"The L Word' recap: At last, lesbian Turkish oil wrestling!

Lwordwatch_lI woke up yesterday morning at 7:15 a.m., turned onto myleft side with disgust, and thought, "Crap, it’s Monday." Then I realized thatno, in fact, it was Sunday. And this was Presidents’ Day Weekend. And I wasn’tworking on Monday. The exhilaration I felt, the sheer joy at having a full 48more hours before actually going to work (any time the TV’s on at my house — that’dbe 23 ½ hours a day — it’s some form of "work") was like little I’d known before.Later that evening, God gave me another gift, a spunky episode of The L Wordcalled "Lesbians Gone Wild."

Was this it? Would this be the episode we’d all been waitingfor, the one teased in those late November promos that had us agape, clutchingour fists to our chests and asking, "Did they… are they… is that really two women grappling in Turkish oil?!" Oh, it was. And it was good. So good, infact, that I even wished I had a cigarette to smoke when it was all over, justbecause. Dawn Bimbo and Lover Cindy — seriously, it’s out of control how often Dawn refers tothis woman as her "lover," so I might as well just coin the damnterm — opened up a new can of whoop-ass in their war against Kit with a specialoil-wrestling themed night at SheBar. And you know what? It worked. Because aboutall I saw of The Planet this week was Jodi and her ex-girlfriend chit-chattingabout bladdy-blah-blah in sign language on a patio. No offense to all y’allsigners out there, but I’m thinking they would actually look like they didn’twant to slit their wrists if they’d been having that discussion while watchingNikki roll around in goo while wearing a bra and panties. Don’t you?

addCredit(“The L Word: Paul Michaud”)

Now as for you, Jenny and Nikki: Is this any way to behavewhile you’re making a movie? I love the way Lez Girls is already careening offthe rails. Of course, I’m hard-pressed to tell you exactly how far along theyare in filming this thing. We’re at a pretty early point in the shoot; to havethe director and star not only screwing but wrestling each other in oil inpublic is its own special problem. It’s hard to imagine this will turn out wellfor anybody: Jenny (pictured) won’t be able to explain it away since she hasn’t got a clueabout how to conduct herself in public (she was totally the girl who threwgreen beans at strangers and then scowled at them in the cafeteria) or generate goodpublicity, Tina has no spine, and Nikki has a hot body, so she’ll get offscot-free no matter how Lez Girls turns out — and oh, how I hope it succeeds orfails spectacularly! Actually, the only person who’s winning anything (e.g., myundying support) at this point is Adele, who continued manipulating the situationbeautifully this week. Wasn’t that final shot funny and disturbing at the sametime?

Something else gave me that same queasy feeling in mystomach this week: Colonel Gillian Davis, the prosecuting attorney in Tasha’sdon’t-ask-don’t-tell case and one supreme hardass, from what I’ve gathered sofar. For starters — and we need to get this out of the way now because it’ll killme if I don’t just say it — she looks like Peggy Peabody and Joyce Wischnia’slove child, and even if she was just the product of their mental merging alone,the idea of one person sharing both lineages completely terrifies me. (Sidenote: I grew up with a mother who literally asked of every fifth person she metor saw on the street, "Doesn’t s/he look like Christine Lahti in the face?" soyou’ll have to forgive this bad habit of asking if people look like someone otherthan themselves. It’s totally genetic.) But no, honestly, I’d just throw myhands into the air and give up if I were Tasha. Something is clearly eatingaway at this woman — hint! lamely foreshadowed hint! — and I don’t think she’s goingto let Tasha off that easily. Or, since this is The L Word, she’s going to getTasha off all too easily, right there on her office desk. You just never know.

What do you think? Is Tasha in a lose-lose situation? HaveJenny and Nikki mortally wounded the Les Girls shoot? And was Molly’sdescription of Shane as "The Fonz" of the group the best handle ever, or what?

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  • Dwayne

    Well it is about freakin’g time. I have been faking work all day, waiting for ya. lol I really need Kit to stop with the played out 90’s gibberish. Does she even need to be on the show anymore? She has run her course and I say this out of love for the once great Foxy Brown.

  • Dwayne

    Oh yeah, when did Alice become so self-righteous yet comprising. She is borderline in Jenny mode with her Narcissism

  • Ryan

    Great episode. I think the music choice of “Smack My B***h Up” made the wrestling scene even more awesome.

  • jolie

    I would love to say something remotely interesting in this space but I’m still all “OHMYGOD DID I JUST SEE THAT?!?! I NEED TO WATCH THAT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN (YOU GET THE POINT!)!”
    I’ll let you know when that ends.

  • BinkyM

    Wow. I’m aghast that anyone thought this was great … unless you thought it was great in a “That was so foolishly horrible in an ‘MST3K’-kinda way it was great” kinda way. This show went off the rails a couple of years ago, but now it’s so far gone, it can’t even see the tracks anymore. The star of a movie participating in gay oil wrestling for all to see (and snap with their cellphone cameras)? Yeah, right! Happens every day! It also happens every day that a large budget is handed to a brain-dead moron who’s then allowed to disappear for long stretches of every day. Geesh. I just watch it anymore hoping to see Shane get busy. The wrest is just painful.

  • ecjb

    I thought this episode was just okay. The best part about it was Tina’s awesome brown leather jacket. I want one! But dude – all the talk about whom the prosecuting attorney looks like and no mention that she’s Kelly McGillis?! No Top Gun love?

  • surfergirl577

    Ok, this is going to be a lot of random thoughts.
    I have to agree that this episode was just okay. The only part of the wrestling I liked was when Shane took down Dawn…good stuff. And I think almost anything involving Lover Cindy is funny. Adele makes me laugh every time too. I hope Alice doesn’t drift too far from the group because she’s still my favorite. I’m glad the Bette/Tina scenes were kept short because it leaves me wanting more of them in the next couple of episodes. And lastly, I love thinking of Shane as “The Fonz” of the group.

  • MoroccoMole

    My husband has been calling Shane the Fonzie of this show since Season One.
    I love when a TV show completely screws up the opportunity to show how real productions work, and this episode did it twice: Not only is no movie set ever remotely as chaotic and lackadaisical as the LEZ GIRLS set, there’s no way the people on THE LOOK would have had the discussion about outing with Alice *during a commercial break of a live TV show* rather than beforehand.

  • J

    I hope that isn’t the last we’ve seen of Dawn Dembo and her LOVAH Cindy. Because they just crack me right up. I know it’s her job, but anyone else think that perhaps Tina put out the wrong “fire” on the set? Cos Bette was certainly all worked up…jenny beals plays angry sex so well…things are not looking good for poor Jodi (yay for getting to see her on dancing with the stars!)

  • Melissa

    Okay I agree the whole Fonz line was awesome but I also loved when Molly said “I’m not sassy, I’m bored, but not bored enough to sleep with you” and then later on when Shane told her not to flatter herself…They have great chemistry…I like it…And the oil wrestling was hot! And if you look at their faces while they are in there (Shane, Dawn, Lover Cindy) they are laughing and they just look like they are having a blast…I would love to get into that ring with Lover Cindy…YUM!!!

  • Keri

    Ok, I cannot BELIEVE Alice didn’t go tell the people at “The Look” to kiss her “fun” gay a$$. I really thought she was building up to that, she looked really pi$$ed. I’ve completely lost respect for her. (Although it will always still be funny how everyone finds new ways to mispronounce her last name.)

  • jes

    I thought this episode was…eh. Possibly because my least favorite storylines are Tasha & the military and Jenny. And not necessarily Lez Girls, just Jenny. I DO like how EVERYthing going on on that set is completely bizarre and totally inappropriate!
    The Lesbian Turkish Oil Wrestling was hi-LAAAAR-ious! DD&LC are a riot. Love them! I saw a “behind the scenes” show on Showtime in Demand where, when they actually show the actors with their name and character name, it said Alicia Leigh Willis “Lover Cindy”. Too funny!
    Looking forward to more Bette & Tina…oh, the anticipation.
    And let’s give it up for Marlee Matlin for landing a spot on the next season of Dancing With the Stars! Go, girl!

  • junior

    I agree with others that the episode was OK, but I disagree on some points. Obvs, Alice is as self-centered as Jenny but in a lovable way. That’s always been her shtick. Now that she’s actually got attention, she’s willing to compromise on her integrity to be famous. It happens all the time (and I love how Tasha called her on it last episode with “Isn’t this your dream?”) Also, I think anyone who looks to “The L Word” for realism is craazy! Of course the set is chaos! Oh course Bette and Tina are gonna lie down on the set and not close the door! You have to suspend belief a little. I’m still wondering how Adele is gonna take over as her moves have been small as of late. And I love Phyllis’ (and Cybil’s) daughter with Shane. It’s a perfect match. And leave Kit alone! She’s never had a purpose and I love her for it!

  • Belle

    I think Joyce should take over the case for Tasha. She would definitely win this case and would find it fascinating she beat the military at its own game. Raise your hand if you think prosecutor is a gay herself? Kelly McGillis was the prosecutor? NO FLIPPIN WAY. I will have to watch this just for the credits again. Dwayne I totally agree with you on Pam Grier. Enough w/the girlfriend talk. I have said it many times on this post, I know she can act but why is she acting horrible on this show? If I hear her say girlfriend, sister or anything that sounds like it should be on Ricky Lake show or In Living Color I am going to scream. I am surprised she has not said Talk To the Hand to Dawn Bimbo and her Lov-AH Cindy. Alice should have told the women The Look to screw & walked off but I guess she wants the gig. Tina is a wuss but I loved her brown leather jacket too. Why am I the only one who does not find Shane sexy at all? Too skinny & needs a bath. To each his/her own I guess.

  • Sweet

    The oil wrestling scenes looked very fun. I am patiently waiting for Adele to turn on Jenny (my least favorite character). I loved how she Nikki played right into Adele’s hands. I’m thinking she’ll be tied up in a trunk before the season ends.

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