'Veronica Mars': The fourth season lives! (On the Internet, anyway)

Brace yourselves, Veronica Mars fans. The late, great show’s much-discussed season 4 mini-pilot — which finds our heroine kicking off her career with the FBI — has made its way to the Internet. Getting a glimpse at the season that might have been (but, alas, never will be) prompted a long, nostalgic email chat with my fellow EW staffer (and Mars addict) Tanner Stransky. Check the pilot out for yourself (part 1 below, and part 2, after the jump), then join our discussion in the comments section below.

From: Jennifer
To: Tanner
Re: Veronica Mars season 4 mini-pilot
So I just caught the Veronica Mars fourth-season mini-pilot. I looooved seeing our girl doing anything, especially after sitting through another dismal Heroes last week just to get glimpses of Kristen Bell. And here she is, being all genuinely awesome and genuinely witty, instead of a Heroes-ed up imitation of such! "There’s lesbians to fend off and hazing rituals to be endured … I’m on a schedule." Oh, man, there’s nobody I love this much on the fall schedule.

From: Tanner
To: Jennifer
My thoughts exactly: Is there any current freshman series with this much wit and such a likable main character? I also felt like this short presentation towed the line nicely between rebooting the old series and introducing new aspects of the character. She’s obviously got some baggage with her faux-Logan lover who pops up at the FBI, too. One of my main questions, though: Where’s Keith Mars? I’d be happy if he popped up at the FBI, too.

From: Jennifer
To: Tanner
OMG, Keith Mars!!! We need him around, for sure. I mean, we need him in the pretend pilot that isn’t happening. But a girl can still dream, right? (Heck, CBS is the CW’s big-sister network, and they could use some youth on the sched, right?) What I loved about this, too, was that it was a little–just a little–like having Alias back. Even better, Alias sans Rambaldi. And what would make it even more Alias-like? Having the spy daddy around, too. And I gotta admit, I would be aching for a Logan return. Veronica is even better with him as her foil, no doubt about it. I do hope they would get into solving more complex and–dare I say it?–multi-episode, maybe even whole-season-long, mysteries. Or am I just setting our imaginary show up to have all the ratings power of classic Veronica Mars and Alias…which is to say, the ability to virtually make viewers evaporate into thin air?

From: Tanner
To:  Jennifer
No, I’m totally with you on this one, Jennifer! Whole-season-long or,at the least, multi-episode arcs would be, or more accurately, would’vebeen, been essential, although you’re right, too, about it scaring offviewers. Why, why, why must these things be mutually exclusive? I didhave a quandary as I was watching this: Could I totally get into thisseries if it was mostly procedural with occasional personal-typestorylines (a la Women’s Murder Club)? If—gasp!—there were no extendedarcs? I’m thinking maybe, only because I’m such a fan of Veronica, theyoung gumshoe. One of my main beefs with procedurals it that theyaren’t sexy and don’t have younger characters I care about. Maybe thisnon-existent show is the answer to my great beef with proceduraldramas! Okay, but really, back to the gumshoe thing: I also loved thatVeronica was still a bad-ass, yet she wasn’t the top dog anymore. Like,she had some stiff competition in this first episode. Before, inNeptune, there was no one that could really take her down, but fromthis short pilot, I saw more than a few hard-asses (her partner, thatbitchy co-worker) who’d have no trouble giving Veronica a run for hermoney. Of course, Veronica would ultimately have to win, but I wouldn’tmind seeing her struggle a bit.

From: Jennifer
To: Tanner
Totally agree with you on the procedural front. I’ve never lovedwatching people I don’t really relate to solve heinous crimes that Iknow will be wrapped up soon enough anyway. But add a little Grey’sAnatomy to the genre, and I might be into it. Lord knows we have enough"quirky" crimesolvers in the new crop (Life, Moonlight), but the beautyof Veronica is that her quirk and sass come from an organic place. Ithink the reason all of us Marsites will stick with her throughanything–even awkward serial-rapist plot arcs–is because she’s whatyou call a genuine character. No TV show or movie can be great withouta totally unique, engaging person at its core, and V is exactly thatthanks to creator Rob Thomas and the genius work of Kristen Bell. Ifthere’s any reason why Heroes is failing this season, it’s becausewe’re not getting enough of that kind of flesh and blood in there, andeven having Kristen on for a guest bit can’t disguise that.

From: Tanner
To:  Jennifer
Okay, you just made me really nostalgic there. And I can’t even talkabout Heroes—even good actors can’t save that show from the fast pathto destruction it’s on. Ultimately, I suppose Veronica Mars is a showthat probably should have died, right? Sigh. Maybe that’s true. Buttruthfully, this little blip of a clip showing us where Veronica wouldbe four years from now is enough to satiate me for a while. And younever know: There’s always another pilot development season on thehorizon. Rob Thomas, you game to show us where you were really goingwith this?

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  • Chandler

    Seeing the Season 4 pitch just made me incredibly nostalgic that Veronica is no longer with us. Right now, the only thing I’m clinging on to is the possibility of a movie or even a new pitch. I definitely agree that this would have been an interesting show and I miss having a character so witty and original on television.
    Oh well, for now, I’ll have to satisfy myself with Kristen’s Elle on Heroes.

    • Alyson

      i totally agree with you it is the greatest tv programme i havwe watched i do believe that if a film did come out it would be sucessful. it will be sadly missed on the tv because there are some peiple who do not have access to the internet. i defenitly think thay should reconsider putting it back on the television as alot of people have watched previous series and would like to see series 4 on tv.

      • Amichitrance

        I just watched all three seasons of VM this summer. What a great show! I can’t wait to find VM IV to see what became of Kristin Bell and Jason Dohring’s characters. Also, luv Keith, Wallace and (the IT girl).

      • Martian

        sooo..i just watched all 3 seasons of Veronica Mars this week on Netflix…and i have honest to God never loved a show more than i love this one. why am i so late on this?? if i had seen it then, i would have seriously CRIED when it got cancelled! i simply must know what happened to Veronica and Logan. i’m pretending they’re happily married with little blonde twins… lol

    • VALERY


  • MovieFan

    Whyyy? Yes, I loved it! But I was *finally* getting to a place where I’d slammed the cover on the “Missing VM” hole in my heart. Woulda, coulda, shoulda CW. Next year? Please?!?! Those few minutes of clip are better than anything new I’ve seen on TV. Heck, certainly *miles* ahead of anything new on the CW…*sigh*

  • Sven

    It’s on the Season 3 dvd set (along with lots of other great stuff that did not make it to the first and second season sets), so why don’t you do Rob Thomas a favor and just buy the dvds? It’ll help show CW and CBS what idiots they were not to bring VM back.

  • Nicole

    TO Jennifer Armstrong: Thanks for lightening and ruining my morning all at once. I LOVE VM and it was great to see her, but sad to know this show is not the TV line-up right now. Especially with the sad crop of newbies out there now.

  • RyRy

    this pilot was amazing… i dont feel this show deserves to be on the CW… how about thomas going to another network… shop it around as an ensamble lead by Bell…
    p.s. i’ve missed three eps of Heroes aready – last year i couldnt even miss 3 minutes or else i died… the show is sooo over. but i did nearly pee my pants at the first scene of Bell…

    • Sweetp

      I so agree I really love VM I have been waiting to hear when season 4 was going to start to find out it was canceled was so sad.

  • Cindy

    Oh Veronica. I really miss this show. Sad she is being wasted on Heroes and poor Wallace is doing HotPocket commericals.

    • dizzy diamond

      hotpocket commwecials really? ugh!

    • VALERY


  • Mike

    I’m halfway through the Season 3 DVD.
    Season 3 was a let down from 2, but I’m appreciating every moment. I saw “the FBI pitch”. I wasn’t that impressed by the concept. I don’t watch procedurals either and the idea of a professional VM doesn’t work for me. And no Keith? What made the show work early on was being above and sometimes below the law when needed.
    One more thing: Curse you, CW.

  • Amy

    ::Sniff:: I miss Logan.
    And Veronica. And her relationship with Logan and with Keith. I loved that; kinda like Spy Daddy and Syd from Alias. I need my father daughter dynamic duo fix, and Claire and Noah just don’t get it done.

  • Adrienne

    I so miss VM!

  • shonuff

    i loved this when i saw it online…here’s hoping either usa or bravo or even amc pick this up and run with it
    i saw this just after watching her ep with heroes last week and nearly cried from frustration.

  • Tamara

    Yeah, this is outstanding. *sniff*

  • Kris

    Now I’m just depressed. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the 3rd season on DVD (or any season for that matter since the cancellation) because the idea that it’s the last one is just too sad. Makes it harder for the denial I’ve got going gone…Veronica’s not dead…it’s just on hiatus…Right? Right!

  • denny

    Watching this made me even sadder and angrier at the CW for not picking this up. Miles above every other “procedural” show on TV, and the younger slant would have made it a perfect fit on the CW, as long as it was placed smartly on the schedule, which I believe is part of what contributed to VM’s demise last season.
    *sigh* I miss my Veronica so much…

  • Jamie

    This didn’t really do it for me. It’s not Veronica Mars without lots of Keith, Logan, Wallace, and Mac. I just don’t think rebel lawbreaking Veronica makes sense as an FBI agent.

  • Sina

    You are so right Jamie, so right. Veronica broke the law to nail people. Revenge Veronica also wouldn’t be right for the FBI. And without Keith, what is Veronica Mars. It’s bad enough I suffered serious BFF Wallace and Veronica drought but I can live without my LoVe. I need Logan around always.

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