'Bones': Everything Is (not) Illuminati

Bones_lSo, they faked us out with last week’s teaser about the Illuminati story line: last night’s death and incineration of the pretty young Jeffersonian intern was not connected to the cannibalistic serial killer who started off this season. Hey, I don’t begrudge them the feint. It was a good way to keep that long-running plot device fresh in our minds, not to mention confuse this week’s whodunit and provide us with a catchy new word: Gorgonzola Gormogon. (True fact: Gormogons did exist but they don’t appear to have been all that menacing.)

Once again, things were a little topsy-turvy as the squints were the ones quick to make assumptions while Booth and Camille worked to rein them in. As the show progressed, I was a little surprised that the more logic-bound Brennan and Zach were so quick to connect the current case to that past one but once Booth explained it to Brennan at the end, it seemed like a no-brainer. The very thought that someone they trusted, whose credentials matched theirs and allowed them into the "house of reason," would commit such a heinous crime was more distressing than the possibility that a face-eating maniac was in their midst. The revelation that the girl’s murder and that of her arrogant married lover/colleague, was all just part of a scheme to cover up a smuggling operation was nice and tidy and totally satisfying.

Also on my list of curious occurrences: Brennan breaking the news ofthe girl’s death to her father. I get that it was probably because ofher previous connection to the professor, and it did serve to give hermore insight into Booth, as well as another "cop thing" she got to doin this investigation (stakeout, solo interrogation). But really,comforting is not really her strong suit, even with all of her growth.

Though she did do a great job of comforting Booth here:

Booth: "He thinks I’m stupid."
Brennan: "You’re not."
Booth: "Thanks, Bones."

It was one in a long line of poignant exchanges that showed how muchthey get each other. Hodgins’ knowing look as Booth called outBrennan’s favorite- and second-favorite flowers (daffodils, daisies)and guessed which planet she’d pick (Jupiter) for a password, told thewhole story. Still, even knowing all of Brennan’s abandonment issues,it was a little off-putting to hear her direct and vulnerable questionto Booth over drinks: "Are you going to betray me?" In what facet oftheir relationship did she mean that? Did it have anything to do withthat look she had when she learned of Booth and Camilles’ dinner?Wherever that came from, how could you not believe Booth’s resounding"No"? (Having just ended a 16-hour workday sharing a drink withcolleagues, I may have been just a little open to the camaraderie inthat scene.)

The whole Camille/Booth pretend-boyfriend-for-a-night setup was ahilarious B-storyline, what with Booth’s enthusiasm over his universalremote present for her father, his sputtering as he got caught up inher family drama, his bonding moment with Hodgins. I really appreciatedthat the show acknowledges the fact Camille and Booth had a realrelationship — one in which he knew her family and understood herfamily dynamics. Which is one of the many reasons why I don’t buy thatshe’s completely over him. (And is there any question that he kissedher sister back?)

Did you notice the smoky cutaways? Tell meyou’re hoping, like I am, that next week we get to see a picture ofBooth or Brennan during the ’80s?

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  • Shannon

    You know, this show just keeps getting better and better. I’ve been watching from day one, and the banter and dynamic between ALL the characters are so beleivable. And we LOVED Angela’s immediate recognition of the skeletal skull. I’ve always wondered if that kind of thing would start to become second nature if you did it all the time. Hey, Maybe Tim Kring was watching… that would make for an interesting new Hero…

  • crystalsea

    I was upset when I checked earlier and didn’t see a mini watch yet–great as usual. keep it up!
    I liked this episode, although I don’t think it was the best one yet. maybe I didn’t like the villain being “one of them” either. I always love Booth and Brennan, though–their banter and dialogue is the best on tv.

  • crystalsea

    at least Zack is getting back to normal. I missed his old sweet inoccent self ever since he got back from Iraq. I guess that’s the point…but it’s still good to see him slowly relaxing.

  • Trixie Firecracker

    I am so curious about the smoky cutaways. I kept wondering why they were doing that each time.

  • JustMe

    Love the Mini TV Watch! Ms. West did an excellent job with last night’s episode! Please keep up the reviews!

  • C

    Little bit of a typo there. Its Gormogons not Gorgomons. The m and g need to be switched.

  • Frances

    I have to say these Bones mini tv watches are the best ones on this site! I look foward to them every Wednesday. Keep up the good work!!! :o)

  • mel

    I couldn’t agree more hope you keep up this mini watch. Bones is definitely an under appreciated show. I wonder how long they are going to drag out Gormogon mystery. Ugh just remembered writers strike we may not know who the killer is for a while.

  • gina

    I’m so glad that EW has chosen to show a little love to this series. I just love this show. Its amusing as well as interesting, which is such a rarety nowadays with other tv shows having either over the top story lines or just downright boring characters (and entertainment execs can’t figure out why viewership is down). Here’s hoping Bones keeps getting it right.

  • Lene

    Gotta say, I was disappointed with last night’s show. It had many moments of the accustomed brilliance, but overall, felt choppy, not the great effortless flow normally seen in Bones. Felt like the script should’ve had another rewrite. Still, a not-terrific Bones is better than pretty much anything else out there (except maybe Brothers & Sisters).

  • Dana

    I sure do hope Booth and Brennan do at some point have the big hook up we are all wanting to see. Maybe start out with them hanging out even more outside of work then lead into them getting closer and closer…………

  • Cam

    Just a thought – since the mini TV Watches seem to be longer (and better) than quite a few of the actual TV Watches, how about we make these the permanent ones and stick the supposed “real” ones into PopWatch?

  • MKS

    As always, I cherished the banter between Bones and Booth – it was nice to see how well Booth knows her. Keep up the Mini TV Watches! That’s why I go on the the EW site on Wednesdays!

  • Anna

    I loved this mini-popwatch! It was spot on and pointed out everything that is so right with the show. And I cannot help but love this show more and more!

  • GP

    Bones and Booth should never, ever get together. It would ruin everything.

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