Stupid celebrity feud of the week: Ringo Starr vs. Regis and Kelly

Ringo Starr is 67, but he still has plenty of rock ‘n’ roll attitude, as he proved yesterday when he walked off a scheduled appearance on Live With Regis and Kelly rather than perform a version of "Liverpool 8," the title track to his new album, that would’ve been pared to under three minutes. (Regis’ people say Starr had been informed months ago about the length requirement; Starr’s camp says he’d offered to cut the four-minute song to 3:30, as he had on Letterman a couple days ago, but…oh, really, the details are too tedious, but you can read them all in the Associated Press account.) Funniest part: the statement from Ringo cohort Dave Stewart: "Four minutes (3 minutes and 40 seconds, actually) seemed like an appropriate amount of time for a former Beatle. [Live exec producer Michael] Gelman apparently felt Ringo’s musical legacy should take a back seat to additional banter about the size of Ms. Ripa’s derriere."

Silly as this all is, I gotta go with Dave and Ringo on this one. Do the Live folks really think their audience would fidget over a few more seconds of music, that they would rather hear more chitchat instead? Okay, the song’s kinda maudlin for 9 a.m. (see the official video below), and it’s not like it would suffer much from trimming the extended shout-along coda, but still, as Stewart notes, dude’s a Beatle. That should earn him a lifetime of slack, even if the track is wack.

Anyway, Reege and Kelly, Ringo doesn’t need you that much to help promote his record, since he’s spending this week appearing on Dave, Rachael Ray (who let him perform the whole song), and every other show in America with a desk or a frying pan. Starr and his 8,969 MySpace friends can just take their business elsewhere. I bet he’s gotten more publicity out of not performing than he would have had he performed. Well played, Mr. Starkey, well played.

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  • Ginny

    GO RINGO! You don’t diss a former Beatle. Ever. Kelly is a shrill, self-absorbed harpy. Regis is an out-of-touch old man. Maybe if they’d cut back on their stupid, boring banner, they’d have time for REAL guests. Oh, and Kelly: it’s not necessary to interrupt your guests every 20 seconds with some ‘interesting’ anecdote about yourself. You were a so-so soap actress, now you’re a so-so talk show host. No one cares!

  • Broadway Baby

    I really liked Kelly Ripa when she was the new hostess of the show. Slowly she has become as irritating and Kathy Lee. What is that? I am all for making them look like whack-a-moles. Thanks Ringo….

  • Marsha Scott

    My comment references their names –
    Ringo is a Starr
    While Regis is a (Has)bin
    Kelly is a Rip(off).

  • Marsha Scott

    My comment references their names –
    Ringo is a Starr
    While Regis is a (Has)bin
    Kelly is a Rip(off).

  • Marsha Scott

    Once was enough!
    Here’s a good rap campaign ditty for Barach or Hillary on John McCain –

  • Canal Carl

    I don’t think it’s a stupid celebrity feud at all. I think Ringo’s tired of being “packaged” into three minute song bites, as were all the former Beatles. They wouldn’t have tried to pull the same stunt on John or Paul. Why give Ringo the short end of the performing stick? Well done, Ringo, even though you hardly need my approval. You’ve earned it, man, and thanks for all the great music over the years!

  • Anna Kilduff

    On Regis and Kelly every recording artist is given a specific time to perform their song; no exception. I realize that Mr. Starr’s ego is so large that he thinks the rule should not apply to him. However, what quote, unquote artist doesn’t think the same thing? Where do you draw the line?

  • Tallyman

    Music is an art form. The creator of the music should be allowed to present it in its full version as it was written. Please don’t let Regis and Kelly show the Mona Lisa on their show – they would probably remove her head.

  • Ceballos

    Ok, so apparently everyone now hates Regis and Kelly.
    Granted, I don’t get to watch them very often because I’m at work when they come on, but whenever I do see them, I see an easy chemistry between the two. Regis has been doing his “out of touch old guy” schtick for about a decade now, so i don’t get why people are over it now? And Kelly’s a funny, likable, co-host. Sure, she tends to make everything about her kids, but so does every other mother I’ve ever met. I can recognize that they’re an acquired taste, but I like them and I figured someone ought to speak up for them.
    Also, I don’t get the venom aimed at them because of this incident. I’m pretty sure that Regis and Kelly themselves don’t dole out the amount of time that’s given to each musical artist to perform. I mean, we all agree it’s a silly rule, but it’s one that Ringo knew about and he (successfully) made more a show of himself and his album by causing this stiry. Well done, sir.

  • marie


  • Rosie

    I don’t have to go with Ringo on this one. What a pompous jerk. I’m a fan of a lot of Beatles songs, if the Beatles aren’t singing them–sorry, hate their voices–but the point is that no artist should be this self-satisfied. You’re on someone else’s show, so perform what time you’re allotted. Or else don’t go on… But don’t walk off or make a rude, pampered statement. Like we don’t have worse things going on in the world than Ringo and his ego. I like the spontaneous chatting on R&K better than anything else, anyway–I hate pandering to famous people that goes on in interviews.

  • Buzz

    Rock On Ringo! What’s with wrong Regis & Kelly? If I was an Ex-Beatle (or any other artist) I wouldn’t tolerate that! I’m glad I watch Letterman Instead.

  • :o)

    I think it’s ridiculous to ask any musician to cut down their song just so they can have more time to chat, it’s not like we don’t see them do that every day.


    I seriously doubt there could have been much banter about kelly’s [butt] not much there for any extended conversations??.

  • Winona

    Ringo definitely wins this one. I could care less about Regis and Kelly yammering on for fifteen minutes, or the inane call-in games they have. An artist – whether a legend or a struggling newbie – should be given reasonable time to showcase their craft.

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