What should the Idols sing for Top 3 Week?

By now, rumors are flying fast and furious about what David Cook, David Archuleta, and Syesha Mercado will be singing on tonight’s Idol — which will include judge’s choice, contestant’s choice, and producers’ choice selections — but that didn’t stop Nicholas Fonseca, Missy Schwartz, and me from coming up with our own controversial suggestions. (Archie doing Coldplay? Oh yeah!) Press play to get our picks (yes, we promise, there’s more Wonder Woman footage), then post your own dream song choices in the comments section below.

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  • Saph

    I know Michael said The Scientist for David Archuleta, but I think David Cook singing Fix You would be amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Please stop ‘morphing’ Syesha with Wonder Woman – that just hurts my feelings as Wonder Woman is the coolest female superhero ever!

  • NineDaves

    another en vogue reference! that’s two weeks in a row! go idolatry! i think your syesha choices are all really good, but i’m going to throw some other randomness into the mix. how about lauyrn hill, “everything is everything.” something that has a great groove, but it’s a little reserved? hold it back sysesha – stay away from the beyonce!
    i’d love to hear david cook do some bowie, but rihanna is a great choice as well.
    as for archie. no matter what he sings, i expect it to be boring and perfect for the “no repeat workday” on most literock stations. snore.

  • suebrody

    NO COLDPLAY FOR DAVID ARCHULETA! If he sings The Scientist, I will never be able to listen to Coldplay in the same way again (and I LOVE Coldplay). Let’s give it to David Cook. D’Archie can sing something by some teeny bopper or someone boring like Sade (sorry, but she IS). Archuleta has his place, for sure, but it’s with my 11-year-old niece, not me. (Unless he did something from the 70.) How much would I *love* Syesha to do Dee-Lite? So much fun!!! I hope she is her usual sassy self. It’ll be entertaining, unless she gets all holier-than-thou again, and she gets zero votes from the voters who cannot take her seriously at all at such moments *raising hand and swaying in the mosh pit*.
    I think Cook DOES need to get risky this week. Doing Hoobastank in a non-Hoobastank way? AWESOME!!!!!!

  • cimagato

    So sad, since Carly’s and Castro’s ousters, I find I don’t care. If Archuleta or Syesha wins, it’s just more of the same. And Cook’s ambivalence is just as depressing as Castro’s was. If he doesn’t pull it out this week, I don’t know if I’ll even be bothered to watch the end.

  • corey49

    slezak says in idolatry that david a. sang crazy by gnarls barkley during hollywood week, don’t know if he’s getting mixed up or they both sang it. but jason definitely sang a cover of gnarls barkley crazy. supposedly it was awesome but they couldn’t air any of it because of copyright problems with the song(this from nigel lythgoe).you can hear him sing it on youtube,really wish he would have had the chance to sing something like that on AI.even though david a. does have a beautiful voice i feel he does the same thing every week and its getting boring. even when he’s great i don’t want to listen to him again. even david c. think he really needs to do something stellar, he’s been boring lately too.when he’s on like mariah week or hello he’s awesome but now i feel he’s acting like the rocker instead of just being one.i would love to hear him sing a song just the way it was written without changing it all the time.will miss jason tonite

  • suebrody

    Maybe it’s better if Cook DOESN’T win (in the Daughtry-way), though if he’s made it this far, why not. (I’m still voting for him, anyway.) If it’s Sayesha/Archuleta, I am not going to watch. See ya, bye, Idol, not caring.
    As for songs, after some thought:
    Syesha: something contemporary like Rhianna would be nice. And something from the disco era would be fun, too (she could be more shiny, happy people!).
    Archuleta (yawn): He’ll do some dull power ballads. I don’t care. Sorry.
    Cook: I love the idea of Bowie!!! How about KISS, I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night? (Maybe not.) He could SMASH Coldplay. Oh, wait a minute. Archuleta could sing Smash Mouth! I’m thinking maybe rocking up Goo Goo Dolls or Match Box 20? I would still like some REM or U2. Alas, he said he doesn’t like Nivana, but what about Soundgarden or Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam or STP? Go grunge, dude!
    Michael Johns: How about…Oh, wait a minute. He was voted off. AT number 8! Before KLC! *DEEP SIGH*

  • Al

    What great choices. I’d love to see little David do something totally different like Gary Jules’ Mad World- but we all know he’s going to pick something his Dad has said is ok (whether his Dad is in the room or not) and be his totally BORING self. Let’s all vote David C and Syeesha. My dream ending would be we rally enough people who were disgusted by this whole season to continually vote and have Syeesha WIN. How cool would that be? The capper to a close to if not actually jumping the shark season.

  • Amanda

    Get out of my brain! I have been wanting Cook to sing some Bowie for a while now. “Space Oddity” would have been awesome last week, but I think “Life on Mars?” is an even better choice.
    I think Archuleta should sing Madonna’s “Open Your Heart.”

  • Josie Richardson

    I LOVE David A. if i could ask him 1 question i would ask him if he would go on a date with me i mean hes 17 and i am 13 so i think he would go on a date with me also i would ask him if he would give me his phone # (I LOVE)him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i wish i could meat him i also wish we could get maried i mean he is sexy hot he is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU DAVID A. WITE BACK PLEASE

  • socalgirl

    I wish people would stop saying that David Cook doesn’t want the win! He’s a guy (first of all!) who grew up playing competitive sports – I think he wants to win – it’s in his blood. Any notion that he will be somehow tainted with the “Idol” label is nonsense. He is going to have a 50-year career in music, probably including a stint as a producer along the way. This is how he is deservedly getting there. Besides, he wants to headline the Tour this summer. Why wouldn’t he – his own songs are amazing and this is his chance to play huge arenas. His angst last week was more likely a result of the pressure he put on himself to do well during “rock” week. He didn’t live up to his own high standards. That’s the emotion we saw. I’m guessing that after an amazing trip home to KC and with the end in sight, his energy level tonight will be there. One old ballad, one meaningful 90s offering, and one high energy rock anthem. I just hope he gets to Cookify the cheesy final song next week!

  • AAR

    If David Cook sings anything by U2 I will be a puddle on the floor. Coldplay and Matchbox20/Rob Thomas, as someone below pointed out, would also be excellent choices. As for Lil’ David, why not embrace the Teen Scene and bust out with some N SYNC? ByeByeBye would help to lighten him up. Syesha needs to bring the fun too. What about Cher’s “If I could turn back time” or that dance one (something like “Do you believe in life after love”)? I could see her stalking the stage singing either of those.

  • to: Josie Richardson

    You’re really 47, aren’t you?

  • Justin Castillo

    Here’s what they WILL sing…
    (S) Roberta Flack’s “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” Has
    been covered by 30 artists ranging from Celine Dion to Johnny Cash. You know where to go for the info.
    (p) unknown as I type this, but would love to hear him try Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” since I can’t resist seeing our rocker channel his inner Sid Vicious via Gary Oldman
    Collective Soul’s “The World I Know” Surprised he didn’t puzzle us again with a Big Rick tune…yeah, I don’t the name either.
    (PA) Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes”
    (p) Dan Fogelberg’s “Longer”
    Chris Brown’s “With You” Current at last
    (R) “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys Unbeknowst to him, she’s covered it many times with her band,
    (p) Gia Farrell’s “Hit Me Up”?…from Happy Feet? This hasn’t even hit the America charts. Thank Wheat Thins.
    Peggy Lee’s “Fever” I thought she wanted to sing Michael Buble’s “Feelin’ Good” which could be similar to the Nina Simone original. Paris Bennett and Nick Pedro need not worry.

  • SueS

    Since Jason’s gone they could and should all sing Row Row Row your boat. The show stinks.

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