'Greatest American Dog' recap: No, not Tillman!

Tillmanron_lDuring the last 24 hours, things have just not gone my way. I’ll spare you most of the details, and just pick up with Tillman (pictured with owner Ron) getting eliminated from Greatest American Dog.

This week was all about personality. It should’ve been Tillman’s time, if you consider barfing and farting in the swimming pool "personality," which I do. In canines. But no. First, Tillman whiffed it in the Dog Bone Challenge, which involved the owners predicting whether their dogs would take or leave things set before them. We all saw Tillman drool on the steak in the obedience challenge, so I was as confident as Ron was that Tillman would as least lick Round 1’s piece of steak. He didn’t. (J.D. and English Border Collie Galaxy went on to win the challenge and banished Travis and Presley to the Dog House.)

The Best in Show competition asked the owners to work with their dogs in a photo shoot to produce an image that best represented an adjective they’d randomly selected. Tillman got LAZY. As J.D. proclaimed, "We have a winner!" But no. Ron was lazy and didn’t work with Tillman on his lounging positions, so Tillman could do nothing at the shoot. According to the judges, the shot of Tillman resting his head on the back of the chair was the most boring shot ever taken of a Bull Dog. I wouldn’t go that far, but it was unimaginative and disappointing. Ron and Tillman ended up in the bottom three, along with Brandy and Beacon, and Teresa and Leroy.

After the jump, Brandy is full of crap and Teresa is in deep doodoo with the judges.

addCredit(“Greatest American Dog: Cliff Lipson”)

So once again, I was hoping it was Brandy’s week to go home. She and Beacon drew the word loving and brought the predictable heart and rose props with them to the shoot. I actually liked the image they ended up using, a shot of Beacon sitting, wearing a rhinestone collar, and looking up adoringly — though I doubt that when the photo was taken, Brandy was consciously trying to capture the idea of a man kneeling and proposing. Please. The only good thing about Brandy staying is that Travis has had enough of her self-absorption and knows how to handle her: She interrupted him trying to commiserate with her about the challenge with a serious "Can we focus on me?"; he came back with a calm "Yeah, let’s do. Might be the last time you’re here." Well done, sir. I just would’ve said something classy like, "You can suck it."

Teresa drew the word angry, which was admittedly one of the more difficult assignments … if your dog is always happy and/or bites when it finally gets pissed. (Hey, don’t get mad at Leroy for going Method.) Teresa’s idea was to anger Leroy by spraying him with something. That failed to get a rise out of him, so she took film producer Laura’s advice and used the movie magic known as "snarl bands." I knew this was a bad idea immediately, and I was right: The judges said it was inhumane. I give Teresa props for not selling Laura out as the provider of the bands, but take them away for her telling the judges that Leroy liked wearing them. (Cut to the replay of Teresa telling Leroy something like, "I know you don’t like these," as she put them on him.) Here’s my question: Doesn’t Leroy play with toys? Why couldn’t she have wound him up with a little match of tug of war, then pulled out of the shot? And if he is always docile, she could’ve gotten creative with props. She could have cut a few toys up into bite-size bits, as if Leroy had destroyed them, then just gotten him to give a serious face. (Me talking about a dog’s "serious face" is no more ridiculous than the judges debating whether Laura’s Pomeranian Preston really looked regal with his head tilting to the side.)

So, who will miss Tillman (he farted on his farewell lap!) and who will miss Ron? (That man was always good for a quote: "I like Bill. He has a good laugh. He puts up with Tillman’s gas. I’d have no problems seeing him win this thing.") Which photo did you like best? (Galaxy’s "sneaky" pose, which will appear in the pages of Dog Fancy, was pretty great. You’ve got to give J.D. that.) How much do you want to slap Brandy? (You’re engaged, lady, let Laura and Travis flirt in the kitchen if they want to!) And um, how inhumane do next week’s challenges look? (Walk your dog across a mini-moat, and make it dance with you? Bite her, Leroy! Bite her!)

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  • Lucy

    I’ll miss Tillman, but Ron was lazy two weeks in a row. Ron had the easiest emotion and he fumbled it. I love the show’s cameraman giving us, the viewers, an obvious and great shot of “lazy” Tillman asleep as Ron and the photographer discussed pictures.
    Brandy needs to GO. She’s annoying, catty, self-centered, and childish. I feel so sorry for her poor dog. (Not so much her fiance–he has a choice. The poor dog doesn’t.) Anyone with an ounce of class would’ve kept her mouth shut and let Travis and Laura flirt in private.

  • Janet

    I laughed so hard during this episode because Ron and Bill were hysterical! But, as previously state, Ron blew it by being lazy. Also pretty hysterical was the jealous Brandy. I hope her fiance gets a wake up call as he’s watching these episodes.

  • LC

    OMG! I LOVED TILLMAN! They made a HUGE mistake. He was a STAR!!!

  • Dana

    Wow Brandy is a self absorbed twit! I only recently started watching the show but she irritates me. I wonder why Laura didn’t pick one of the shots with her dog balancing the bone under her paw, as soon as I saw the pic she chose I knew they’d say the head to the side made her dog look curious not regal. Loved Bill’s pic I like Bill.

  • lisa

    I won’t miss Tillman. The dog was gross! Vomiting and farting in the swimming pool is so disgusting. He also didn’t listen to his owner. Ron was lazy! He kept phoning it in.
    I wasn’t impressed with Galaxy’s shot. It was decent, no more. Also, Galaxy is a boring dog. I doubt she even likes JD.
    The personality contest wasn’t about personality. It was about who could subtly command their dog to take the item on offer. Yawn.
    Bill is cool. He deserves to win!

  • janet

    Dana, I thought the same thing about Preston’s picture. The one where he was commanding the bone looked pretty regal. Maybe the final pic didn’t really turn out, but I think Laura could have chosen more wisely.

  • Matt

    There is nothing inhumane about snarl bands. They are used on movie sets all the time and every movie set has animal humane experts on set 24/7.

  • Glen Bacon

    What a complete disappointment this show has been! The judges suck for one thing. They don’t let the dogs do what they do best. If I wanted to watch a show dog event Westminister would be my choice. The only time you get to see Tillman do his skate boarding is the outtakes before the show? What a complete waste of time this show is!

  • melissa

    Tillman was the best thing that show
    had.He made it fun to watch.I feel
    the show just lost a viewer.

  • Sally

    Please say it ain’t so!!!! Tillman was the only reason I watched the show. The judges made a HUGE mistake.

  • Magdalen

    I’ll miss Tillman, and I agree that he should have had a chance to do his star turn trick: surfing/skateboarding. But Ron was lazy, and the judges were right to call him on it. The only good news about Brandy is that she makes me hate Bella Starlet’s owner a bit less. (Sorry — blanking on her name. Apart from Bill, the owners are not nearly as memorable or interesting as their dogs. I wouldn’t have remembered Brandy’s name if you all hadn’t reminded me!)

  • Judy L

    The show will not be the same without Tillman, the judges should have taken the viewers into consideration…WE ALL LOVE TILLMAN…………………

  • Jannae Gaddess

    Tillman is the HEART AND SHOW of Greatest American Dog. He and Ron will be missed — they’re the only reason(s) why I watch this show in the first place. Get rid of the stupid judges and BRING BACK TILLMAN!! Teresa should have been the one expelled for using the inhumane snarl band on Leroy. Brandy could be next to go. The show won’t the same w/o TILLMAN.

  • Laura

    Tiiiiiiiiillllmaaaaaaaaan, noooooooooooooooooooooo! I really, really really can’t stand these judges. Is it just me or are they completely out of their minds? There is nothing at all likable about them. nothing. It’s like watching American Idol with 3 Simon Cowells… that’s 3 too many!
    So now our fat little cutie Tillman is gone. I can’t beleive it. Hasnt the crazy chick Brandy been in the bottom before? Why wasnt her shot lazy? It didnt remotely look “loving”.. and you know what… Tillman’s shot was not nearly as bad as made out to be. I thought it was cute. That dog can’t be anything but cute.
    I didnt expect them to win, but I really did expect them to be there after Crazy Brandy and Evil Lauren.

  • Frank

    Tillman is gone. I will no longer watch. Hye judges: HUGE mistake.

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