Marion Cotillard on 9/11: Je ne regrette rien

Marioncotillard_lGuess the Oscar victory curse is starting early for Marion Cotillard, who is already facing backlash and demands that she return her statuette — not for anything she’s done on screen, but for unearthed comments from an old interview in which she suggested that the World Trade Center collapse was engineered by its owners and was not the work of terrorists, and that the 1969 moon landing never happened. It doesn’t look like the controversy is going away anytime soon, since Cotillard (via her agent) is refusing to apologize and notes that there are plenty of other places besides America where she can find film work. (Shades of Spinal Tap’s manager insisting that the cancellation of a Boston gig is no big deal because "it’s not a big college town.")

Now, as someone who was in New York on 9/11, yeah, I do find such comments offensive, but I’m satisfied to chalk them up to stupidity rather than malice. Won’t stop me from going to see Cotillard’s next movie. If every star who spouted 9/11 conspiracy theories were drummed out of showbiz, Charlie Sheen would be out of a job. So would Rosie O’Donnell. (Oh, wait…) And if everyone in Hollywood who ever did or said something that was stupid or offensive (to someone) were forced out of work, the only performer left standing would be Elle Fanning. Celebrities have the right to shoot their mouths off, and so do you. Have at it.

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  • Jason

    Return her Oscar?!?! That’s crazy. Oscar’s should be based on the performance alone (and hers was amazing), not politics. How crazy, nice or stupid she, or any other actor is, is irrelevant.

  • Sally

    She’s still young and she lives overseas. The folk overseas from the Middle Easterners to the Europeans don’t believe 9/11 is all it’s cranked up to be and there are a lot of theories out there. Even here in this country people are saying that Bush is behind 9/11…yadayada….but to demand that she give her statuette back is silly. If anything she will find MORE work overseas; she may not have Americans go see her work, but she’s probably got a sympathetic ear overseas. I remember the French being criticized after 9/11 and when they didn’t support us, congressmen wanted to rename French fries — absolutely silliness. It’s probably just five people asking for her give-back. She did an admirable job, she earned it, fuggedaboutit.

  • Broadway Baby

    I just find it interesting that once someone gets a little notoriety we are all (and I am including myself) so interested in their views on global terrorism or the current economic stimulus package. Obviously giving up her Oscar would be ridiculous as it had nothing to do with her views on the moon landing that happened, I’m guessing, a good decade before she was even born. She may just be young – but she is a hell of a performer. Imagine the entertainment we would have missed if the first time Barbra Streisand opened her mouth in controversy she would have been shipped overseas. God Bless America!

  • Mozz

    I was in New York on Sept. 11th, and that was one of the most terrifying days of my life. And yet, two years later, i speculated that it just didn’t seem right that they came down so fast. Like there was something more behind it. and I was certain tat the U.S. government knew about it before it happenned. The mind tries to make sense out of tragedy in a way that you will feel safe. I don’t mind what she said… she’s truly a gifted actor, and I will continue to search out her work. Now the Moon Landing, clearly she’s got an over-active imagination. But isn’t that exactly what makes her so brilliant in the role that won her, her justly deserved Academy Award. I for one think Julie Christie is responsible for the leak of the magazine articles. But that’s just me!

  • Eli

    Yesterday I tried to bring it up at work, and then we ended up talking about how brilliant she was in La Vie en Rose. Conclusion we came down to: The Media Cares about this a lot. We the people: Not so much.

  • K

    Yawn! Many non-Americans have some wacky conspiracy theories about 9/11. It would be one thing if she said we deserved it (which I personally have heard and find VERY offensive). I look forward to her next role!

  • bonnylass

    To suggest she should give back her oscar is ridiculous, of course. She can say whatever she wants. But for those of you who dismiss what she says because she’s “young”…she’s a 32 year old woman! Surely that makes her old enough to be responsible for what she says.

  • Gringo

    This amazes me. Why is the media so obsessed with this? So what if she questions somethings legitimacy. It is certainly no grounds to have her stripped of her Oscar. This is simply another case of the media trying to spin this into a bigger story than it really is. As Eli already said – we common folk could care less.

  • Heather

    There’s different kind of offensive, and hers is the kind of offensive that’s just not newsworthy. It’s sad, pathetic and delusional, but not controversial. There are loons with that kind of thinking all over the world. (Think of all those people that still think the Holocaust never happened.)

  • Catherine

    She won an Oscar that does not make her in any way a political or social expert, so anything she might say is as good or bad as the person next to you.

  • soulman

    Stupidity or malice, the comments were completely degrading, and an insult to the intelligence of any New Yorker, American, or human being affected by the tragedy. And yeah, she’s adding insult to injury by not apologizing. I don’t think they should take her Oscar away (she was wonderful in La Vie en Rose), but it’s disappointing that her agent is shrugging the matter off. Take responsibility for your actions!

  • EvilCornbread

    Mos Def said the same thing on Real Time with Bill Maher.
    And white people love Mos Def.

  • Paul

    Thank you so much for saying that, Gary.

  • Anjeliki

    Looks like The View just found another panelist.

  • Ceballos

    While there’s no doubt the comment is offensive and insensitive, I agree with Catherine: Cotillard is an actress, not some sort of social expert or any sort of authority on the matter. Her crazy opinion is no different in my eyes, than the same crazy opinion coming from your average non-Oscar winning schmos.
    What I’m really interested in talking about is why this year-old interview is resurfacing now. I mean, do we honestly think this would’ve been brought up this week if Julie Christie or Ellen Page had won the Oscar?

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