How soon do you want another 'Iron Man' movie?

Ironman_lMarvel Studios wasted no time getting the buzz cycle going for a sequel to Iron Man, announcing an April 2010 premiere date for the second movie in the franchise just days after the first one opened. Exciting, right? In a Q&A with at the time, Robert Downey Jr. had some fun batting around potential ideas for Iron Man 2, while director Jon Favreau was a little more guarded, telling EW’s Adam B. Vary, "We’ve been speaking informally about it, and in concept we would all love to work together again." But this week, Favreau took directly to his MySpace blog to answer fans’ questions, and wound up admitting he was "concerned" about that April 2010 target (h/t): "Neither Robert nor I were consulted about this…we have no script, story or even writers hired yet. This genre of movie is best when it is done thoughtfully and with plenty of preparation." What’s more, he thinks we’re hearing all this urgency mostly beacause "there are no Marvel 09 releases and they need product."

You’ve gotta give Favreau credit for being so honest with his public. And I think he has a good point here. Iron Man was pretty cool, but what’s the point of taking the time to craft a movie that upends critical expectations to the point where some people start talking Oscar if you’re just going to rush out a follow-up on the assembly line? Or you tell me. Did you love the first movie so much that you’re desperate for another right away, even if that means the cast and crew have to work on the fly? (On a semi-related note, anyone besides me extremely happy to learn that Favreau plans to rescue Ghostface Killah’s lost cameo from the cutting-room floor for the Iron Man DVD?)

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  • Martha

    I emphatically agree with Favreau here. Marvel Studios probably wants to cash in as soon as possible, but there’s no need to rush a crappy sequel into theaters. Iron Man 2: Electric Boogaloo, anyone?

  • Eric Friedmann

    Actually, I hated IRON MAN so much that I wanted to turn back the clock to get my precious time back!

  • Intro…

    Ghostface and Downey, together at last… :)

  • Henry

    I think Favreau is right in the studio rushing for the filmmakers to make a sequel. When something like this is rushed, often times, it will result in a terrible movie because there’s no script, no writers, and nothing but commitments by the cast and director to make a sequel. Something like this can result in something just as good or better than the first film. Take a look at Spider-Man 2, which was commissioned as Spider-Man made its bundle of millions and had no full script at the start of production (which was something like four days after the US premiere of the first film). Spider-Man 2, in my opinion, is better than the first film. But Sam Raimi said he did buckle under the expectation to make everything bigger under such a small timeline (the studio put out a firm release date as the first film was showing). Favreau is just trying to ensure that the second Iron Man film lives up to the standards set by the first film. The studio needs to be patient.

  • Dafna

    If Marvel lets Kevin Smith take three years to finish a single comic, then would it kill them to give the same amount of time to the follow-up of a hit movie?
    The wrong lesson was learned from XM3: you can still make money on a crap product, but HONESTLY, why kill the goodwill? Why kill the enthusiasm? Why aspire only to make a quick buck, instead of take the opportunity to make something worthwhile?

  • Scott


  • Snarf

    Loved Iron Man. So I don’t mind waiting a while for the sequal to do the original justice. Think 2003’s X2 (X Men United)

  • Kevin

    Ugh, when does Eric Freidmann (Pop Watch’s “Contrarian du jour”) go away?
    On the topic at hand, take your time Marvel. You have a great cast and a great director here…don’t mess it up by rushing things. Keep in mind, despite the almost universal acclaim Iron-Man garnered (minus, of course Eric Freidmann aka “the male Lisa Schwartzbaum”), the story wasn’t as tight as it should have been…without the killer 1st hour and the superb cast, the movie was pretty much a generic superhero movie. Give the team that created the first one time to perfect the sequel and you’ll hear the rousing call for a third installment. If you botch the sequel, the audience will gladly move onto the next big superhero franchise (come on Warner Bros…where’s my Green Lantern movie?).

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Amen on the Eric Friedmann hatred. You shouldn’t be too surprised that he hated Iron Man…it wasn’t made in the 70’s, so he couldn’t possibly have anything positive to say.

  • Ceballos

    To answer the title of this post: I want another “Iron Man” movie whenever Favreau, Downey and company are ready to make another one just as good, if not better than the first.

  • Ceballos

    I also never got the point of announcing a release date when a film hasn’t even begun production.
    If Favreau doesn’t hit his date (presumably because he’s trying to make the best movie possible) and the movie is delayed, the perception is that the film is troubled. Marvel’s been relatively smart with other things so far, so I just don’t get this.

  • Kate

    The powers that be would be wise to not rush anything for the sake of money-making and ignore the quailty of what they are putting out. People will continue to go to well made sequels, but everyone can tell when one’s been slapped together for the sole purpose of cashing in.

  • Al Fredo

    It’s not clear whether 2010 is unreasonable or not. As Favreau said, nothing has been done yet in IM2, but if Marvel needs April 2010 as a stake in the ground, it seems like that’s simply a driver to begin the process (and I thought he and RDJ already said they had substantial ideas for the next one). Now, April 2009 would be unreasonable….

  • dan jones

    This is about Marvel Studios having a release for 2010 to placate stockholders. They could care less if it’s a good movie… the overwhelming reaction to the first one assures this one a huge box-office regardless of who directs or how it comes out. Unfortunately, that’s the sad reality. They call it “show business” but the business part really comes first.

  • Lena

    I loved “Iron Man,” and was very excited when a sequel was announced. But if it means waiting a little while longer for the sequel in order for it to be even better than the first, then I’d be willing to be patient.

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