Paris Hilton's political ad gets at least one thing right

Whether or not you agree with John McCain’s "Celebrity" ad lumping Barack Obama in with personalities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, you have to appreciate the surprising thoughtfulness of Hilton’s response. I mean, she actually seems to have a good political idea here! I’m not referring to her energy policy suggestion — too wonky for me to grasp! — but her vice presidential pick. Who doesn’t love Rihanna?

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My colleague Adrienne Day, meanwhile, wonders (tongue firmly in cheek) if Paris as the presumptive celebrity presidential candidate would be such a bad deal. "We already have (or have had) several celebrities in office," Adrienne notes, "even some who’ve actually starred in real movies, such as Clint Eastwood, Sonny Bono, and Arnold Schwarzenegger (though all in California, go figure). It looks like Paris would have no problems reading the teleprompter. And she’s obviously motivated by the love of her country — why else would she go on record calling McCain a "wrinkly white-haired guy," while her own mother donated $4,600 to McCain’s campaign earlier in the year? The craziest thing? McCain’s own spokesperson, Tucker Bounds, agrees with Paris!"

Two other bonuses about Paris’ new gig: She’s actually kinda funny (for a change), and perhaps her newfound political awakening means she’ll be spending more time in D.C., and less time playing to the paparazzi. That’s a ticket we can all get behind, no?

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  • Winona

    I loved this – good to see that Paris is willing to poke fun at herself and is taking it in stride. And who wouldn’t love the Pink House? Perhaps John Mellencamp’s song would be a fitting campaign-song choice.

  • Jill

    I love young crazy Hollywood but I cannot bear to look at Paris. Between her wonky eye and baby chipmunk on crack voice, I cannot bring myself to ever see this video. As much as I want to see someone bash McCain.

  • alm034

    While I like the humor of the response, I’m irritated at the McCain campaign for stopping the clock on Hilton’s 15 minutes of fame. I thought for sure we were at 14:45.

  • jes

    First and foremost…I am not and never have been, even remotely, a Paris fan. She’s the furthest thing from “hot”. Ever. But this is hi-LAAAAR-ious! I loved the “See you at the debates, b****es.” line. I may even allow myself to tolerate Ms. Hilton for a week or so, just because of this vid. Ok. Maybe 3 days.

  • Anne

    Ugh, I cannot stand Paris Hilton, but thought the ad was great. Loved the “See you at the debate…” line. And showing the Golden Girls, Yoda and Larry King? Awesome.

  • Coach’s Mistress

    Well done, Paris! Never thought in a trillion years I’d EVER say that, but this was funny. It’s cool that she could find the humor in this. Still doesn’t make me a fan of hers, but she does get some cool points for this.

  • Anna

    This was highlarious. My fav part: “I guess that means I’m running for president”. Hahaha. People may find her annoying, but at least she knows how to poke fun of herself.

  • RobC

    This ad proves McCain’s point about Obama: anyone can make good sound bites when material is written for them, but take them off message and they fall apart. Yes, Hilton sounds good but we all know she would be a failure as president. Likewise, so would Obama.

  • to robC from nunya

    how about you listen to mccain when he’s “off message” and notice that he doesn’t realize that czechoslovakia hasn’t been a country for 15 years, doesn’t know the difference between the sunnis and the shiites and knows next to nothing about the economy. obama is a skilled and inspirational speaker and actually knows facts! go figure, i mean what would america do with such a person as president?

  • Liddy

    Please, I’m begging you guys, stop giving this publicity whore press. Just stop already. Don’t look at her, don’t talk about her, don’t write about her. If we all ignore her enough, she’ll realize her 15 minutes were up 5 years ago.

  • KG

    I’ve always found Paris Hilton annoying, but I really laughed at loud when I saw the video. Come on! “See you at the debate, b___ches.” That’s awesome.

  • aramis

    I had to run out to the window to see if Hell was freezing over. Paris, God love her, is actually FUNNY in this. She even had the “talking point” hands. HYSTERICAL.

  • Nosofunny

    You idiots who read the press about celebrities deserve what you get. You like Spears, good for you. Make her your president, you stupid, swines, idiots of the major proportion. Your country dies around you and all you do is talk about how great people are that have no values. The ship is sinking as you read the pop journals. Sink.

  • Laurie Rushing

    Where can I get my Paris Hilton for President Bumper Sticker!

  • Xrepublican

    Paris you have my vote in 2012. C’mon do it!!! First woman president…and a hottie…yeeehaaaah!!!!

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