Tips for George Michael as he's working on his memoir

George_michael_lGeorge Michael’s memoir, currently untitled, will be published in fall 2009. His manager has said, "George has promised HarperCollins a no-holds-barred biography, and it’s certain to be just that." Okay, then. Let’s help George out by finishing the following sentences:
• If you want me to buy this book, you’ll need to seriously dish about that little incident in the park (brilliant parody on Extras, by the way) AND …
• If I were you, I’d title the book …

(My suggestion: Careless Whispers. It’s plural, to imply multiple juicy revelations.)

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  • Lori

    WHAM! Bam! Thank you…sir.

  • Snarf


  • g

    how about “I had it all… and than i blew it.”

  • Victor

    “Guilty Feet Ain’t Got No Rhythm: The Life and Times of George Michael”

  • whamlover

    1. What was really going on with Andrew Ridgely?
    2. I Let the Sun Go Down On Me

  • Stephanie T.

    I have to say it!
    “Hey Sucka! What the hell’s got into you?!”

  • Dustin

    Title? “A Different Corner”

  • sj

    I second “Careless Whispers.” Motion carried.

  • Stephanie T.

    Jesus to a child: How I “flushed” away music career.

  • strepsi

    I love “Careless Whispers:
    I love “Guilty Feet Ain’t Got No Rhythm”
    HEck, any of his titles would work!
    “Kissing a Fool”

  • Ep Sato

    …and know why there was such a weird video for that Seal cover I did”
    Title it “Whammed”

  • BiggestSinger-songwriterGeorgeMichaelFanEVER!!

    1. Dating Brooke Shields- WHAAAT?
    2. Put Your Tiny Hand in Mine- the (singer-songwriter) George Michael Story

  • JoeC

    George Michael/Wham has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and Stephanie T, bear in mind that ‘Jesus to a Child’ was a HUGE hit everywhere but here. George still has number 1’s everywhere but here, where his career ended a long time ago.
    I agree with Whamlover; I would like the title of the book to read: What Andrew Ridgley actually did all those years. Too long?

  • Jason Bonkers

    “Rubber Wall”

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