'Cloverfield' backlash?

Cloverfieldlizzy_lReader Joseph Bell drops us a line to say of Cloverfield that he "can hardly believe it [set] a weekend record. Isaw the movie Friday night, it was terrible, a big waste of money watching a movie [that appeared to be shot on] video. The pictures in the magazine [represent] the film better than seeing it on screen." Joseph thinks he’s not alone, and that poor word-of-mouth from similarly disappointed viewers will result in a sharp box office drop for Cloverfield in weekend 2. Our box office guru Josh Rich concurs, noting that polled viewers gave it a CinemaScore of C — pretty terrible for a movie that hopes to have box office legs. (Heck, multiple reports of motion sickness from Cloverfield‘s shaky handheld camerawork might be enough to put a serious dent in the movie’s prospects — or might help boost concession-counter sales of Dramamine.)

Show of hands: Who was disappointed with Cloverfield? Who found it literally nauseating? Who thinks Joseph is right, and that backlash will do in the monster flick this weekend? And who thinks all this doomsaying is off-base, and that the movie is awesomely awesome and will continue to make heads roll (so to speak) at the box office?

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  • Eric

    A better question is why does it “deserve” a backlash? You don’t like the movie – that’s perfectly reasonable. But why must people rally for some unanimous decision on whether it’s good or bad?

  • Nick

    This always happens with the internet generation. They get all hyped up for something, and when it isn’t the second (third..fourth) coming of Christ, then it is just bull$—.
    I liked the movie, and I was indeed nauseated by it. I knew it going in.
    However, since the movie only cost $20 million, they have already recouped and made a profit. So, I’m sure Bad Robot/Paramount really doesn’t care from this point on…

  • Tony

    I think it’s going to seriously drop off. There’s definitely going to be backlash. I saw it with two other people. I loved it. They hated it. I have a feeling the movie will end up being very polarizing.

  • Court

    Exactly, Eric! It wasn’t the best movie ever and it’s not going to reinvent a genre or anything, but I liked it. I got what I expected–a scary monster movie that was silly at times, but was a lot of fun overall. Everybody knows going in that it was shot on a video camera. If you don’t like that type of film, stay away or wait for it on video. I don’t understand why there has to be a “backlash”.

  • Jason Sansbury

    I think the thing is this- a movie like Cloverfield gets propelled by a younger generation, a YouTube generation, which is used to watching grainy, bad videos if they find it interesting. So while there will be some drop-off, there won’t be much. I work with kids and some of them are already planning to see it for the 3rd or 4th time.

  • Tom Brazelton

    The people I’ve talked to who didn’t like it weren’t really affected by the handheld camera work. Only an idiot doesn’t know about it going in. Most of the people I know who hated it were mad that they didn’t get to see more of the monster. They couldn’t wrap their heads around the concept of a monster movie shot from the ground level and needed things spelled out for them more (monster origin, motivation, fate of the city, etc.) Cloverfield is much more enjoyable if you’re willing to go with the flow. Backlash? What else is there to see? Rambo? Please.

  • ns

    I must be hearing a completely different word of mouth. Everyone I’ve talked to has raved. They’ve talked me into going.

  • amah

    I agree with Court and Eric. I can understand some of the Oscar-type movies going through “backlash” after being shoved down out throats, but Cloverfield is just a simple monster movie that was marketed well. And barely marketed- unless you went looking for the clues and such. I think it was a pretty unique, enjoyable experience. I also think younger viewers will enjoy the premise (and the humor) a lot more than 30+ year olds.

  • jaime

    As a few reviews of the movie mentioned to sit as far back from the screen as possible, i did!! It did take me a while to get used to the motion but all in all the movie was very good i loved everything about it including the ending!!! If you are a fan of JJ you will enjoy the movie!!!
    I hope word of mouth wont hurt it. . .

  • NineDaves

    maybe i’m crazy, but i too liked the movie. a lot, in fact. i live here in new york, and it was pretty fun to watch. i’d see it again!

  • Hardy

    It was a cute gimmick for awhile. Then you started wondering, what kind of idiot carries a video camera around while he’s running for his life? When I started to root for the monster, I knew it was time to pull the plug on this mildly amusing flick. Please, no sequels!

  • Hardy

    It was a cute gimmick for awhile. Then you started wondering, what kind of idiot carries a video camera around while he’s running for his life? When I started to root for the monster, I knew it was time to pull the plug on this mildly amusing flick. Please, no sequels!

  • AA

    I enjoyed it for what it was–I thought it had good twists on the genre. But count me among those who became nauseous; and I never get motion sickness, never mind in theatres.

  • KG

    It didn’t exactly suck but I cared neither for the monster (which seemed to have shrunk by the end of the movie) or the characters (annoying yuppie hipsters who were obviously not raised in New York.) The camera work did make me a little nauseous but what truly sent me over the edge was the subway scene. That is NOT what the Spring St. station looks like and it is impossible to run from the village to 59th in less than an hr! That’s all I’m saying….

  • mark in nyc

    If you cant watch it, your too old. Simple enough.

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