The New 'Transformers': Crappy or Not?

Tell me…if you were 12 years old, and totally dug cartoons and lobbied your parents for months to go see the Transformers movie even though it was PG-13 and had strong language and sweaty ladyparts and you studied for weeks to get that B- on your history test but it qualifies because they asked for a B and the minus doesn’t render the B a not-B…

I’m sorry. Memory lane.

If you were 12 years old, would you watch this, the new Transformers: Animated series, coming (allegedly) to the Cartoon Network in early 2008:

I’ll tell you why I wouldn’t after the jump.

This looks like what a kid inside a cartoon show would watch on TV. And the voices… All those fans who lobbied to get original Optimus Prime voice Peter Cullen cast in Michael Bay’s flick were right. That ‘bot needs a crazy deep voice, so that it sounds like echoes rumbling in a metal chest.

I’ll give them props for keeping the theme song. Even though I sorta wish they redid "The Touch." If the Diggler can do it…

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  • jpt

    It is very rare to find people that appreciate the goodness of soundtrack to the old cartoon. I personally love DARE. The new cartoon looks terrible. Optimus Prime’s voice is wrong, Megatron reminds me of Satan, and why do they always over stylize anything when they remake it? When did the Transformers ever look like rounded bubbles?

  • t3hdow

    With the exception of Beast Wars, none of the Transformers series after the original holds up well. Even Beast Machines, the sequel to Beast Wars, didn’t live up to its amazing predecessor. The rest of them turned out to be horrible. especially the one aired on Toonami some years ago (I forgot the name and don’t feel like looking it up). I just want to ask the people that thought having the Autobots and Decepticons searching for tiny robots dubbed mini-Cons all over the Earth could be a mindblowing idea. Add all the unimaginative anime cliches that drowned the series, (i.e. young and annoying protagonists, a DBZ/Inuyasha style search-for-the-powerful-objects jewel hunt) it’s even worse than it sounds.

  • Jason

    Though it’s far from perfect, I’m glad to see them try a more cartoon-y look for the ole’ transforming robots. The true review will come from my 4-year-old.
    One question though, the clip shows them crashing into Lake Erie, dooes the lake ignite?

  • Jason

    Though it’s far from perfect, I’m glad to see them try a more cartoon-y look for the ole’ transforming robots. The true review will come from my 4-year-old.
    One question though, the clip shows them crashing into Lake Erie, does the lake ignite?

  • Stephanie T.

    You can’t beat the original cartoon because it was just better. But, I am the same person who was dissapointed when C.N. re-aired old cartoon episodes of “Battle of the Planets (G-Force)” with a new soundtrack. It just blew.

  • K to tha B

    Ugh, I haaaate the new character design.

  • JJ

    Fanboy alert: Peter Cullen’s voice is the reason I’m in my field. After having watched the original series (and the movie) as much as I have, I feel you could NEVER replace his voice and call the character Optimus Prime. That said, this trailer sucks on many levels, many of which Marc has covered. It also doesn’t tell a story. Lastly, I feel for the guy voicing OP in this…it’s akin to trying to replace Don Pardo on SNL!

  • T-Rex

    Did I miss the part where they transformed? WTF? They look like they’re made out of cartoon playdough. It’s going to suck. How’s behind this crapfest?

  • NineDaves

    this reminds me of when disney bought “doug” and started airing it on saturday mornings. the orignal nick cartoon looked and felt much better. the disney one just wasn’t the same, and either is this new transformers. it also reminds me of the new TMNT cartoon – so not as good as the original (for one, april o’neil wears a yellow jumpsuit – duh!). i just hope they don’t try and redo thundercats!

  • Anonymouse

    Duuuuuuuude… What is up with the animation and OP’s voice?? That’s just wrong wrong wrong in my book! I kinda grew up on the original Transformers (I was 11 when it first came on…) and am a stickler for the proper casting and look. In this new drivel, OP sounds young and inexperienced. And what’s up with his spindly legs? That ain’t right. That can’t even support his torso! OP is supposed to be older and sage and have strength through his wisdom and experience. He looks too flimsy to be a factor against Megatron. And, MT looking twice the size of OP? No way, dude. If I were 11 again, I would definitely NOT be watching this. There’s no weight to the drawing.

  • Anonymouse

    NineDaves — I agree! Pleeeeeaaase if they’re remaking Thundercats, make them look tough!!!! None of this rounded corner cutesy-wootsy stuff with spindly legs and all!! Back to my Transformers rant… This new animation style is a guarantee for unrealistic transforming!! How the heck are they supposed to transform into realistic land and air machines if they look like that?? This is why they will never make the new style animation into live action movies… totally lame!

  • Cam

    It looks like a really really bad attempt at anime coupled with terrible dubbing. “Craptacular” seems to fit.

  • Booooo

    Looks like Go-Bots. And Go-Bots were garbage. Way to go kill another franchise.

  • Anthony

    This show looks AWFUL. No kid who has seen the movie will watch this, and given that the movie grossed like $320 million, a lot of kids saw it and thus none will watch this show. I only hope it dies a qquick death before it can contaminate the franchise’s image (did I really just say that?)

  • SpaceCat85

    Ugh, cheap. It seems like every kids’ action cartoon that Cartoon Network and the WB put out are done by the same studio.

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