Good Sexy Video (Sugarland) vs. Bad Sexy Video (Jessica Simpson)

As I watched Sugarland’s latest video, "All I Want To Do" (below), followed by Jessica Simpson’s country debut, "Come On Over" (even lower), I realized that they are prime examples of "Good Sexy" vs. "Bad Sexy."

In the Sugarland cut, Jennifer Nettles’ sex appeal is rooted in the fact that she’s having a blast in that bikini. And that she’s the best dancer country music has ever seen (sorry, LeAnn). I’ve got a total girl crush on her.

Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, looks like she’s trying too hard — again. Those well-lit shots of her in the bed of a pickup truck could be straight out of a Playboy video. I’d love to see her try to sell her vocals and not her legs. But, then again, I’m not a man. 

Which video do you find sexier? And how do you define "good sexy" vs. "bad sexy?" Tell it!

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  • Winona

    Mandi, you hit the nail on the head when you said Jessica is trying too hard – she feels she needs to be sexy (because, frankly, she doesn’t have any other talents). Jennifer, on the other hand, is there to make music and have fun – and *that’s* what’s sexy about her. I think I’m developing a girl-crush, too – and I might have to add Sugarland to my “I don’t like country music, but I like — ” list, which includes the Dixie Chicks and Gretchen Wilson.

    • sadai like

      i like

  • DK

    Ok, I didn’t really love that Sugarland song until I saw the video. Fun!! And she is truly adorable. Has anyone else noticed that she looks a bit like Kristen Chenoweth?
    As for Jessica, I think she sounds lovely and that country may just be the place for her– but she’s gotta lighten up and have some fun with it!! Stop trying so hard!

    • sajjad


  • Elizabeth

    What else would Jessica do besides try to hard to reinvent herself every time she hit a bump in the road.

  • Rach

    Yep! Mark me on the list for Jennifer Nettles’ girl crushes! I’ve always had a deep admiration for musicians and singers who are in the business because they love music. Period! You can tell that it’s in their blood…in their very existance. And it wouldn’t matter to them if they were playing at the neighborhood bar, barely making ends meet. They wouldn’t want to do anything else. Couldn’t. And you can DEFINITELY tell that Jennifer feels the music in every fiber of her being. Just check out the video for “Stay”. Jessica, on the other hand, is it for the fame. Very UN-sexy!

  • Heather

    They really are the polar opposites. And it’s because if you watch each of them, Jennifer is completely comfortable in her own skin and not thinking about what looks good or sexy, while Jessica’s every move is calculated. Sitting on the sink and looking out the window doesn’t include carefully pointed toes!

  • Martha

    I’ve gotta second the comments below – Jennifer Nettles looks like she’s having a great time (even if the video is completely choreographed) while Jessica is selling everything she does. It’s too bad, because she’s pretty and seems to have some talent, but nothing she does looks spontaneous or even enjoyed.

  • Marcy

    Bad sexy = thinking you have to disinfect the kitchen counter after seeing Jessica sitting on it. Ew. Why does she try to look so skanky all the time?

  • MCM

    Sexy is sexy, it’s just a matter of degree, and all sexy is good. There is no ‘bad’ to me. If someone is trying too hard to be sexy, the effect is the opposite – NOT sexy. So, you can be a smidge sexy all the way up to whole big lotta sexy, or not sexy at all. Jessica is definitely in the lower echelon of sexy, but it’s not horrible. (Did I really just use the word sexy 9 times in one paragraph? Wait, that’s 10!)

  • Kelly

    Jessica Simpson is just sad. She has no talent besides being “eyecandy”… Pop music didn’t want her, so she tries country? Yeah, ummm, good luck with THAT…. She should go on a permanent hiatus, and take lil sister Ashlee.

  • Josh

    I agree that the Sugarland video is much MUCH better, but there’s just something about Jennifer Nettles’ voice that bugs me. It’s almost like she’s trying to sound more country than she is – and we’re both from Georgia! Still, it’s a really great song.

  • Valsadie

    I knew the day the Sugarland music video was released a few weeks ago, because it was then the #1 music video download on iTunes for *days and days* afterwards!
    …Jessica Simpson has a new song out? With a vid? Really? Hm.

  • Julie

    * Jennifer Nettles – Is she just too darn adorable or what?! Funny as it is, I didn’t like the song until I saw the video. She’s having so much fun! Just picturing her singing it makes me smile and enjoy it. Love it! :oD
    * Jessica Simpson – Never cared for her much and I know a lot of people think she’s pretty, but I’m not one of them. That said, though, I actually do like the song. I know I’m in the minority camp on this one, but I really do like her song! The video on the other hand: blah, whatever. Jessica is trying really hard to look appealing and sensual and she’s just coming off as desperate and pathetic.
    My “definition” of sexy is when you’re not TRYING to be sexy and you still look beautiful. Jennifer is not trying to be sexy – she’s trying to have fun on her impromptu day off! That’s really appealing for anyone of any sex.
    Jessica is trying very stereotypically to look sexy (i.e. lots of leg, bathtub inuendo, etc.) and it’s just not working. Sorry Jessica!

  • dan jones

    I guess it wouldn’t do any good to point out that even a 5 year old knows beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I’ll just say, there is no good-sexy/bad-sexy. There’s just sexy/not-sexy. As for these clips, I wouldn’t toss either of those chicks out of bed for… well, pretty much anything.

  • Lauren

    How is that Jessica Simpson song even country? It’s a pretty loose definition if at all. Jennifer Nettles is amazing and that video confirms it— though the vid for Something More is still my fave!

  • Meredith44

    I agree with the majority of comments here. Jessica just seemed too calculated/trying way too hard. The song is halfway decent, and I was fine with the singing with a mike scenes, but all of the posed scenes were just too posed.
    As someone else said, Sugarland has become one of my “I don’t like country, but I like them” guilty pleasures. They just seem to be enjoying it so much that it’s infectious. Plus the songs are catchy.

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