‘Bones’ recap: Swan Song?

Bones_lWhat a way to race toward the season finale: a relatively tight murder mystery, a lot of humor, and an emotional (if not suspenseful) cliffhanger. Not to mention combining Bones with another PopWatch favorite, American Idol.Season 6’s Brandon Rogers helped set the open mic scene with his version a Pippin song, and season 5’s Ace Young (pictured) played the talented victim. As with all our vics, more than one person had motive to kill the not-so-nice and ambitious singer, from the cheated gym owner to the stalker client, Pam Nunan (Jennifer Hasty).  But it was his hyper-sensitive artist neighbor who took a clay string to the stoned singer’s throat and tried to cover it up. (I do wonder, though, why, after killing someone in the name of getting peace and quiet, would he live with the ongoing alarm instead of just breaking into the apartment to silence it? Or was that supposed to be all Tell-tale Heart-esque?)

The ideas of status and power were threaded throughout the episode, but Brennan’s praising of Booth while noting her own elevated status ("Since I’m the best in my field, it would be self-destructive to work with someone who’s beneath me.") was particularly choice. And Zack was full of surprises that affected his status last night: citinghis home workout regimen that accounted for his deceptively strongphysique and later bursting into song to prove to Hodgins that he hadachieved some measure of status because of his singing voice. Was it meor did Angela and Cam seem to view Zack in a new light after hisrendition of  "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing"?

addCredit(“Ace Young: Isabella Vosmikova”)

Speaking of love, it seemed more than a little easy for Pam (I willnot call her that three-letter "f" word) to transfer of her irrationallove to Booth, thanks to a few kind words and a comforting touch. Butfor someone with good instincts, Booth was slow to acknowledge thewoman’s progressive obsession with him. Even when she lured him into asolo meeting and gifted him with funky socks because she’d noticed hehad "a thing for socks," Booth answered all of her personal questionsbefore putting a stop to it with his "Ma’am, this is way inappropriate."

I continue to loooove the integration of Sweets in the cases. Notonly is he funny and insightful, but he’s great for elicitinginteresting things from Booth and Brennan. Brennan’s Booth-likeresponse to his psycho analysis ("Take your powers of observation andfocus them on her."), complete with hand gesture and snark, wasunexpected. That was almost as good as when she said, "Then why am Ilaughing?" after Booth and Sweets told her it wasn’t funny that Pam hadgiven Booth socks. Sadly, Sweets had to play the part of Cassandra,warning Booth and Brennan that Pam was not just kooky but alsodangerous, only to have them dismiss his insight (Sweets: "I’ve beenmocked many, many times before.") But soon, the poor, deluded woman wasfollowing Booth around and taking her stalker pics from her car.

So while we reveled in getting to see the entire cast out of the labto witness Brennan singing, we kind of knew what was coming next. (BTW:We shouldn’t have been too surprised that Brennan’s got a great singingvoice, though Booth seemed to be. Emily Deschanel’s sister Zooey is thesinger in the duo She & Him, so it wasn’t a stretch that Emilycould also carry a tune. But couldn’t they squeeze in David Boreanazsinging, even just a little? The scene with him singing "Mandy" on Angel is one of my husband’s favorite TV things ever. Shout-out to our own Mandi. She knows why.)

When Pam walked in and saw Booth waving his lighter and enjoyingBrennan’s jumping around and singing "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," shehad to pull focus. Raising her gun and yelling to Booth that she wasdoing this for them, she shot at Brennan. Of course, our hero jumped infront of the bullet, never managing to get his gun out in time andtaking a round to the chest. Shortly after, Brennan executed a perfectshot to the dead center of Pam throat. As Brennan put pressure onBooth’s wound and called out for him to stay with her, I rememberedSweets’ courtroom analysis last week that she’s capable ofrationalizing murder, "the danger of the totally rational person." Butsince the whackjob was about to shoot at her again, it was totallyjustifiable.

Okay, I’ve got to say that the teaser line "Is Booth dead or alive"is the least suspenseful question ever. Could they really kill offBooth? But with the finale coming up, the Gormogon killer returning,and Booth’s life hanging in the balance, what questions would you liketo ask Bones‘ exec producer Hart Hanson, whom I’ll be chatting with later this week?

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  • Sam

    I <3 bones soooo much….I grin through the whole show

  • Jamie

    I’ve waited all morning for your update and I got…THIS?! Come on! I think I could have done better in my sleep! Sorry, I don’t normally talk trash about the reviewer, but seriously…
    *Spoiler alert!*
    I heard that the first thing that happens next week is the “Funeral of a beloved character”. Granted, I don’t think it’s Booth, but…you never know. TV writers have shocked us before.
    BTW, who didn’t see Pam’s “fatal attraction” to Booth coming from a mile away? Honestly…sometimes they make the characters so stupid. He really should have seen that one coming.
    I love Sweets. He’s quickly becoming one of my favs!

  • Dana

    Loved Brennan singing, I too was hoping we’d get to see not only Booth up there but Sweets as well. Glad to see Brennan kill Fat Pam.
    I’d like to ask Bones’ exec producer Hart Hanson when we can see Booth and Brennan begin to explore another side of their relationship, lets say in the bedroom?

  • Anonymous

    Look forward to your chat with Hart. Am dying here, waiting for next week’s episode – to find out who gormogon is!!!
    hey abby, make these longer! i love reading your recaps, but like brennan’s singing scenes, they are too short.

  • annie

    I know there’s a very, very slim chance of Booth actually dying, but it was scary and heart-wrenching nontheless when he was shot. What I’m concerned about next week is the reappearance of Gormogon and he might be someone in the lab. I really hope it’s not Sweets – he’s such a great addition to the team!
    And a question for Hart – How much of the story developments and dialogue come from the writers’ room and how much come for the actors and their great chemistry (not just Bones and Booth, but the whole, wonderful cast)?

  • annie

    Spelling correction, because I’m anal –
    A question for Hart – How much of the story developments and dialogue come from the writers’ room and how much come from the actors and their great chemistry (not just Bones and Booth, but the whole, wonderful cast)?

  • Silent E

    I agree that it’s time for a full on TV watch for Bones! Loved this ep, as usual. Sweets giving Bones a pep talk about her singing was priceless. Preview for next week looks very promising as a season ender. I’d like to find out from Mr. Hanson how the Gormogon story would have played out if they’d had the whole season. Seems truncated to put the resolution into one episode, given how much attention the story was given in the early eps.

  • Coyote

    Did Booth say the gym owner was heading for Ohio? I’ve never heard such an odd pronunciation before.

  • Coyote

    Did Booth say the gym owner was heading for Ohio? I’ve never heard such an odd pronunciation before.

  • AB

    Thank you, Brendan Rogers and Ace Young, for reminding me why I never voted for either of you on AI. Although I think it would have been funny if they got other former AI’ers to play the ‘bad’ singers too.

  • alyson

    I’d like to ask Hart why he and the writers insisted upon implementing what should have been a season-long story arc into a season they KNEW was going to be truncated by the writers’ strike. At least they had the good sense to wait and introduce Angela’s husband next year.

  • aaa

    I know Booth won’t die, but I do look forward to some tender moments for Brennan as she worries about his life. Maybe she realizes what he really means to her?
    P.S. Why don’t you ask Hart Hanson why the only overweight woman they ever had on the show turned out to be a complete psycho? Nice message.

  • Mells

    I have no problem w/ this summary of last night’s show. Calm down people – it’s not a regular TVWatch! I would like it to be but I’d also like to have a fling w/ David Boreanz . . but I digress.
    I’ve said all along that I thought Sweets was the Gormagon but I truly hope I’m wrong. I love his character, he’s brilliant and hilarious. But think about it – he’s got those veneers on his upper bridge. What if it’s removable to reveal his sharpened fang teeth to make his cannibalism easier? UGH Anyway, I’m hoping I’m completely wrong. Can’t wait till next week!

  • Sara

    I missed the credits last week… But was this the first week that Sweets was credited as a regular, not as a guest star?

  • JoeC

    I really didn’t like Bones’s singing, but I loved the way she hopped around a la early 80’s Cyndi Lauper. When Booth held up his cigarette lighter, man, so fuuny! The shooting at the end, I didn’t see that. Perhaps David Boreanz wanted to take the last week off?????

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