Gin and Juice: Hip-Hoppers on steroids?

50_cent_steroid_lCall me obtuse, but I still can’t get a handle on why I should be interested in the steroids scandal. Sure, I’m a bigger pop culture fanatic than sports nut, but it didn’t clarify anything for me to learn that Jason Priestley‘s name was mentioned tangentially in connection with the story. Now, according to an investigation by the Albany Times-Union, several other stars are accused of buying steroids: 50 Cent (pictured), Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean, Timbaland, and Tyler Perry. (Talking to the New York Times, Blige’s rep has denied the Times-Union‘s allegations.)

Even if the allegations are true, what’s the big deal? None of the celebs is accused of breaking the law, but are we supposed to be shocked to learn that musicians might be injecting dangerous substances into their bodies? (As for Perry: Well, he does like to dress in drag, but I don’t think hormone injections are the reason.) And while the scandal probably won’t help sales of Fiddy’s vitamin water, it’s not likely to harm any of the musicians’ public images, as this Times commentary piece notes. Though I do love the Times’ headline: "Jeepers, Rappers, Where’d You Get Those Arms and Torsos?" Jeepers!

Help me, PopWatchers: Explain why I should care if hip-hoppers are juiced. And would you think any less of them if they were?

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  • Anonymous

    Since I have no regard for hip-hoppers, then I can’t have less regard if steroids are involved.

  • Anonymous

    Shout out to the Albany Times Union! Woot! Woot!

  • Martha

    I could play the “bad role model for the kids” card, but it’s not like rappers have been sterling examples of rectitude thus far. I guess, Gary, that you don’t have to care about this, but if they are using steroids, the rappers themselves should care, given the cited side effects. (Organ enlargement? Eek.)

  • jcarla

    I think we are forgetting that though some rappers want to bulk, but Mary J. Blige? Tyler Perry? Last time I saw Wyclef Jean he was very skinny. What is the paper’s source?

  • Celimene

    Some of the comments on the Times site claimed that Mary J. Blige could have used ‘roids to help her vocal cords. Her style of singing is really rough on the throat, and possibly it helped her get through touring while still keeping her sound intact. *shrug*
    In any case, it’s no different than Keith “I’ll Outlive the Nuclear Holocaust Along with Roaches” Richards and his well-pickled insides. Sure, they’re bad role models for kids… but really, how many people in Hollywood could be called good role models? More of the same. Meh.

  • Katy

    Bad role model or not, I think the issue is breaking the law. In which case, yeah, I DO care.

  • Elizabeth

    Throw ‘em all in jail, make them give their money back, erase their names from all the Billboard lists, make them give back their Grammys, look at all the aspiring kids who are using them now because they want to be successful hip-hoppers… oh, wait, its only a problem if its baseball players. (sorry, sore subject, especially with the circus going on in Washington DC today.) Meanwhile, can anyone give me a legitimate explanation of the American Gladiators’ workout routines?

  • Rasha

    This makes no sense. Timbaland and 50…maybe? But Mary J and Tyler Perry? I can’t see those two doing drugs.

  • nathan

    Clearly in Fiddy’s case, the steroids don’t improve the quality of music.

  • Ep Sato

    Pish posh, the rapper who’s juiced up is LL Cool J. He disapeared one winter a skinny kid with a kangol and returned the next spring looking like a heavyweight boxer (this is when he released “mama said knock you out”). Yet he’s never explained where the muscles came from. At one point he actually said to a reporter “would you believe I was born with this body”? Uhh, no.

  • BPage

    Gary, I totally don’t get your indifference. I suppose you don’t care if a musician is shooting heroin, either. Look, drugs are bad for the user, bad for the kids (yeah, yeah, sorry to play the “role model” card but there’s some truth to it), and usually bad for the music. I don’t see how steroids are much different, and your blase attitude just bums me out.
    There’s something else about steroids, too: it’s so… phony. It’s cheating– even when it’s not associasted with sports. Something about these rappers pumping up on steroids instead of doing the hard work to bulk up for real is just pathetic. We make fun of over-botoxed celebs– from my vantage point, ‘roided up rock stars are even more pathetically vain. And your willingness to look the other way on their bad behaivor only makes things worse.

  • RP

    Katy, no one’s been accused of breaking the law yet. At least they weren’t in the Times-Union article. There are legitimate reasons to take steroids or human growth hormone and it is possible to get them legally. Hell, Cortaid contains a steroid! Why do you think it thins out your skin?
    For all we know Mary has excema and the steroid prescription was just extra strength hydrocortisone.
    There’s no reason to care until someone accuses them of breaking the law or abusing the drugs they’re taking. I seriously doubt that Mary, Tyler, or Wyclef fall into either group.

  • Luis PJ

    So the health of other is no one to care about?

  • Anonymous

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