Does your DVR ever make you late for work?

Angelboreanz_lI’ve been taping the morning Angel repeats on TNT, because even though I loved Buffy, I somehow didn’t tune into Angel until Season 3, when I happened to be at a friend’s apartment when she was watching the episode in which a certain vampire staked herself to give birth to a certain baby. (I vagued that up for spoiler-phobes.) I kept with the show through the killer fourth season (The Beast! Jasmine!), but for some reason, never made it into Season 5. I don’t know why. I’m clearly enjoying it now, since I was an hour late to work yesterday because I had to watch the freshly-DVR’d "Life of the Party" episode. I knew I wouldn’t have time to watch it last night after work, so I had to watch it before I went in. Right? Before you answer, remember that this is the episode where Wolfram & Hart throws a Halloween party and everyone ends up doing what Lorne tells them to do: Fred and Wesley act drunk (so well), Gunn "marks his territory," Spike thinks positively, and Eve and Angel (Sarah Thompson and David Boreanaz, pictured) "get a room."

But back to my question: Does your DVR ever make you late for work? When was the last time, or, if you’re a frequent offender, what’s your best story? I’m sure your boss isn’t reading this. (And if mine is, the fact that I turned my experience into this blog item technically means that I was "working from home" yesterday morning, no?)

P.S.: TNT’s weekday morning Angel repeats cycle back to Season 1 on March 18, with the episode titled "City Of," should you want to join me in watching from the beginning.

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  • Snarf

    Angel was a great (and severely underrated) series. Season 5 rocked.
    I avoid watching TV in the morning so I don’t get sidetracked.

  • kats

    Not late to work but definitely deprived of sleep. Been catching up on “Veronica Mars” season 3 by purchasing individual episodes on iTunes. Should be getting the first three disks of season 1 from netflix tomorrow and that might change the late to work thing. Why, oh why was I not aware of this show prior to becoming painfully aware of the total hottness of Jason Dohring thanks to “Moonlight”? Thankfully I can now watch all the glory of Logan Echolls on dvd = )

  • LMB

    DVR doesn’t make me late for work but the reruns of “Angel” certainly do. What’s sad is that I’ve seen these episodes many times before. I just can’t get enough of this show!
    Be sure to watch “Smile Time” when it comes on – the best “Angel” episode of the entire series.

  • Lauren

    I second the sleep-deprived comment. Last August, my then-roommate purchased “Friday Night Lights,” season 1 on DVD because a) it was only $20, and b) we’d heard so many great things about the show. He worked nights, which led to a lot of “just one more episode before you go to bed, Lauren” and a lot of sleepy mornings for me. Totally worth it, though.
    These days, it’s “The L Word” on On Demand. So fun.
    And kats, congrats on discovering the glory that is “Veronica Mars.” Oh, Logan Echolls/Jason Dohring, you are too yummy for words…

  • Jen

    If I go home from work lunch time, I can’t turn on the TV, or I’ll be at least half an hour late getting back. The DVR also used to make me late to pick up my boyfriend from the bus stop. OOOPS.

  • maggie

    the only shows i dvr are “anthony bourdain: no reservations” and “doctor who.” more than once, i’ve been late to the bar i work at because i’ve HAD to watch the last few minutes of an episode of “doctor who”–just to see how it all ends. of course now, i’m going to add “angel” to my dvr list.

  • Jen

    Oh yeah, and one of my friends lost his job because he got the first season of 24 on DVD and watched the entire thing straight through. He had never seen it and got so into it he couldn’t turn it off to go to work.

  • paige

    DVR makes me late. all. the. damn. time!

  • Elizabeth

    My last job (the one where I got paid to screw around on all day long), I didn’t get home till 11 pm, I would watch “24” in the morning before work because I had to know what happened. An interesting way to start the day.

  • Catherine

    I missed my bus more time than I can remember off because I was watching Dawson’s creek and it was important since I was going to discuss the last episod with my friens…Ah good times!

  • EMB

    That sounds exactly like my morning routine. I have been catching up with Angel, since I missed many episodes the first time around. If I’m not watching Angel in the morning (I skip a the Conner with Cordy storyline and anything with Fred and Westley–I am more of a Fred and Gunn fan), I most often try and watch DVR-ed shows in the a.m. and it never times out right. The most recent incident was when I decided I had to watch Medium so that I could talk about the episode with a coworker and so desperately wanted to finish it that I missed my bus.

  • Nick

    Thank you for continuously supporting the Buffyverse and Whedon. YOU ROCK.

  • kats

    Thanks Lauren = )
    I think eventually I’m just going to have to buckle and buy the whole series for the beauty that is Logan!

  • jana

    OMG! i’ve been watching the TNT Angel morning repeats FOREVER!!! it’s wonderful! i wasn’t in to buffy but maybe 2 years ago i started watching Angel in lieu of news. started in the 5th season & loved it so much i just kept going. cuz they show 10 episodes every week (2 a day mon-fri), 5 seasons go pretty fast. still isn’t anything on tv @ that time of the morning better than angel! so, mandi, i’ll be joining you!

  • kats

    Thanks for the heads up to the start date Mandi. I’ll be giving that the old season ticket treatment on my dvr asap.

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