Hey, 'Cloverfield'! Leave New York City alone!

Clover_lEvery morning I’m lucky enough to leave my Manhattan apartment only to see a wondrous view of the Empire State Building and the neighborhood bum dancing a jig on the corner. Upon such sights, I can’t help but wonder (Carrie Bradshaw-style, of course): Who could possibly dislike a city that not only boasts legendary architecture, but daily street entertainment as well? No one, right? So why oh why in heaven’s name does all of Hollywood want to destroy my beloved hometown, 2 a.m. gourmet take-out and all? Sure, we’re used to disaster flicks taking advantage of NYC’s distinct skyline to show how devastating a cataclysmic event would be (see: The Day After Tomorrow). But now that the city’s absorbing a one-two punch from I Am Legend and Cloverfield, isn’t it time that we just let the Big Apple be? Not that films are the only perpetrators of such destruction. New York City is having a tough time of late on the small screen as well: Both season 1 and 2 of Heroes set their disaster scenes in NYC. And don’t get me started on all those Discovery Channel shows that chronicle the downfall of New York after some major weather calamity (pan to: me, clutching a pillow, anticipating the Apocalypse with every suspicious noise and high temperature, thanks to those shows’ lovely scare tactics).    

So what do you think, PopWatchers? Do you think it’s high time that filmmakers and TV honchos pick on another city? Heck, even season 6 of 24—a.k.a. Worst. Season. Ever.—was creative enough to look to the west coast for a city to destroy. Say it with me, PopWatchers (a la Chris Crocker, of course): Leave New York City alone!


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  • Judy

    I completely agree! I live just outside NY and Sept. 11 was enough real life horror for me. You would think NYC would be spared more destruction (even fictional)!

  • GeeMoney

    Perhaps, but somehow or another I don’t think that a monster running around and destroying the fields of Bumf—, Oklahoma would be as exciting.

  • Jennifer

    I think the reason NYC was always destroyed in movies was because it’s a city with SUCH recognizable landmarks, and when you blow up something like the Empire State Building, it made the scene that much more shocking: “Oh my God! The [asteroid / terrorist / Godzilla] just took out [The Statue of Liberty / Central Park / the Brooklyn Bridge]! That’s just unimaginable!” Except now we’ve actually seen one of those NYC landmarks taken down in real life, so scenes like that are A) Not hard at all to imagine and B) Not as much fun anymore, either.

  • Ben

    Everybody outside the east coast loves watching NYC, Boston and DC get wasted. It is the best part of movies like Deep Impact, Armageddon, etc etc.
    Keep it up, Hollywood! More disaster movies!

  • Maru

    Anyway, why the movies reach only for Tokio, London Bridge, Eiffel Tower, NYC or Russia? I mean, when I saw the totally horrible 11-9 event, I actually thought at first it was a freaking MOVIE!!! :(

  • Silv

    NYC = USA. That’s really it. That being said, sure, let’s waste LA next time. Isn’t it seen as the center of CA, land of freaks, by most red states? Movies don’t consider the heartland because it’s where they deem Mom & Pop America comes from, yet we all know disasters can strike anywhere (Oklahoma City, Columbine, Texas church shootings, etc.).
    By the way, I like all the cities and mean no ill will towards NY, LA, etc., so don’t get started on me.

    • Joan

      Hei Paola! Takk for din hyggelige kenaomtmr. Jeg studerer finans ved Baruch College. Jobbmarkedet i NY er dessverre ganske tf8ft. Mye konkurranse, og mennesker med spisse albuer. Men hvis du jobber hardt og smart, tror jeg ingenting er umulig. Innen media og journalistikk vil jeg tro det fins flere jobber her i NY enn i Norge, men det er ogse5 mange flere jobbsf8kere, og ikke alle bedrifter er villige til e5 sponse oss fra utlandet. Har noen skandinavisk venninner som enten er frilans journalist, eller som skriver for skandinaviske aviser, og siden arbeidsgiveren ikke er amerikansk, klarte begge e5 fe5 5-e5rs arbeidsvisum i USA. Se5 jeg tror den enkleste me5ten e5 fe5 arbeidstillatelse er e5 ge5 via et norsk firma. Ellers, som utenlandsstudent i USA, har du lov til e5 jobbe pe5 campus, gjf8re internships mens du er under utdannelse + jobbe 1 e5r i USA etter endt utdannelse.He5per dette var til hjelp, og bare si fra hvis det er mer du lurer pe5!~TheNorwegianNewYorker

  • Antoinette

    I get your point and it does seem like New York is the setting for most disaster movies. But seriously, what other cities in the US are they going to use? Dallas, Sedona? I think they could make more use out of cities like Seattle or even San Francisco, we have not had enough screen time when it comes to disaster movies if you ask me.

  • Martha

    Yeah, but Silv, except for the big Hollywood sign, no one knows what LA looks like. The emotional impact of an asteroid taking out the Staples Center doesn’t compare to seeing the Statue of Liberty in pieces. Of course, though, Jennifer’s right in that we’ve all seen a real-life NYC attack, so it’s not so much fun to see it on the big screen.

  • Alicia

    I just said the same thing last week after watching the Cloverfield trailer, what’s wrong with attacking Chicago or Seattle once and a while? I think NYC needs a break.

  • NineDaves

    i am both excited and terrified to see cloverfield for this very reason. every time i see the trailer, i think about it actually happening. i’m going to be trapped on the f train trying to get back to brooklyn! actually, that tends to happen without monsters even attacking. sign. still, i’ll be there opening day. because apparently, september 11th wasn’t tramatic enough for me.

  • TheBookPolice

    A) It’s on a coast, therefore is more accessible to external forces. B) It’s the most iconic American city, by far. C) Get over it, they’re movies. Be more worried about what your former mayor’s gonna do to the rest of the country if he gets elected.

  • Anonymous

    I think Cloverfield has it’s reasons for NYC- particularly that it’s a coastal city, and it’s the first thing that comes to mind when foreigners think of America. I Am Legend made sense too- it’s one of the biggest cities with one of the biggest airports in the world; of course a top scientist is going to live there, and of course it’s going to be quarantined!

  • taleweaver

    I wonder if this is a chicken and the egg issue. Is NYC iconic of America because of all the movies in its setting or is it setted because its an American icon? I think using NYC is a bit on the lazy side of writting. Ask a guy from Boston if they have a skyline or Philadelphia or San Francisco (TV’s west coast NYC) There are other cities around with just as much charm and grime as the Big Apple let them face an asteriod or a giant lizard stomp down now and again. I am Legend needed to be in New York because Manhattan is an island, it enhances the solitude and isolation, but if its just ‘destroy a major metro area’ any city can work if you have the talent.

    • Samuel

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  • Lise

    I agree – I’m just tired of seeing NYC on the screen, whether it’s being destroyed or not. NYC is not THAT interesting, people! I actually hate it a little more every time I see it in a movie or TV show. It’s a big country – set your movies somewhere, anywhere else!

  • ChrisChicago

    Oooh Oooh Oooh, pick us! Chicago has a fantastic skyline and a wonderful body of water…I’d pay big bucks to see a movie in which that awful new Trump Tower going up downtown gets destroyed!

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