Snap Judgment: Carrie Underwood's 'Ever Ever After' video

News flash: Carrie Underwood brings love, peace, and harmonywherever she goes! That’s right folks, she can make meter maids and illegalparkers get along, inspire city pedestrians to dance, and even get free flowers — all of which she does in the video for her new single, "Ever Ever After" from the forthcoming Disney movie Enchanted.Maybe it helps to be an animated… princess? …generic wistful maiden? It’snot really clear who she is, but the important thing is that cartoon Carrie leapsinto the real world and finds true love with a guy she passes on the street. Yup,finding a soulmate is not really complicated if you’re a cartoon=turned-live-action person. I’m kind of jealous that Carrie’s getting free flowers, butthe song has a catchy hook and she sounds great singing it. Although it doesscare me a little that the cartoon Carrie is a little more expressive than thereal thing.

After I ponder the logic of the video some more, I’ll probably downloadthe single and sing along in an attempt to effect world peace and charm thelocal florist. (Seriously though, I am downloading the single). That’s my take,PopWatchers, but watch the video and tell me: do you believe in fairy tales and happy endings? And is theextra "ever" really necessary or just a nice fit with the melody?Discuss, but beware of attempting to use the song to get out of a parkingticket.

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  • Kristi

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Not sure about fairly tale endings but i love the song and i will FOR SURE be downloading it!

  • Stephen

    I enjoyed it. Great voice, and it’s very fitting for the film. It’s whimsical, if that makes sense.
    Two criticisms: The director could have come up with an original concept, not basically rip off the film; And I don’t think Carrie always needs to belt out so many notes. She sounds great, but can change it up. (Now Underwood fans can castrate me for saying that).

  • Charlene

    So true: “Although it does scare me a little that the cartoon Carrie is a little more expressive than the real thing.”
    I agree w/ the overly belt-i-ness of the song. I wonder if she’d be able to sing it live…
    The video’s cute. Very Disney.

  • Rich Gordon

    Charlene, Carrie did sing it live on yesterday’s Good Morning America and was amazing! I was also wondering about singing it live, but Carrie was very impressive!

  • woot

    the girl can sing. live too. she always sounds good live.
    I like how they cast a patrick dempsey look-alike as the male lead/love interest in the video.

  • RedSophia

    The song is catchy and Carrie sounds great but I agree that the cartoon Carrie is much more expressive. That’s one thing that’s always bugged me about Carrie since the AI days–her face always looks wooden. Her eyes have no life in them. I have to listen to her with my eyes closed because her voice carries this warmth and emotion and then I look at her face and it’s blank. Of course I’d hate to think how I look when I’m singing in the privacy of my own home and away from any mirrors but then…I’m not a professional singer.


    I love the video, song, and your funny review actually. lol I admit that it is your typical cheesy happy disney song that you expect to hear when you walk into disneyworld, skipping along in pink clouds and never never land. But that is a good thing sometimes! LOL We all need a little Disney cheese sometimes- and this song is the best of the bunch. I love carrie’s voice in this song– she holds those notes FOREVER! :) And it is catchy- despite yourself, even the snarkiest basher will find him or herself humming along. :) I think carrie’s vocals are actually getting even better- I never knew she could hold a note THAT long!? wow. I love the video too- it is perfect for the movie Enchanted, since it is part cartoon, part real life. It is cute how cartoon carrie kisses the prince, but real carrie doesn’t get to…sort of like, in the real world, it is not as romantic as in cartoon land– true statement, and brilliant. :) love it!

  • bb

    Hmmm, interesting, Kelly did the last one… (Breakaway…)

  • Martha

    Catchy song – the second “ever” is sort of annoying, though. The cartoon Carrie is definitely more expressive. The guy was cute but sported my current bugbear, the sexy 2-day stubble look. What ever happened to the lure of a clean shave? Not every male needs to look like House (or Patrick Dempsey).

  • harper

    that video was kind of… strange, the song was good though. i liked it when those two were arguing over the parking ticket and then carrie walks by and they just randomly start dancing. that was pretty funny in a weird way.

  • kcholt68

    That guy isn’t Patrick Dempsey, but he’ll do. Mmmm …

  • Myma

    Oh crap, we are going to be hearing that over the Target and Walmart air for the next 2 years. It sounds like a Faith Hill song (if she were younger), and looks like a deoderant commercial. And they throw in a key change at 2 minutes.

  • Sally

    To myrna: LMAO …. yep! that’s what will happen….typical sappy cornball movie theme…but happy for Carrie.

  • queen of disrepair

    What’s with the ugly dress? It’s a cute song and an “eh” video but, geez louise, couldn’t Disney have sprung for a nicer look? Carrie’s too pretty to dress drab.

  • Rakeem

    Song: Alright. Video: Ehhh, she can do better.
    If you want to see a great new music video, check out Alicia Keys’ new clip for “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”, lovely song and video!

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