Arnel Pineda fronting Journey: Genius or blasphemy?

You’ve probably heard of Filipino singer/songwriter/master manipulator of voice Arnel Pineda, discovered by the non-Steve Perry members of Journey via YouTube, and officially hired as the band’s lead singer back in December. This week, the remodeled Journey announced a tour with Heart and Cheap Trick, starting in July. While you’re rummaging around your most neglected junk drawer for your most beloved and long-lasting lighter, play the above video and try to tell Perry’s vocals from those of Pineda. Ha! This is hardly a challenge. Anyway, do you approve of Perry’s replacement, or think it’s a joke? There’s also always the write-in option: "Who cares about Journey?"


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  • Astro Boy

    OMG, Pineda is amazing! It’s like that Mark Walberg movie, “Rock Star!”

  • Minutiae

    I’m sure Pineda will be fine, but Journey won’t get a dime from me. They had a GREAT singer in Jeff Scott Soto (after booting Steve Augeri over his throat problems), and then booted JSS so they could go get a cover band singer. JSS had stage presence, charisma, and a young energy that Augeri didn’t have, and then he got the boot for another Perry sound-alike. Not cool, and not OK.

    • margie

      i think you better review your facts. JSS was long gone when they found pineda. he certainly was not booted out of the band because of pineda. be hateful if you like but be factual, at least.

    • APrules

      Sorry to say Minutiae, but Steve Perry, moreover, Steve Augeri and Jeff Scott Soto days are long gone over. Try to get that into your head and wake up to the realities of life.

      • Pinoy Fleetwood

        Wow I can’t believe how popular Journey is today I wonder if they where as popular then.

  • Thad

    He is not a mimic and he is certainly NOT Steve Perry. He is who he is. Journey members want to milk it for all its worth.

  • Dee

    Journey is my #1 favorite band of all time. But, sadly, Journey ain’t Journey w/out Steve Perry. :(

    • APrules

      That’s what you think Dee. The sad fact was, Steve Perry wanted to move on without Journey. I believe then you need to move on as well, if not, just follow behind Steve Perry wherever he goes. Try to get the latest news 2009 on Arnel Pineda on how hell he performed and outstood what you called ‘original”

      • Ray

        Steve did not want to move on. He had to have hip replacement surgery and wanted the band to wait for his recovery before touring. The band’s popularity was on an upswing and they wanted to strike while the irons were hot. So it was the band that wanted to move on not Steve Perry. I’d prefer Journey with Steve Perry but this is a very close second.

      • ronnie

        Bull crap that guy cant hold a candle to steve and he knows it so should you.

    • bla bla

      Yep. Without Perry, they are just a “tribute band” now. This whole situation really reminds me of that movie “Rock Star” (2001) w/Mark Wahlberg. If you haven’t seen it, the movie is based on what happened with Judas Priest.

  • Ep Sato

    I’d hit up the show for a chance to see Cheap Trick. Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos are pretty much the best thing to have come out of Rockford, Illinois. Well, they did have a decent skatepark there in the 1990s.
    With all the Idols singing Heart covers, it might be slick to hear the originals.

  • Jim

    Amen, Minutiae. I had the pleasure of seeing Journey with Jeff Scott Soto in Shreveport, Louisiana, and the man has pipes for days. Anyone who doubts that should go back and check out his early work with Yngwie J. Malmsteem. I was really hoping Journey would record with JSS; that said, the new guy sounds great, and isn’t a Perry clone, so more power to Journey, and I hope to see them on the road again.

    • APrules

      Well Jim, have you heard the latest news and good raving reviews on Arnel Pineda’s performances? Was this magical thing ever done by your idor Soto?

  • Joe

    Jeff Scott Soto was the best thing to happen to Journey in years. I did not miss Steve Perry at all like I did when seeing Augeri. Don’t know what happened there especially since he had just work to gether with Neal Schon for a band they called Soul Sirkus. Really would have loved to hear an a Journey album with JSS. Good luck to Pineda filling JSS’s shoes

  • ladyli1

    IMHO, No Perry-No Money from ME!!

    • common _sense

      ladyli1….your few dollars is not Journeys lost…..nobody cares about your dimes….

  • Eric Friedmann

    This is exactly what happened with Judas Priest (it inspired the movie ROCK STAR) and the band didn’t go very far until original frontman Rob Halford returned.
    Journey is one of my favorite bands and I will admit that Steve Augeri was a very worthy replacement, both in voice and in stage performance. The 2001 album “Arrival” was a very underated masterpiece of rock music. But their comes a point where enough is enough! This no longer seems like Journey, but rather a Journey tribute band!
    By the way, for those who think Journey was only Journey with Steve Perry, be reminded that band founder Gregg Rolie was the voice of Journey for three albums before Perrry joined. He continued to be a strong voice in the band before leaving in 1980. Gregg Rolie also co-founded Santana. Yes, that’s HIS voice you’re hearing on some of their biggest his like “Evil Ways”, “Persuasion”, “Black Magic Woman”, “Hope You’re Feeling Better”, “Everybody’s Everything” and NOT Carlos Santana’s!

  • Dwight

    Apparently a LOT of people care about Journey. Just check how many downloads “Don’t Stop Believin'” has had since iTunes opened. And Steve Perry IS Journey. I wouldn’t see them in concert sans Perry if someone gave me a ticket. But I’d pay dearly to see Steve live. It would be like seeing U2 with someone filling in for Bono or (shudder) someone else filling in for Freddie Mercury in Queen or Jim Morrison in the Doors. It’s laughable – – and it’s too bad Perry can’t file an injunction to make the stop.

  • pk

    I have been so angry for so long about “Journey” touring with various sound-alikes. This is just more salt in the wound. I don’t care if a guy sounds just like Steve Perry, he’s not Steve Perry. I love Journey, but will never see them or buy their music unless it’s with the actual Steve Perry. There is a special place in hell for Neil Schonn for they way he has tormented fans with various replacements over the years. Just make up with Steve already!

  • Steve4ever

    I’m really going to date myself here but I hit my tweens just after Escape was released. I LIVED on that music! Journey was a staple for me and was the soundtrack of my life through my teens. There is NO ONE like Steve Perry! I saw Journey tour with Foreigner about 10 years ago and, while the singer (can’t remember who it was) was good, it wasn’t Steve. The sound was quality but the emotion behind the music wasn’t there.

  • Erika85

    PK – You are my new best friend. I agree with you totally that Neal does have a special place in hell for taking Journey on without Steve. Especially after Steve ASKED Neal to wait until he got better and he would be back to tour on their last album together. Journey was the soundtrack to my life growing up in the 80’s and some of my best memories include this music and Steve’s amazing voice. Anyone can play guitar, but no one sounds like Steve. Fans don’t buy albums or go to concerts because of the guitar player…they go to hear the singer. Journey will never get another dime from me unless Steve comes back, period. However, I would pay anything to see Steve sing live or get somehting new from him…he could sing the phone book and I would be in the front row screaming my head off!

  • conrad

    Steve Perry is Steve Perry. Journey is Journey. Arnel Pineda is Arnel Pineda. Any fan can adore his or her own idol. Any frontman can lose vocal pipes and rest. Let your memories be good memories. Live your life to the full. Should you take this chip on your shoulders, then call Steve Perry to ressurect himself with another band..he got talent. Let Journey 2008 create its own history. Let the guy Arnel create his own. Should you have talent then audition yourselves to replace Arnel Pineda…come on did you ( a hardcore fan) help the Journey bandmen when they need a replacement frontman?Wher are you when they are down? Why cry now? Your good memories of SP are still there to feed your ear alive.

    • chris

      Well said.

    • Rain

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Edwin

      I agree to your comment Conrad, let the history makes line

  • Jane

    It’s blasphemy!! Journey is only Journey with Steve Perry. It doesn’t matter if this Arnel can sing you can tell the difference. I wouldn’t waste my money unless it was Journey w/Steve Perry!

    • Kanie

      Neal S./Journey band picked Arnel P. as their lead singer, not you or anyone else so why can’t you just be positive about it. They made more than 35 million in 2008, can you do better than that?

      • bruce

        I agree, SP fans and AP fans were hurling unacceptable comments. If Neal Schon and band mates wholeheartedly accept this Filipino as their new front man as well as those people who bought tickets during their concert tour why we can’t accept the reality and move on. If Arnel sangs Journey’s song far from what the Journey fans would like the band to render, i don’t think we knew who is Arnel Pineda is, because right away in the audition, he will not get the job.

      • Bill

        Living off of the songs Steve Perry made famous!

    • Brett

      As a vocalist and a Journey fan since 81, there are a few things to consider. Journey “was” SP. Perry cannot sing these songs anymore. He has gotten too old. Even on TRIAL BY FIRE, which is true Journey gold, he sounds like he is struggling and those notes aren’t as high as the older stuff. Trust me when I say, you may bag on Arnel now, but, if you had Perry back you would not be getting what you think you would. Perry’s attitude sucked and now he can’t sing anymore. It is a sad fact, but, it is true. The only way you will get a true and up to par Journey experience is WITH Arnel. Pineda is fantastic and although he didn’t create the classics, he waxes Perry’s ass even when compared to Perry in his prime. The live in Manila DVD is a full show of said ass waxing through and through. Perry wouldn’t dare get on a stage with Pineda to prove the point, because he is saving face. Ass hole or not, he knew when to throw in the towel and go out on top. Journey doesn’t have to suffer for that. God bless them for moving on. Arnel is the best thing that has happened to them since finding Perry. Pineda’s talent level ups the ante. You will never hear Perry sing again. Mark my words. I have heard mid 90’s recordings that are aweful. If you don’t like Pineda, judge him on his talents, not who he is replacing. Perry was great and was the original, no doubt. He bowed out long ago. Put it to bed already. Augeri was great in his own right. JSS, awesome, no doubt. Journey answered what Journey fans wanted. Someone worthy of carrying on the legacy with a freshness and a familiarity as well. My hat is off to Pineda.

      • Jeff

        It saddens me to hear so many people so upset over who is who in the Journey World.I am an old fart myself(57) and have followed journey since its beginnings in 1973.Let it be for crying out loud.I have seen over 51 Journey concerts.Yes,Steve Perry was,at his prime,the “BEST” of them all.STOP baggin NEAL.All Neal wants is to “PLAY ON”.He is a very “SAVY”business man as well as the “BEST”melodic guitarist of all time.While all of you argue and get pissed off about who is who in the “Lead Singer”world of Journey,Neal and Ross(the only 2 original members)and the rest of them are having fun and making millions doing so.Keep in mind that other bands are doing the same and having fun doing so.Look at Paul Rogers and “QUEEN”just to name one.Its “NOT”about who is who or who was who,its about “MUSIC”and “NEW”adventures.But ask anyone.ASK yourself! If you had that kind of talent,or OPPORTUNITY to do “THAT” and make some “BIG” money doing it,what would you say? I rest my case.I,personally will continue to go to every Journey(and many other)concert I can,no matter who is “NEW”.More power to you,Neal,Ross,Jonathan,Deen and Arnel!

      • STB

        Steve Perry is the Best of all of them and NONE of those who have had to try to COPY him has even come close. Perry’s has a great attitude – The Rockstar who happens to like the normal things in life as opposed to only one thing – play, play, play. Was really blown away when seeing Heart, ANN and Nancy.

      • pauline diaz

        well said my friend

      • Barton Ravencraft

        Nicely put Brett! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Arnel has much better word pronunciation than Steve ever had. I’m not being a hater, I’m just saying what I hear!!!!!

      • Barton Ravencraft

        Oh,and BTW,although not in the basement, I do still live with my mother.

      • Radar

        Hey Barton Ravencraft,
        Your 10:23 a.m. post is right on the money, Arnel should pronounce his “note for note” better; afterall, he has been copying everyone for most of his life. Perry sings the songs with emotions, not associated with “note for note” basically drawing/talking of the words as I noticed on those awful rerecords with Pineda. When he is trying to get away from copying, there is that flop album called “Eclipse” that only a handful of people are interested in buying. Guess he can keep practicing his “much better pronunciation” on the music Steve Perry felt, created and put in “real emotion” that spurred the band to have to get a “karaoke copycat.” I guess that is the fate of a lifetime “sound-alike.”

    • Fox

      Get over it, Steve Perry has been out of the band since 1998. That’s over 11 years. It’s just as annoying as people complaining that Slash isn’t in Guns ‘N’ Roses anymore

      • Fox

        Sorry guys,I’m a grumpy old troll.

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