Name That Movie Mondays! (Vol. 1)

Here’s how it’ll work: We’ll embed the video for a song. You name the film that song was used in. Everyone who answers correctly feels good about themselves (and all those hours spent watching movies).

The song: "This Woman’s Work" by Kate Bush

The film, after the bounce.

John Hughes’ She’s Having a Baby.
That hospital scene was some of Kevin Bacon’s finest work. How is that not on YouTube?!

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  • Jill

    She’s having a baby! Kevin Bacon and one of those Elizabeths from the late 80’s/early 90’s… always mess them up.

  • H

    Aww I used to be the biggest Kate Bush fan in high school. She’s so talented and really made me love music.

  • maura

    what about love and basketball? the song also featured prominently there.

  • Verity

    Wasn’t this song written specifically for that scene in “She’s Having A Baby?” I also remember it being used during that scene in Party of Five where Bailey comes in to see Sarah who is in the hospital because of a car accident he caused because he was drunk. But that’s not a movie so I guess it doesn’t count.

  • Stephanie T.

    It has to be “She’s Having a Baby”.

  • Nose

    The man in this video…was he also in Notting Hill? The bad cook/friend of Hugh Grant’s character?

  • Thomas

    I just remembered the song from those CSI promos not too long ago when everyone thought they were gonna kill off Jorja Fox’s character.

  • Meghan

    Yeah, I remember it from Love and Basketball too. But now that you mention She’s Having a Baby, that sounds familiar as well.

  • Kristen

    The version in Love and Basketball was by Maxwell. And I am now creeped out by how much he sounded like Kate Bush.

  • Tenna

    Yay Kate Bush! :D And yes, this song was written for the movie, I believe, and then she reworked for the album she released it on.

  • lala1215

    Absolutely loved She’s Having a Baby! That scene always gets me teary…the end of the film when the cast and other actors from other Hughes films give suggestions for baby names is funny…I think Matthew Broderick makes an appearance as Ferris there.

  • Bertie

    That scene still makes me cry and I’ve seen it about 20 times. I just downloaded it, so good!

  • Roberta

    Eeps, that’s Tim McInnerny from Blackadder! He’s the dimwitted friend of Roawan Atkinson in various incarnations – hard to swallow him in a dramatic role!

  • Rachel K

    This song was also in an episode of Felicity and Alias, obviously JJ Abram’s a fan :)

  • Jenny

    That is my favorite scene in the movie. I bought the soundtrack to She’s Having a Baby many years ago because I just loved that song!

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