideas here already. The key to a great Emmy Telecast is the host. The five hosts last night were such a downer that it dragged the rest of the show with it. But there we’re some bright spots. Gervais trying to get his last year’s Emmy from Carrell, Stewart and Colbert and the prunes. Kathy Griffith (who I’m not usually crazy about) and Don Rickles (just his entrance music alone is da bomb). Any one of them should host. Maybe even bring back Conan or Steve Martin. No more reality show hosts/contestants to host or even present. The Hills chick was so boring (Why is she even picked to present? If you’re going to pick a reality star to present, get Christian “Mr. Fierce” Siriano; at least he has personality to spare.) I felt bad for the Bones guy (can’t spell his name, but you know who I mean).

  • mscisluv

    I absolutely agree with leaving the Miniseries/Movie awards with the Creative Arts Emmys, because they take forever, are usually dominated by just one or two movies, and aren’t actually TV shows. However, I would consider putting some of the categories from the Creative Arts Emmys into the live telecast. Wouldn’t it be great if all of the nominated original songs could be performed? This year’s winner was “I’m F*ing Matt Damon” and last year’s was “D*ck in a Box” – people would definitely tune in to see that!

  • Lauren

    you mean the “The Bones” guy, or at least Heidi does.

  • mscisluv

    Oh, I’d also love to see the Creative Arts nominees for Best Original Choreography perform on the Emmys broadcast, as well! If that takes too long, let’s just see the Choreography and Original Song winners on the live show.

  • Dennis N.

    I absolutely agree, mscisluv. Who knew there were such entertaining categories in the field of TV entertainment? The whole Creative Arts “separa-cast” always seems weird to me. Which group of elitists decides that Kathryn Joosten and Tim Conway only deserved a post-win shout-out? My Sketchy Alert went off at that point.

  • kellyw

    bring Ellen back! At least she was entertaining

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