If you're out there, 'Star Wars' trumpet beauty queen...

…We need to talk to you. We can’t get enough of this Kimmel-approved video of a beauty pageant contestant murdering the Star Wars theme on her trumpet — while also dancing and ducking from lasers. Caution: Do not attempt to drink a beverage at any point while viewing this clip. When she pulls out the Charlie Chaplin walk, I learned that my talents include the perfect spit take, and I nearly shorted out my computer.

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  • Sliv

    Does George Lucas know about that trumpet/weapon? “Miss Douglas” – we must know how you did in this pageant!!!

  • Mells

    Oh good lord! Was that even in key?? I think I’d rather swallow my light saber then watch that again!!

  • furry_tom

    Sounds like someone doesn’t know how to read a key signature. At least she was blowing into the right end.

  • Stacey

    I could even make it through a minute of that. blecch.

  • Julie

    Holy Mother of God. I don’t know whether to weep or laugh. That poor girl. I couldn’t stop watching–like a train wreck. When she started shooting the lasers out of the trumpet … good Lord.

  • luvhoney

    Was she for real? I was embarrassed for her. I wonder if any of her friends and family ever tried to get her to NOT go on stage and do that.

  • Larry

    No one clapped.

  • V.M.L.

    That was the stupidest thing I’ve seen all day. Everything was bad, even the music. The trumpet playing sounded terrible! And those dances were God awful!

  • Angela

    OMG. I love this cheese. I love the ’80’s hair. The Charlie Chaplin walk. The really bad trumpet playing.
    It’s still better than the Star Wars Holiday Special!

  • Rose

    I felt kind of bad for the Teen USA contestant who came off like a dolt, but I thought might have just been seriously flustered. In this case, no, that wasn’t her being flustered, and gosh, golly, I don’t actually know what that was! Notice there was no sound of applause at the end.

  • Anne

    Based on the hair and the outfit, it’s probably a late 1980’s pageant — maybe Jr. Miss. Which means that this girl is now likely a subirban mother of 3 with this video of herself hidden away carefully from her husband and kids.
    My sister was a baton twirler in the early 80’s, and she has threatened all of us if we ever show those videos to her kids. She even hid the still photos.

  • Hi


  • DK

    That might be the best anything ever. I disagree with Anne, she doesn’t look young enough for it to be a jr. miss pageant– which then makes me wonder, what adult in their right mind would call that spectacle a “talent?”

  • AD`


  • Danny

    That was quite possibly the greatest video I’ve ever seen. I wanna know how she did.

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