How do you feel about 'Friends: The One Where They Make a Movie'?

10362__friends_lAfter the Sex and the City movie grossed a whopping 76,000 Louboutin slingbacks (translation: $55.7 mil) in its opening weekend, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood started rummaging through its closet of already-worn TV series for another potential hit. And lo and behold: rumors of a Friends movie popped up on the internet this week, with some sources claiming that all the main cast members are interested in reprising their roles (and wallpapering their summer homes with fresh $100 bills). Asked for comment, a Warner Bros publicist said the rumors were not true, but let’s speculate anyway!

It doesn’t take a box office guru to recognize the potential cash-nami that a big-screen adaptation of Friends could bring in. Think about it: if the 52.5 million people who tuned into the show’s 2004 finale all buy tickets, Warner Bros could be looking at a $360 million hit, a.k.a. the 12th highest-grossing movie of all time.

While this news might meet with groans from folks who thought 10 seasons of the series was enough, a Friends movie would have at least a few positive effects. I mean, Lord knows the lovely Lisa Kudrow needs some decent work (the fact that you’re reading this implies that your retinas haven’t already been scarred by the trailer for her next movie, Hotel for Dogs). And a movie would likely give us some closure on all the questions left unanswered at the end of the series: Will Ross and Rachel tie the knot? Will Monica and Chandler dress their twins in matching outfits? And will Joey move back from LA, or will he be seduced by an Adonis-like next door neighbor with a fondness for outdoor showers? Oh, wait…wrong movie.

Your turn PopWatchers. Does the thought of a Friends movie have you humming "I’ll Be There For You," or would you rather leave the show’s characters in that great coffee shop in the sky? All must be revealed!

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  • Snarf


  • BJohnson

    It’s not surprising at all. I wouldn’t be surprised that the powers that be put that rumor out to see how much response they get. All they would look like is copycats waiting until after the success of SITC to try their hand at it. And I liked Friends but not enough to be bothered with a movie.

  • kelsey

    Honestly, it sound 50% scary and 50% exciting. A Friends movie wouldn’t be the biggest insult in the world, and having been a fan of the show, I’d consider seeing it – that is, if it proves its merit with the critics.

  • Silv

    It seems every show that has a successful run decides to go the movie route, i.e., The X Files, SATC, etc., not to mention those oldies that are brought back to less than successful runs at the big screen (SWAT, Starsky & Hutch, The Flintstones, The Brady Bunch Movie, etc.). While I loved Friends and watch them in syndication or on dvd, they would have to have a really great story to make a movie successful – but even if they don’t, I’d probably be there. How could I not?

  • PAUL

    i’d see it. i think almost all of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans would do anything to see there beloved cast on screen together again.

  • Andy

    I’m not sure how well the show would work in movie form. It seems pretty dependant on the “live studio audience” for a lot of its charm.

  • Anonymous

    is the average movie ticket price really $6.25? because its almost $10 here and if 52.5 million people paid that much it would make $525 million and not $360 million

  • anthrobruin

    When Friends was ‘on’ – circa 1998 – it was hilarious. When it was strained – the last few seasons – it was BAD. I could baaaaarely squeak through the final season; the only reason I kept watching was because I knew it would soon be over. I loved the show at its best but please oh please don’t make a movie!

  • Rebekah

    When I heard Sex and the City was being made into a movie I was beyond excited. Hearing this news is cool, I guess. If it is made into a movie I am sure I would see it.

  • Cassie

    I was the biggest Friends fan I knew when it was on the air, but I just don’t think it should be put on the big screen. Sex and the City worked because it wasn’t dated and because the series already employed so many cinematic elements. Friends is a multi-camera sitcom with a live studio audience and even though the series only went off the air four years ago, it feels more like 10. Too much would have to be changed in order to make the transition to the big screen.

  • Stacey

    I think it could work. As you said it has some plot lines left unexplored. Did Ross and Rachel ever get married? And a movie could bring about the wedding. How about Joey’s career. Chandler and Monica’s twins. And Phoebe’s marriage; is it working? Did she have children. I think it has a big enough cross over appeal to surpass Sex in the City since primarily woman went opening weekend to that movie. But the WHOLE cast would have to sign on. But I would definately see it opening weekend! And it would be watchable. I could see them thinking about it.

  • Ceballos

    Although this seems like a pretty blatant reaction to “Sex and the City”s big opening and we really don’t need another movie based on a TV show, I actually think “Friends” lends itself more to a movie than SATC.
    Unlike “Sex”, “Friends” didn’t exactly end with everything tied in a neat little bow, so the movie won’t have to work hard to manufacture conflict like the SATC movie did.

  • M

    NO! Come on! Why can’t Hollywood think of any original ideas for movies anymore? Can’t they just choose one of the 40 billion comic books at random and make that into a movie? What’s next Everybody Loves Raymond : The movie?

  • Annie

    I loved Friends. I would love to see what they’re all up to now. Great show.

  • Rahul

    This show is so overrated. Once it became popular it turned to crap. I hope this movie doesn’t get made and I hope that the show will die a fast death in syndication as fans realize how unfunny it became.

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